Thursday, March 31, 2005

Did you expect him to be smart enough to get away with it?

Mentally handicapped homeless people are smarter than some New York teachers:
A Bronx teacher who repeatedly flunked his state certification exam paid a formerly homeless man with a developmental disorder $2 to take the test for him, authorities said yesterday.

The illegal stand-in - who looks nothing like teacher Wayne Brightly - not only passed the high-stakes test, he scored so much better than the teacher had previously that the state knew something was wrong, officials said.

'I was pressured into it. He threatened me,' the bogus test-taker Rubin Leitner told the Daily News yesterday after Special Schools Investigator Richard Condon revealed the scam. 'I gave him my all,' said Leitner, 58, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a disorder similar to autism. 'He gave me what he thought I was worth.'

Brightly, 38, a teacher at one of the city's worst schools, Middle School 142, allegedly concocted the plot to swap identities with Leitner last summer. If he failed the state exam again, Brightly risked losing his $59,000-a-year job.
'I'm tired of taking this test and failing,' Brightly told Leitner, according to Condon's probe. 'I want you to help me.'

Along with being much smarter than Brightly, Leitner is 20 years older. He also is white and overweight while Brightly is black and thin. Yet none of those glaring differences apparently worried Brightly.

'He said no one would ever know,' Leitner said outside the Brownsville, Brooklyn, building he has called home since briefly living on the streets.

The two men met years ago at Brooklyn College where Leitner earned bachelor's and master's degrees in history in the late 1970s, and Brightly got a bachelor's degree in 1992. After meeting in the alumni office, Leitner began tutoring the teacher as he struggled to pass the state exam, officials said.
Note to all homeless people: New York City schools are hiring.

Now that Terri is dead...

In what may be my only post of the day, I thought it was necessary to repost one of my earlier entries to refresh ourselves with the groups that have locked their spot in the margins.

Terri Schindler is in a place that knows no pain, sorrow or imperfection. She's in a place that knows no conflict, anger, deception or betrayal. A place no adjective can describe.

Now that Terri is dead...

...war protesters who required photographic evidence dated Feb. '01 of Saddam sitting on a WMD stockpile will become irrelevant for having sided with the disputable 'word' of an estranged, cheating husband.

...the National Organization for Women will be proven a fraud for staying silent on a real matter of a woman's civil right to live while inventing a woman's right to join a private country club. punishment opponents will be proven trivial for holding candle-light vigils for murderous savages but have their hands dug deep in their empty moral pockets as an innocent woman is deprived of food and water.

...the practice of using a sterile needle and iodine to clean the area where a capital criminal will receive his final injection will never be considered "cruel and unusual" in contrast to the parched lips and cracked tongue that Terri will experience being denied water.

...the Abu Grahib fanatics will be shown as pointless for crying "Torture!" over the college-approved naked pyramids and panties on the head while remaining silently supportive of the internal hemorrhaging result of Terri's starvation.

...the "Terror Memo" crowd will be proven immaterial for condemning rock 'n roll music, uncomfortable positions, hard floors and no Koran as strategies to extract vital life-saving information from terrorists while they silently support an innocent young woman's barbaric death by judge.

...the ACLU cements themselves with insignificance by trumping a woman's civil right to life by the hearsay of her cheating and suspicious husband.

...the daily Iraq body counters will be stuck in the quagmire of futility as their continued surprise over war casualties will be overshadowed by their disinterest in a very preventable casualty concerning the same human right for freedom.

...ABC and the MSM can rot for cooking the question in a "national poll" of their 500 online readers and disseminating the manufactured result.

...the Left will be perpetually confined to the straight-jacket of empty altruism for evading the innocent and defending the guilty.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Those darn Christian groups.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group of devout practioners of Religious Secularism who believe they have the right to make it from cradle to grave without encountering a non-nontheist, have taken offense that a Christian group operates on University of Minnesota campus.
The Freedom from Religion Foundation in Wisconsin has filed suit against the Minnesota Faith/Health Consortium at the University of Minnesota.

The suit, filed Friday in federal court in Minneapolis, alleges that the consortium promotes personal faith or faith communities in health care and uses state taxpayer funds.

The Faith/Health Consortium comprises Fairview Health Services; Luther Seminary and the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center.

The suit asks for an order barring the defendants from continuing to operate the consortium and from providing graduate programming. It also asks for an order prohibiting the defendants from using state funds to promote religion through its Faith/Health Clinical Leadership Program.
Fret not. The U will still offer spiritual assistance. If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual or confused whether you're a boy or a girl, the U's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Consortium offers a form of spiritual support that has managed to sneek under the FFRF's inclusive radar.

Not guilty, just incompetent.

We already knew that Kofi Annan was going to plead ignorance to his son Kojo's illegal oil deals, despite evidence that he assisted his son's professional suicide.

The report by Paul Vokler, with his own conflict of interest with the UN 'investigation,' has found that Kofi isn't criminally liable for the billions defrauded by the UN, but he did him criminally incompetent:
A report Tuesday from an inquiry conducted by Paul Volcker, a former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, found no evidence that Annan had influenced bidding for a lucrative contract under the $67 billion program to a Swiss firm that employed Annan's son, Kojo.

And it said that the firm as well as Kojo Annan, 31, a businessman in Nigeria, had misled his father on his continued relationship with the firm.

