Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Interrogate the communist.

To facilitate the return of a communist reporter, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi paid $15 million to the terrorists responsible for the recent find of another mass grave. 41 bodies, many of shot and beheaded women and children were found in Iraq.

The Italian reporter's assertion that she was specifically targeted by U.S. forces is continually falling apart. Today, a report shoots holes in some of her previous versions of events and bolsters the U.S. account and even one of her own - their car was shot at because it was speeding through a checkpoint. Coupled with neglecting to alert troops they were traveling to the airport, their speeding got them shot.

All of this is what makes Berlusconi's demand of "maximum collaboration from the US" so fantastically ridiculous:
Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insisted on "maximum collaboration" from the United States in a joint probe into the friendly fire killing of an Italian agent in Iraq, but played down any notion of a rift between the allies.

"We have a duty to demand the maximum collaboration to obtain the truth and determine who is responsible," Berlusconi said in an address to the senate on the killing.
Whether the Italians warned the proper authorities is a "he said, we said" thing, but if they had confirmed permission, why would they be speeding at 100mph when they were no longer in danger or being re-kidnapped and a reasonable speed would have allowed them to easily stop for the road block?

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