Thursday, March 10, 2005

Little winky?

Much has been said about the "Angry Left." Although Democratic candidate's sons have slashed tires of Bush/Cheney volunteers, shot at B/C headquarters in multiple states and stole computers in others, yet the Left has shunned due blame in their signature style of denial.

Now comes the story of person with cheeks wider than his head, who thought enough of his 'little self' to blast some darkness at a woman and her two kids in the Sunshine State.
Nathan Winkler, 31, was arrested overnight and charged with aggravated stalking for allegedly terrorizing a mother and her two children.

According to police, Winkler pulled up alongside Michelle Fernandez as she was headed south on Armenia and began beeping his horn and flailing his arms, pointing at her. Fernandez, meanwhile, could not see Winkler's face because of a handmade sign in his window that read, "Never forget Bush's illegal oil war murdered thousands in Iraq."

"Apparently, this starts over political views or bumper stickers. She had a Bush/Cheney sticker on the back of her car. There's just no excuse for it to escalate to what it did," observed Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin.

Winkler apparently grew more agitated as they continued to drive along, allegedly trying to run Fernandez's car off the road several times over the next few miles.

But investigators say even that did not stop Winkler from pulling in front of Fernandez and forcing her to stop. As he tried to run up to her car, she drove away and was headed to police district headquarters when she finally managed to lose Winkler.
I'm outraged! I specifically keep both of my Bush/Cheney stickers on my huge SUV waiting for something like this to happen. What is it with you Minnesota liberals that you can't mute MPR long enough to try and run me off the road? Underachievers!

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