But the report also said that Annan and U.N. officials failed to thoroughly investigate the potential conflict-of-interest and that Annan's former chief of staff and long-time ally shredded possibly relevant documents.
Shortly after the announcement, Kofi found got in the way of some TV cameras to show off his Third World PR finesse:
Asked if he was planning to step down in a response to the program, Annan replied, "Hell, no."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How dare you follow my instructions.

The Legislature of the Left strikes again, this time fisking 12 jurors for following a judge's instructions.
DENVER, March 28 - In a sharply divided ruling, Colorado's highest court on Monday upheld a lower court's decision throwing out the sentence of a man who was given the death penalty after jurors consulted the Bible in reaching a verdict. The Bible, the court said, constituted an improper outside influence and a reliance on what the court called a "higher authority."

The ruling involved the conviction of Robert Harlan, who was found guilty in 1995 of raping and murdering a cocktail waitress near Denver. After Mr. Harlan's conviction, the judge in the case - as Colorado law requires - sent the jury off to deliberate about the death penalty with an instruction to think beyond the narrow confines of the law. Each juror, the judge told the panel, must make an "individual moral assessment," in deciding whether Mr. Harlan should live.

Lawyers for Mr. Harlan also specifically urged the jurors to consider biblical wisdom, according to the Supreme Court's decision, with a request that they find mercy in their hearts "as God ultimately took mercy on Abraham."
Rhetorical Question Alert! Are we to assume the judge would have sentenced Mr. Robert 'Rape & Murder' Harlan to death if the jury had instead relied on a merciful Bible passage and sentenced him to life?

Note to future jurors: Following the instructions given by the judge is great way to have your collective decision superceded by that judge.

Koran: The sky is falling.

The Jerusalem Post reports that a self-proclaimed expert has found the Koran to predict that the US only has a couple years left:
A thorough analysis of the Koran reveals that the US will cease to exist in the year 2007, according to research published by Palestinian scholar Ziad Silwadi.

The study, which has caught the attention of millions of Muslims worldwide, is based on in-depth interpretations of various verses in the Koran. It predicts that the US will be hit by a tsunami larger than that which recently struck southeast Asia.

"The tsunami waves are a minor rehearsal in comparison with what awaits the US in 2007," the researcher concluded in his study. "The Holy Koran warns against the Omnipotent Allah's force. A great sin will cause a huge flood in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans."

Silwadi, who is from the village of Silwad near Ramallah – the home of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal – is not a world-renowned scholar. He said he decided to publish the findings of his research "out of a sense of responsibility because what is about to happen is extremely shocking and frightening."
In the meantime, does the Koran say anything useful? Say, Powerball numbers and Nick & Jessica's chances of marriage survival? Not only would I like to spend my last two years in outrageous infidel luxury, I need to know whether I'll have a chance with Jessica or if I should give Jaime Pressley a buzz back.

You've got a liberal growing out of your rear.

Ward Churchill, the phony Native-American , artwork copying, plagiarizing, tenured Colorado University professor who wrote an essay arguing that 9/11 victims weren't innocent and the terrorist were "coming home to roost," spoke to an agreeing crowd in San Fran last week. Via LGF.

hard boiled Posted by Hello

The eternal question remains: Which came first, the chicken or the liberal?

It remains to be seen how many of the chickens will survive the intrusive procedure required to have such an uncomfortable growth removed from such a sensitive area. PETA has yet to comment on whether chickens should be required to live in such a condition when the medical technology exists to remove such an unsightly appendage.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The dirty conscience of a guilty man?

Via Froggy.

You already know what I think about Michael Schiavo and who's really losing when Terri dies. Michael's actions are confirming the explanation many of us gave for Michael not just divorcing his wife and allowing her parents to oversee her care:

Terri is "Exibit A" and Michael wants rid of the evidence:
Michael Schiavo, who had his wife’s feeding tube removed by court order ten days ago, has made arrangements for her to be cremated and her ashes interred in his family’s plot in Pennsylvania.
Froggy brings up a great point about a "request for autopsy the Schindlers will certainly make." What exactly will be the judge's grounds for denying one, as his past hostility towards Terri would indicate he would. Will an autopsy be the next legal battle? What's Michael worried about? Could it corroborate bone scans that show multiple pre-"accident" bone fractures? Evidence of any unexplained needle marks after one of Michael's loving visits?

The only person an autopsy could hurt is Michael Schiavo. That's why I expect him to fight one. Will Michael also ask us to suspend disbelief long enough to trust him that in addition to the death talk he and Terri supposedly had, that she also wanted to be creamated without autopsy and buried on his family's plot in Pennsylvania. Michael, did she mention whether she wanted a memorial? What if any songs will be played? Color of flowers? 6 feet or 5 and 1/2?

You've spoken, Michael. Why not allow Terri to speak in the only way she can, through a forensic pathologist?

Maybe she didn't like the font.

We now have an alternative use for the derogatory phrase, like a Nancy:
WASHINGTON — A lone U.S. ambassador compromised America’s hunt for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan for more than two years,The New York Sun has learned.

