Wednesday, March 23, 2005

If Terri dies...

...ABC and the MSM can rot for cooking the question in a "national poll" of their 500 online readers and disseminating the manufactured result.

...war protesters who required photographic evidence dated Feb. '01 of Saddam sitting on a WMD stockpile will become irrelevant for having sided with the disputable 'word' of an estranged, cheating husband.

...the National Organization for Women will be proven a fraud for staying silent on a real matter of a woman's civil right to live while inventing a woman's right to join a private country club. punishment opponents will be proven trivial for holding candle-light vigils for murderous savages but have their hands dug deep in their empty moral pockets as an innocent woman is deprived of food and water.

...the practice of using a sterile needle and iodine to clean the area where a capital criminal will receive his final injection will never be considered "cruel and unusual" in contrast to the parched lips and cracked tongue that Terri will experience being denied water.

...the Abu Grahib fanatics will be shown as pointless for crying "Torture!" over the college-approved naked pyramids and panties on the head while remaining silently supportive of the internal hemorrhaging result of Terri's starvation.

...the "Terror Memo" crowd will be proven immaterial for condemning rock 'n roll music, uncomfortable positions, hard floors and no Koran as strategies to extract vital life-saving information from terrorists while they silently support an innocent young woman's barbaric death by judge.

...the ACLU cements themselves with insignificance by trumping a woman's civil right to life by the hearsay of her cheating and suspicious husband.

...the daily Iraq body counters will be stuck in the quagmire of futility as their continued surprise over war casualties will be overshadowed by their disinterest in a very preventable casualty concerning the same human right for freedom.

...the Left will be perpetually confined to the straight-jacket of empty altruism for evading the innocent and defending the guilty.

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