Monday, March 28, 2005

The dirty conscience of a guilty man?

Via Froggy.

You already know what I think about Michael Schiavo and who's really losing when Terri dies. Michael's actions are confirming the explanation many of us gave for Michael not just divorcing his wife and allowing her parents to oversee her care:

Terri is "Exibit A" and Michael wants rid of the evidence:
Michael Schiavo, who had his wife’s feeding tube removed by court order ten days ago, has made arrangements for her to be cremated and her ashes interred in his family’s plot in Pennsylvania.
Froggy brings up a great point about a "request for autopsy the Schindlers will certainly make." What exactly will be the judge's grounds for denying one, as his past hostility towards Terri would indicate he would. Will an autopsy be the next legal battle? What's Michael worried about? Could it corroborate bone scans that show multiple pre-"accident" bone fractures? Evidence of any unexplained needle marks after one of Michael's loving visits?

The only person an autopsy could hurt is Michael Schiavo. That's why I expect him to fight one. Will Michael also ask us to suspend disbelief long enough to trust him that in addition to the death talk he and Terri supposedly had, that she also wanted to be creamated without autopsy and buried on his family's plot in Pennsylvania. Michael, did she mention whether she wanted a memorial? What if any songs will be played? Color of flowers? 6 feet or 5 and 1/2?

You've spoken, Michael. Why not allow Terri to speak in the only way she can, through a forensic pathologist?

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