Ambassador Nancy Powell, America’s representative in Pakistan, refused to allow the distribution in Pakistan of wanted posters, matchbooks, and other items advertising America’s $25 million reward for information leading to the capture of Mr. bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders.
Instead, thousands of matchbooks, posters, and other material — printed at taxpayer expense and translated into Urdu, Pashto, and other local languages — remained “impounded” on American Embassy grounds from 2002 to 2004, according to Rep. Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois.

While the American government was engaged in a number of “black” or covert intelligence activities to locate Al Qaeda leaders, Mr. Kirk said, the “white” or public efforts — which have succeeded in the past in leading to the capture of wanted terrorists — were effectively shut down in the months following the September 11 attacks.
Only since late 2004 have we had an ambassador to Pakistan who hasn't been actively obstructing the hunt for terrorists.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Better move his office away from the roof.

He's been a danger to every country in which the UN operates, but could Kofi Annan now be a danger to himself?
KOFI ANNAN, the United Nations secretary-general, is said to be struggling with depression and considering his future. Colleagues have reported concerns about Annan ahead of an official report this week that will examine his son Kojo’s connection to the controversial Iraqi oil for food scheme.

Depending on the findings of the report, by a team led by the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, Annan may have to choose between the secretary-generalship and loyalty to his son.

One close observer at the UN said Annan’s moods were like a “sine curve” and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.
In that case, better to move Kofi's office off the 39th floor. He'd be much less likely to hurt himself jumping out a first story window.

Happy Easter.

That problem I told you about earlier in the week turned out to be strep throat. I was supposed to travel with my folks and a sister to Fargo for the Easter celebration, but because I'm apparently ultra-contagious for 24 hours once I begin taking the penicillin, they made the decision to quarantine me inside my house instead of risking exposure to 30 family members. Sorry I couldn't be there, everyone. Your continuted health may depend on keeping my lack of it away from you.

Before I go pin down the couch for another few hours, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what Easter means to me these days, because the significance hasn't always been something I've taken seriously.

Jesus rose from the grave today, 3 days after dying for you and me and everyone else who has and who will ever live. Why'd He do it? It certainly wasn't because we deserve it. As a matter of fact, I took advantage of that grace for most of my life. Fortunately for me, even though there is nothing we can do to deserve His unwarranted grace, there's also nothing we can do to fall out of that grace. I'd rather not take advantage of His grace anymore, when treating it with the seriousness it deserves unchained things in me that I would have never been able to unchain myself. And I tried. Some people think Christianity is about not being able to do things that you want to do. I've found it to be about freeing me from the things that don't do anything for me.

In a strange paradox, the best thing I ever did for myself was place my complete faith and trust for the direction of my life in someone else. Finally realizing He had a better plan for my life than I could ever dream, I decided to get with the program and work with Him instead of against. I wish I'd have done it sooner.

Have a Happy Easter. It's a day of celebration and a day that makes Christianity unique. My God lives.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally, an exit strategy.

Every day of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the left has repeatedly asked for an 'exit strategy.' Although the President continually reminds them that the strategy for exit is victory, they've wanted a plan. Preferably 12 steps.

It looks like the Left is going to get an unilateral exit strategy:
Many of Iraq's predominantly Sunni Arab insurgents would lay down their arms and join the political process in exchange for guarantees of their safety and that of their co-religionists, according to a prominent Sunni politician.

Sharif Ali Bin al-Hussein, who heads Iraq's main monarchist movement and is in contact with guerrilla leaders, said many insurgents including former officials of the ruling Ba'ath party, army officers, and Islamists have been searching for a way to end their campaign against US troops and Iraqi government forces since the January 30 election.
Sen. Kennedy, we've got you scheduled for a 10.30 chicken embryo facial.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

My letter to the Federal Election Commission.

Feeling that bloggers can't be trusted with the sharp object free speech, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is strongly considering the regulation of internet-circulated political speech: blogs. So stupefied is the FEC that they're actually asking for feedback on whether or not it's a good idea to put a sock in blogs, thinking there are pockets of people who'd like very much like to see bloggers have their digital tounges removed. After you read my letter, send your thoughts to
Dear Federal Election Commission:

I appreciate your request for feedback from the commoners on the FEC's continued debate on keeping the peasants from talking politics on anything more than a soap box.

I think it's a fantastic idea to regulate, fine or shut down internet sites that write about politics if said writer hasn't shown up hungover to enough to get their Columbia degree.

After all, the common mortgage broker, lawyer, physicist or doctor can be highly irresponsible with a keyboard and an internet connection. Not the faux irresponsibility of the government-protected child-molester favorite NAMBLA, but the kind of obscene irresponsibility that interprets the over-used First Amendment which says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." to mean that bloggers actually have the right to talk about people involved in or hoping to win elected positions. Who do these bloggers think they are, Americans?

Allowing only political pontification from people who get paychecks from people who print the work that ultimately lines bird cages is a much better policy. Not only does a J-school degree uniquely prove one's ability to arrange letters into words, but only J-schoolers should be allowed to comment/editorialize/criticize when the subject matter involves men and women trying to convince the public that their opponent is inadequate for a job paid for by the people they're both trying to convince. Very complicated.

On such complicated a complicated topic, surely only someone with a notepad and pen can be trusted with an opinion. Their credentialed legitimacy is obvious, their work takes up a couple square inches of processed pulp infused with ink. You can't take a 'writer' seriously if their work can't get on your fingers.

