Thursday, March 24, 2005

Canada to dodger: Take off, hoser.

While Canada readies itself to enforce Islamic law, which resembles law as much as Whitney Houston resembles sobriety, they've denied entry to an American war dodger:
TORONTO (CP) - An American war dodger who fled the U.S. military because he believed the invasion of Iraq was criminal has lost his bid for refugee status in Canada in a case closely watched on both sides of the border.

In a written ruling released Thursday, the Immigration and Refugee Board said Jeremy Hinzman had not made a convincing argument that he faced persecution or cruel and unusual punishment in the United States.

There was no immediate comment from Hinzman but his lawyer Jeffry House said he would ask the Federal Court to review the decision.

"Mr. Hinzman is disappointed," said House.
Ya think? Had Jeremy successfully retreated to Canada and tackled a joint with the seriousness that he tackled being a soldier, he could have been President. The nasty part would have been marrying a Rodham.

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