Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Family of terrorist abettor sues Israel.

The family of Rachel Corrie, member of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement who met the business end of a Caterpillar when she tried to block the bull-dozing of a safe-house for an underground arms smuggler, is suing the state of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces for her lack of judgement:
The family of Rachel Corrie, a pro-Palestinian activist killed by an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer in Rafah two years ago, sued the State of Israel and the IDF for damages in the Haifa District Court on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old Corrie was killed on March 16, 2003 when she tried to block an IDF bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian house near the Philadelphi Route, the strip of land in the Gaza Strip bordering Egypt.

An IDF investigation ruled the incident was an accident and that the driver did not see Corrie, and the military prosecutor's office decided not to press charges in connection with Corrie's death.

Corrie's parents, brother, and sister, who are represented by Umm al-Fahm attorney Hussein Abu-Hussein, argue Corrie was killed despite the fact that she was wearing bright clothing and had identified herself as an activist with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

The family has asked for roughly $324 thousand in direct damages, as well as punitive damages. They also said they have yet to receive all of the material from the IDF investigation into the matter.
The moral of the story? Send your kid off to the most successful brain-washing institute this side of Riyadh, get her hooked on helping terrorists, ship her off to a war zone and sue when she decides that in front of heavy machinery is where she wants to stand. Oh, then try to explain how this picture advocates "peace." Yeah, that's an American 'flag'.

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