I trust that you will move forward in regulating political internet speech. Not only are bloggers a bunch of mavericks, generally in their pajamas, but they're unaccountable, unedited and fact challenged. That's a recipe for freedom and it must be stopped. Look what it did to Dan Rather.

Federal Election Commission, march straightly on, with confidence in the spirit of McCain-Feingold. Be not discouraged that election '04 realized unprecedented, record-breaking, unaccountable millions in campaign donations, the antithesis of what McCain-Feingold intended. Batting .000 doesn't mean you shouldn't proudly step again into the box.

If you need an example of an irresponsible, irreverent blog that takes advantage of the rights afforded to him, visit The name alone tells you how distasteful many bloggers are. We need to mandate that only writers with their laminated picture around their neck can be creative. I encourage you to tell all your associates to visit as an example of what happens when a blogger is free to practice pseudo-journalism.

Best Regards,


For the victor comes the dead body.

The Legislature of the Left has decided not to spare Terri Schiavo.
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to order Terri Schiavo's feeding tube reinserted, rejecting a desperate appeal by her parents to keep their severely brain-damaged daughter alive.

The decision, announced in a terse one-page order, marked the end of a dramatic and disheartening four-day dash for her parents, Bob and Mary Schlindler, through the federal court system.
While the Left is busy giving each other imaginary limp-wristed high-fives, know that they 'won' by making a conscious effort to do nothing.

We can add the Terri Schiavo case to the growing list of legal battles the left has won not by democratic means, but by judicial activism.

Taxpayer funded abortion on demand? Yeah, that was a judge's idea. Partial-birth, no parental notification? Of course, a judge. Same-sex marriage? 66% of Americans say "no", but this judge and this judge order "yes"! Who found the right to sodomy in the Constitution? Guess.

The Left doesn't need to win elections when they have judges. Terri's case should make ultra-clear to Senate Republicans they need to constitutionally change the way they deal with the extra-legal Democratic judicial filibusters in order to end the Legislature of the Left.

Canada to dodger: Take off, hoser.

While Canada readies itself to enforce Islamic law, which resembles law as much as Whitney Houston resembles sobriety, they've denied entry to an American war dodger:
TORONTO (CP) - An American war dodger who fled the U.S. military because he believed the invasion of Iraq was criminal has lost his bid for refugee status in Canada in a case closely watched on both sides of the border.

In a written ruling released Thursday, the Immigration and Refugee Board said Jeremy Hinzman had not made a convincing argument that he faced persecution or cruel and unusual punishment in the United States.

There was no immediate comment from Hinzman but his lawyer Jeffry House said he would ask the Federal Court to review the decision.

"Mr. Hinzman is disappointed," said House.
Ya think? Had Jeremy successfully retreated to Canada and tackled a joint with the seriousness that he tackled being a soldier, he could have been President. The nasty part would have been marrying a Rodham.

Froggy Ruminations

I recently had the honor of being added to the blogroll by Froggy at Froggy Ruminations. Froggy proudly served with unselfishness as a Navy SEAL corpsman for 10 years active duty and 4 years in the Reserve. Frogstar, if you ask me.

While my fingertips still exceed my technical knowledge and I learn how to add my own blogroll, I wanted to make sure you got acquainted with Froggy Ruminations. Visit. Often. His expert qualifications on military matters and his breadth of knowledge make him uniquely qualified to weild the type of writing style that smacks you in the middle of your left and right eyebrows.

Be sure to congratulate he and Mrs. Froggy on the new tadpole!

North Amexican Forced Total Amnesty

Mexican President Vincente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin visited with President Bush in Waco, Texas. While President Fox is pushing to rename most of North America a more fitting "Amexica" with more mutually condoned border crossing, Prime Minister Martin continues to show no interest in defending against ballistic missiles.

While Canada continued the royal tradition of not having much more to say that "aye", Bush and Fox are united in their opposition to US citizens doing what the federal government should be:

WACO, Texas President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as "vigilantes."

He said he would pressure Congress to further loosen immigration law.

More than 1,000 people including 30 pilots and their private planes have volunteered for the Minuteman Project, beginning next month along the Arizona-Mexico border. Civilians will monitor the movement of illegal aliens for the month of April and report them to the Border Patrol.

Mr. Bush said after yesterday's continental summit, with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin at Baylor University, that he finds such actions unacceptable.

"I'm against vigilantes in the United States of America," Mr. Bush said at a joint press conference. "I'm for enforcing the law in a rational way."

The Minuteman Project was born out of a long-held perception among many residents that more Border Patrol agents are needed to handle the flow of illegal immigrants.

The president's 2006 budget allows enough money to add only 210 agents for the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Bush said he will "continue to push for reasonable, common-sense immigration policy." He has proposed legislation to grant guest-worker status to millions of illegal aliens already in the United States.

The legislation has attracted scant support in Congress, where it is widely regarded as another amnesty that will encourage even more illegal immigration.
The federal government really has two main jobs: 1.) Keep us safe. 2.)Stay out of our way.

Condemning the volunteer efforts of the citizenry to do what the federal government has failed to do for about 200 years is like fisking people for calling the cops when a burglar breaks into their home. Under this analogy, is President Bush telling us, "I know you don't have doors on your home, but unless one of the scant number of police that we have patrolling your area personally witnesses them entering your home, your civic duty is to let them come on in. Hey, while they're in your home, shove some food down their throat, give them a job and give them your car keys so they can run themselves to the ER if they get diarrhea, they can get a driver's license on the way. If one of them happens to go into labor, fix them a room, cause they'll be popping out an 'anchor' in a few hours."

