Wednesday, March 02, 2005

5 Judges Making Decisions for the Entire Country

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on death penalty for minors based its 5-4 decision on international laws and a "consensus" of less than 50% of the states. 5 unelected people legislated that a capital crime will be rewarded with 3 hot squares for life if you were less than 17 years and 364 days old when you commissioned the crime. 15 years ago the court ruled it was not "cruel and unusual."

The stakes for getting floor votes for Bush's nominees couldn't be higher. Senate Democrats have pledged to continue to filibuster and Republicans seem to have given a weak committment to change the filibuster rules in order for the Senate to complete their duty of "advise and consent" on nominees. Constitutionally changing the rules to combat extra-constitutional is bringing out the best in Senate Dems.

Sen. Robert Byrd parallels the Republican effort, you guessed it, to Hitler. Sen. Ken Salazar, ever the progressive, betrayed his signed campaign promise to support Judge William Meyers for 9th Circuit confirmation.

Senate Majority Lead Bill Frist has the chance to put an end to the Democratic silliness by modifying filibuster rules while Dems have threatened a Senate shutdown if he does so. Encourage him to put an end to the filibuster.

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