Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not guilty, just incompetent.

We already knew that Kofi Annan was going to plead ignorance to his son Kojo's illegal oil deals, despite evidence that he assisted his son's professional suicide.

The report by Paul Vokler, with his own conflict of interest with the UN 'investigation,' has found that Kofi isn't criminally liable for the billions defrauded by the UN, but he did him criminally incompetent:
A report Tuesday from an inquiry conducted by Paul Volcker, a former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, found no evidence that Annan had influenced bidding for a lucrative contract under the $67 billion program to a Swiss firm that employed Annan's son, Kojo.

And it said that the firm as well as Kojo Annan, 31, a businessman in Nigeria, had misled his father on his continued relationship with the firm.

But the report also said that Annan and U.N. officials failed to thoroughly investigate the potential conflict-of-interest and that Annan's former chief of staff and long-time ally shredded possibly relevant documents.
Shortly after the announcement, Kofi found got in the way of some TV cameras to show off his Third World PR finesse:
Asked if he was planning to step down in a response to the program, Annan replied, "Hell, no."

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