Either Bush's push for yes, amnesty, is excessively irresponsible with evidence of naughty jihadi's crossing from Mexico, or my flu medication is making me irrational.

If Bush wants to "enforce the law in a rational way," I've got a solution. The warning label on my antibiotics said nothing about blogging under the influence, so excuse me for saying that if we give a thousand bucks an a bus ticket to the 10.3 million illegals tomorrow, drop them at the border and pay them to build the rest of the border fence from the Mexico side, we'd save billions by relieving our prison population by 1/3, free up a few million school books for kids who aren't learning a second language, we'll open some of the hospitals bankrupted by unpaid illegal care and the jobs that Americans can't take will miraculously get filled.

If the government can't be expected to enforce immigration, restrict entry and control who and how people enter the US, how can they expect us to take them any more seriously that a Shaq movie?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Do as I say.

At Vanderbilt University, DNC Chair Dean wasn't interviewing for a job as a proctologist...

Posted by Hello

...but he did trot out his brand-new "faith" to prove it's much easier said than done:
In his speech, Dean told the audience how, under his leadership, the Democratic Party will be made stronger.

The party allowed its opponents too often to define debates and control issues, such as faith and family values, Dean said.

"We need to talk about values and not be afraid of them," he said, going on to make two biblical references.

In the first he said Jesus' directive to "love thy neighbor" didn't mean one could choose which ones to love.
Because Dean found Jesus in the last 30 days, we can afford him a little latitude for giving his "love thy neighbor" speech within a month of his "I hate Republicans..." speech.

When pressed for an explanation, Dean may have been overheard to say, "Sure, Jesus wants us to love all our neighbors, but he never said anything about how often we have to do it."

ABC "National Poll" cooks the question

ABC, named such to remind their employees what comes after "A" in the alphabet, recently cooked the questions in a "national poll" of their 500 online readers. Having manufactured their desired result, the rest of the MSM ran with it. Via Michelle Malkin:
However you feel about the Terri Schiavo case, one fact is indisputable: The mainstream media coverage of the matter has been abysmal.

On a fundamental matter of life and death, the MSM heavyweights have proven themselves utterly incapable of reporting fairly. Take a widely publicized ABC News poll released on Monday that supposedly showed strong public opposition to any Washington intervention in Terri's case. Here is how the spinmasters framed the main poll question:
As you may know, a woman in Florida named Terri Schiavo suffered brain damage and has been on life support for 15 years. Doctors say she has no consciousness and her condition is irreversible. Her parents and her husband disagree on whether or not she should be kept on life support. In cases like this who do you think should have final say, (the parents) or (the spouse)?
A follow-up question asked:
If you were in this condition, would you want to be kept alive, or not?
The problem is that, contrary to what ABC News told those polled, Terri Schiavo is not on "life support" and has never been on "life support." The loaded phrase evokes images of a comatose patient being artificially sustained by myriad machines and pumps and wires. Terri was on a feeding tube. A feeding tube is not a ventilator. Terri can breathe just fine on her own.

And as many of her medical caretakers and parents have argued, if given proper rehabilitation, Terri could learn to chew and swallow on her own as well. She is disabled, not dead.

But ABC News did not see fit to inform either the poll takers or its viewers of the truth. Instead, it misled them -- and the result was a poll response that produced -- voila! -- "broad public disapproval" for any government intervention to spare Terri from slowly starving to death. Blogger Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters ( noted: "Either ABC is completely incompetent in conducting research, or they have attempted to fool their viewers and readership with false polling that essentially lies about the case in question. Since when does ABC conduct push polling for euthanasia?"

Imagine how the poll results might have turned out if ABC News had made clear to participants that Terri is not terminally ill. Not in excruciating pain. Capable of saying "Mommy" and "Help me." And of "getting the feeling she's falling" or getting "excited," in her husband's own testimony, when her head is not held properly.

Imagine how the poll results might have turned out if ABC News had informed participants that in a sworn affidavit, registered nurse Carla Sauer Iyer, who worked at the Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center in Largo, Fla., while Terri Schiavo was a patient there, testified: "Throughout my time at Palm Gardens, Michael Schiavo was focused on Terri's death. Michael would say 'When is she going to die?' 'Has she died yet?' and 'When is that bitch gonna die?'"

Now, if you were in this situation, would you want to be kept alive, or not?

Not to pick on ABC News, but, well, let's. In an attempt to embarrass Rep. Dave Weldon, R-Fla., who noted that withdrawing food and water from someone like Schiavo was extremely rare, ABC's Jake Tapper last week featured this counter-quote from Prof. Bill Allen, of the University of Florida College of Medicine:
Feeding tubes have been removed in the United States for many years, and it's been a common practice. This has happened in many cases, probably a hundred thousand times in this country.
"A hundred thousand times"? There have been a hundred thousand cases of non-terminally ill, non-brain dead individuals slowly starved and forced to die in this country? Tapper demanded no proof from his professor. Instead, he dismissed lawmakers as ignoramuses contradicted by "experts," cited the biased ABC News poll cited above, and tossed it back to Jennings with this slam: "Terri Schiavo and her family deserved better than the way Congress worked this week."

