Sunday, March 27, 2005

Better move his office away from the roof.

He's been a danger to every country in which the UN operates, but could Kofi Annan now be a danger to himself?
KOFI ANNAN, the United Nations secretary-general, is said to be struggling with depression and considering his future. Colleagues have reported concerns about Annan ahead of an official report this week that will examine his son Kojo’s connection to the controversial Iraqi oil for food scheme.

Depending on the findings of the report, by a team led by the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, Annan may have to choose between the secretary-generalship and loyalty to his son.

One close observer at the UN said Annan’s moods were like a “sine curve” and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.
In that case, better to move Kofi's office off the 39th floor. He'd be much less likely to hurt himself jumping out a first story window.

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