Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good news from.... Syria?

Lebanese defy no-protesting laws to expel Syrian troops. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak announces he'll not be the only candidate on the next ticket. Now, Syrians want their own purple fingers:
DAMASCUS, Syria — Demonstrations that brought down the government of neighboring Lebanon on Monday inspired Syria’s intellectuals and activists to issue new calls yesterday for greater political participation in their own country — a nation known for its strict limits on dissent.

“What happened [in Lebanon] was a huge victory not only for the Lebanese people, but for the people of this region,” said Wael Sawah, a Syrian political analyst and activist. “This is the first time a Cabinet resigns under popular pressure.”

Michel Kilo, another prominent Syrian opposition figure, said that the Lebanese protests could have a ripple effect in Syria. “The people here will want a bigger role and will start demanding their rights more,” Mr. Kilo said.
Freedom-wanting people are taking Bush up on his pledge to stand with those who stand against tyranny.

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