Meanwhile, contradicting the experience of every starved child in Africa and abandoned street animal at your SPCA shelter, the New York Times informs us: "Experts Say Ending Feeding Can Lead to a Gentle Death."

Is it any wonder the credibility of the MSM is withering on the vine?

If Terri dies...

...ABC and the MSM can rot for cooking the question in a "national poll" of their 500 online readers and disseminating the manufactured result.

...war protesters who required photographic evidence dated Feb. '01 of Saddam sitting on a WMD stockpile will become irrelevant for having sided with the disputable 'word' of an estranged, cheating husband.

...the National Organization for Women will be proven a fraud for staying silent on a real matter of a woman's civil right to live while inventing a woman's right to join a private country club. punishment opponents will be proven trivial for holding candle-light vigils for murderous savages but have their hands dug deep in their empty moral pockets as an innocent woman is deprived of food and water.

...the practice of using a sterile needle and iodine to clean the area where a capital criminal will receive his final injection will never be considered "cruel and unusual" in contrast to the parched lips and cracked tongue that Terri will experience being denied water.

...the Abu Grahib fanatics will be shown as pointless for crying "Torture!" over the college-approved naked pyramids and panties on the head while remaining silently supportive of the internal hemorrhaging result of Terri's starvation.

...the "Terror Memo" crowd will be proven immaterial for condemning rock 'n roll music, uncomfortable positions, hard floors and no Koran as strategies to extract vital life-saving information from terrorists while they silently support an innocent young woman's barbaric death by judge.

...the ACLU cements themselves with insignificance by trumping a woman's civil right to life by the hearsay of her cheating and suspicious husband.

...the daily Iraq body counters will be stuck in the quagmire of futility as their continued surprise over war casualties will be overshadowed by their disinterest in a very preventable casualty concerning the same human right for freedom.

...the Left will be perpetually confined to the straight-jacket of empty altruism for evading the innocent and defending the guilty.

Radio, the Progressive way.

Via Drudge. With a combined audience of 8, all of them being in the production trailer, Air America - the left's "answer" to conservative talk radio - is exposed in an exclusive behind-the-scenes drama on HBO. No surprise, its not pretty:
HBO is set to air a behind the scenes look at the launching of liberal radio network AIR AMERICA.

The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a director's cut of LEFT OF THE DIAL, a grossly entertaining docu-drama of life on the other side of the AIR AMERICA microphone.

The doubts. The lies. The bounced checks. The heartbreak.

The viewer is taken upclose to witness the ugly business of media ambition.

The main character, Evan Cohen, founding chairman and main investor, is depicted as a complete fraud.

The documentary shows Cohen arriving in the middle of night at AIR AMERICA offices to sign over the company and disappear again, but not before lying about how many ads have been sold and how much money is the bank [zero].

Dead Air.

It shows how AIR AMERICA executives lied and lied again about not bouncing checks to their Chicago and Los Angeles affiliate owners. [The network was quickly thrown off the stations.]

The film captures AIR AMERICA staff first learning about the Chicago and LA nightmare by reading a DRUDGE REPORT exclusive on their computers.

It shows midday host Al Franken at a staff meeting being told there is no money left, hilariously, just moments after ranting about George Bush's ethics.

The HBO crew is told to shut down their cameras -- but they don't -- and the 'We're Broke!' meeting is filmed raw.

LEFT OF THE DIAL shows an angry meeting of the writing staff being told how money was deducted from their checks to pay for health care -- but the money was never paid to the HMO and they were never covered!

Host Janeane Garofalo looks suicidal in nearly ever scene which she appears.

"What am I going to do, just ramble on and on," panics stand-up-comic-morning-drive-host Marc Maron, as he deals with the reality of becoming a talkshow host.

But every drama must have a hero: Enter Randi Rhodes.

Highlight. The camera captures pm drive Rhodes in her classic PMS mood, but this time at home, in her newly rented NYC apartment.

Wearing a leopard-spotted robe, bra-less [unshaven? - chachi], smoking and crying "I'm so f*ckign lost," the relocated Floridian steals the show.

Talking to herself in the bedroom mirror, Rhodes whispers "You can do this."

She bemoans throughout how she is not being featured in any AIR AMERICA press. "No CNN. No USATODAY. No YAHOO wire story." How she is the only one hired at AIR AMERICA that's even been on radio before.

When she attempts to introduce herself to director Michael Moore [rushing out of a Franken Radio interview], Rhodes quickly realizes he does not even know who she is.

The heartbreaking scene is easily a frontrunner for this year's EMMYs.

The HBO film is set for air March 31.
Should we be surprised that 9 of the 10 states with the highest number of psychologists be capita are blue states? How can their core audience listen to Air America when they're in a doctor's chair?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Because it's more fun to kick people who deserve it when they're down, a new book details Dan Rather's usual version of "reporting":
Could Dan Rather be in trouble again? A new book on Castro tells of a staged Dan Rather interview that was master-minded by a Clinton lawyer.

In Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant, author Humberto Fontova reveals for the first time how Dan Rather's "60 Minutes" interview with Juan Miguel (Elian Gonzalez's father) was stage-managed by former Clinton lawyer and friend, Gregory Craig.

