Thursday, March 17, 2005

Priorities. (Update)

Spending time yesterday helping confirm for kids that steroids make you stronger and more physically successful, the Senate is going to have a tough time fitting the case of Terri Schiavo into their schedule. Terri has been handicapped since 1990 after a collapse under suspicious circumstances. Her parents are fighting to keep her alive. Her husband, Michael, has been fighting to starve her to death by removing her feeding tube. He alleges that Terri didn't want to be kept alive in a decreased quality of life. Michael has denied Terri of standard testing to assess her chances for a full recovery.

Michael Schiavo has been involved in a decade-long relationship with another woman with whom he's had two kids. Did I mention he's engaged? Clearly, Michael Schiavo has a conflict of interest. A Florida judge agrees with Michael that Terri should be snuffed. Terri has been video-taped responding to touch and to the sight of her parents, but the judge has decided against the wishes of Governor Bush and the state of Florida. Birth parents = no say. Adulterous husband = gospel.

Many fantastic articles have emerged correctly destroying the credibility of groups trying to claim the moral high ground on human rights. For example, the same Left groups who wail for 3 hot squares and warm blankets for terrorists caught on the battlefield are remarkably silent regarding the plight of a woman about to be tortured to death by starvation. Lawyers and judges fight the Administration to apply habeas corpus to people who want to kill us, but deny common sense for someone who just wants to live. Terrorists get better treatment.

The Left has a tough time with capital punishment. Double murderer Scott Peterson has a better chance of surviving longer than Terri Schiavo, with all the silliness of killer's rights. He'll get 3 squares a day, some books and maybe even cable TV. Yet, the Left is silent while a woman who's only crime is a lack of motor skills is denied life because of the word of a cheating husband. Candlelight vigils for barbaric killers, silence/support for the real victims.

The National Organization for Women must have maximized their male-centric bitterness to protest another man "controlling" a woman's rights. Martha Burke maybe too busy arranging the 7-10 feminists to protest at the Master's? Are we to believe that NOW is only interested in fighting matters that involve private golf clubs and all-male military academy's? NOW's true colors are clear. Ignoring important battles in order to fight the trivial ones. Support them at your own ethical peril.

The ACLU must be too overloaded trying to play God by removing any loose reference too Him from public view. While trying to regulate feelings instead of life, actual civil liberties be damned. We know the ACLU operates in Florida. Afterall, they took the state to court because a female convicted child abuser who converted to Islam felt it her right to wear full face covering in her driver's license photo. So does the ACLU plea for them to get involved to keep a woman alive when no "living will" exists to support her husband's claim that she'd want to die?

The moral confusion of the Left has reached record lows. There isn't an argument that can't be won in the future pointing out the obscene inconsistency of these respective groups, what they claim to champion and what they actually involve themselves in. To test the moral viability of any future argument from any of these Left groups who claim they have the moral high ground, ask them, "Where were you for Terri Schiavo?" The real unmentionable answer is that they were actively working to stay idle while waiting for the Legislation of the Left, maverick judges, to trump the will of the people.

Update: The Legislators who subpoened a handful of people in order to keep Terri alive are Republicans. Those coming out against erring on the side of life are Democrat.

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