According to a Cuban-American translator from the U.S. Treasury Department: "The questions for Juan Miguel were actually fed to Dan Rather by Gregory Craig. After a taping session, Craig would call Dan over, give him some more instructions and exchange papers with him. Then Dan would come back on the set and ask those."

The book reports that during the interview Craig acted like the movie director and even got a bona fide dramatic actor to translate and mouth the responses of Miguel.
Very impressive stuff, Dan. In words you can appreciate, trusting you is like trusting a Viagra Rooster to behave in a hot hen house.

He fakes it and they take the heat.

While publicly campaigning to be the second black president, John Kerry has proven that while you can't fake them with your color, you can fake them on your seriousness as a Presidential candidate. Turns out that one of his campaign's rally locations has a certain tax-exept status that may have been violated when African-American Kerry came to visit their church, thinking he was a viable option for President.
The IRS has notified a Liberty City church that it is under investigation for possibly engaging in political activity -- putting its tax-exempt status into question.

The probe is related to an appearance last October by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and several black leaders, including U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The reason for the investigation, an IRS official wrote in a 10-page letter obtained by The Herald, is that "a reasonable belief exists that Friendship Missionary Baptist Church has engaged in political activities that could jeopardize its tax-exempt status as a church."

Rev. Gaston Smith took a break from the revelry and worship of Palm Sunday services to inform the congregation about the inquiry. He said visits by political candidates are nothing new, and that the 75-year-old church did not violate U.S. tax code, as suggested in the letter. He has hired former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis to defend the church in the inquiry.

Federal tax law prohibits churches from participating in political campaigns. Beyond the legal questions, the inquiry is likely to energize the debate raised last fall about the role of churches during national elections. Watchdog groups complained to the IRS shortly after Kerry's visit to Friendship, saying that it amounted to a "rally."
After diligent investigation, I've been unable to locate which church ordained Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson. Nearest I can tell, Sharpton was ordained by the Organization for Falsely Accusing a Man of Rape. Sharpton was ordained despite the admission of the "victim" that the she was never raped and Sharpton's refusal to acknowledge as such. Jackson looks to be ordained by the Council on Multiple Illegitimate children and remains in good standing with the organization.

If John Kerry would just come clean and admit he was taping an episode of "Faking It", he could probably get the church off the hook. Afterall, nobody really believed Kerry was there because he liked the music, right?

The love that dare not speak its name?

Estranged husband of Terri, Michael Schiavo got a little huffy over the weekend when it appeared his court-supported killing of his wife may get DeLayed.
PINELLAS PARK - Angered by the latest political developments in Washington, Michael Schiavo said Saturday that it isn't just the Florida governor who should visit his wife to learn about the case.

Jeb Bush's brother, President Bush, should visit Terri Schiavo, too, he said.

"Come down, President Bush," Schiavo said in a telephone interview. "Come talk to me. Meet my wife. Talk to my wife and see if you get an answer. Ask her to lift her arm to shake your hand. She won't do it."

She won't, Schiavo said, because she can't.

He made a similar offer to the governor last week, saying lawmakers interferring in his wife's life know nothing about the case. So far, Gov. Bush hasn't responded to the offer.

President Bush has indicated he will sign any federal legislation to keep Terri Schiavo alive.

Weary after an emotional visit with his wife, Schiavo said he is astonished that politicians want to interfere in such a private matter.

"Instead of worrying about my wife, who was granted her wishes by the state courts the past seven years, they should worry about the pedophiles killing young girls," Schiavo said, referring to a local case. "Why doesn't Congress worry about people not having health insurance? Or the budget? Let's talk about all the children who don't have homes."

He said U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is leading a charge to extend Terri Schiavo's life, is a "little slithering snake" pandering for votes.

"To make comments that Terri would want to live, how do they know?" Schiavo said of the members of Congress who want to keep his wife alive.

"Have they ever met her?" Schiavo said. "What color are her eyes? What's her middle name? What's her favorite color? They don't have any clue who Terri is. They should all be ashamed of themselves."

Schiavo said he was going to stay at his wife's side through the entire ordeal and said he wouldn't back down in his fight to have her wishes carried out.

"Terri died 15 years ago," Schiavo said, referring to the collapse and cardiac arrest that doctors say virtually destroyed her brain. "It's time for her to be with the Lord like she wanted to be."
So committed is Michael to his vow of "until death do us part," that he wants her dead, now. Afterall bigamy being a crime in the US, he can't marry is fiance while Terri has a heartbeat. Once Terri is in a casket, the kids he has with his fiance will become "legitimate."

Are we to believe, Michael, that you loved your wife so much that you've fought for ten years to grant her "wish" of not being kept alive through a feeding tube while you live with another woman? You expect us to believe that Terri felt so incredibly strong about not wanting to live in a decreased state that she never took the 10 minutes to fill out this form to make her intentions clear? You expect us to take your word for it?

Which is it, Michael? You can't have it both ways. You say "she died 15 years ago." That would explain your remarkably quick mourning and fathering of a couple kids, but it wouldn't explain why you feel this need to help your legal "wife" fulfill her wish to die a painful death. Your care for her is so deep that you've denied standard testing to assess her chances of recovery when she's shown documented progress in speaking and motor movement?

What does Terri know that you're afraid we'll find out, Michael? You seem awfully defensive about the prospect of her health and it's a little inconvenient that you have no hope for her recovery now that you've won the medical malpractice suit. Seems awfully strange to me that her condition was enough to sue and win over $1 million, but now that same condition isn't enough to keep you from killing her. Feel that thing digging into the back of your skull, Michael? It's called a conscience.

Why didn't you just divorce her and allow her parents and the private funding they have to make an attempt to rehabilitate her? You could move on, like you haven't already, and leave Terri in the past. Don't try to use that "love" thing again, Michael, if this is what you call "love," I feel horrible for your new fiance and kids. You're acting like a man afraid, Michael. You're dripping with guilt over the strange circumstances of a 20 year old having a heart attack- which you're asking us to believe. You're on record as having evidence her condition will improve, so what are you worried her first words will be when she utters her first sentence, Michael?

You're a sorry excuse for a man, Michael. You give testosterone a bad name.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Never read it, even for the articles.

DRUDGE gets a letter on the professional dangers of being a Republican.
"Hello Drudge,

After your coverage of my article about coming out and voting Republican, I did receive many letters of support from fellow Republican voters, but it was not without repercussions. Criticism from the liberal left ensued. A few days after the onslaught of liberal backlash, I was released from my duties at Playgirl magazine.

"After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican."
If she'd have only been a lesbian pedofile abortionist war protester, she'd have kept her job. Do you have to either hate men or be one attracted to another to work at PG?

Not so crazy afterall.

Mexican President, Vincente Fox, concerned with losing the economic windfall his legal and illegal countrymen send back to Mexico, has taken offense that some groups in the US are exercising their right to a sovereign border, which seems awfully arrogant considering that a report was released today estimating the number of illegals in the US at 10.3 million.
Mexican President Vicente Fox believes concerned Americans joining civilian border groups to help guard against massive illegal immigration from his country are little more than extremists trying to take the law into their own hands.

Specifically, Fox is criticizing a group calling itself the Minuteman Project, which plans to patrol the border for 30 days beginning April 1 with some 950 volunteers. Fox and other Mexican officials say such groups are creating an anti-immigrant sentiment that is spreading across the U.S., says a report in the Arizona Republic.

"There are signs of these kinds of problems present today, and [they are] progressing," Fox told reporters this weekend. "We have to act quickly and on time to prevent these kinds of actions."

"We totally reject the idea of these migrant-hunting groups," Fox said. "We will use the law, international law and even U.S. law to make sure that these types of groups, which are a minority ... will not have any opportunity to progress."

"Vicente Fox can rant and rave all he wants, but he obviously doesn't understand what a democracy means," Chris Simcox, a co-organizer of the Minuteman Project, told the Republic. "We have been working within the law."

Fox, who will be in Texas next week to meet with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, also criticized recent U.S. legislative efforts to fund construction of border fences.

"We are convinced that walls don't work. They should be torn down," he told reporters. "No country that is proud of itself should build walls. No one can isolate himself these days."

A number of U.S. lawmakers say they are concerned about possible infiltration of terrorist elements into the U.S. via Mexico, after American intelligence officials testified recently that there is evidence al-Qaida and other groups may try to infiltrate from south of the border – like hundreds of thousands of Mexican migrants every year.

Fox, however, downplayed those concerns. Regarding terrorists using Mexico as a transit point into the U.S., he said, "We have absolutely no evidence of that."

No? What about this, this or
this? And what kind of tax do illegals have on our health care, when uninsured or unpaid care is given to whoever walks into a hospital? And the tax on our schools? Even children of illegals are required to get a desk? Better life? Sure, but what about the $118 million Arizona spent in jailing illegals last year? Seems to me that a full fence would be a good investment, but not for Senior Fox.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Weekend Break.

Somewhere between Thursday and Sunday morning, I swallowed two pulsing cue balls and they've lodged in my throat. There's a handful of big stories this weekend that I'd like to post on, but with the pre-emptive strike of Theraflu I've employed for a full assault on the evil illness, all I want to do is watch TV and feel sorry for myself. I need to feel better, this is a big week.

If you could be so generous, say a quick prayer that perfect health finds me. Hint: I'm on the couch. Thanks, talk to you in a couple days.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Priorities. (Update)

Spending time yesterday helping confirm for kids that steroids make you stronger and more physically successful, the Senate is going to have a tough time fitting the case of Terri Schiavo into their schedule. Terri has been handicapped since 1990 after a collapse under suspicious circumstances. Her parents are fighting to keep her alive. Her husband, Michael, has been fighting to starve her to death by removing her feeding tube. He alleges that Terri didn't want to be kept alive in a decreased quality of life. Michael has denied Terri of standard testing to assess her chances for a full recovery.

Michael Schiavo has been involved in a decade-long relationship with another woman with whom he's had two kids. Did I mention he's engaged? Clearly, Michael Schiavo has a conflict of interest. A Florida judge agrees with Michael that Terri should be snuffed. Terri has been video-taped responding to touch and to the sight of her parents, but the judge has decided against the wishes of Governor Bush and the state of Florida. Birth parents = no say. Adulterous husband = gospel.

Many fantastic articles have emerged correctly destroying the credibility of groups trying to claim the moral high ground on human rights. For example, the same Left groups who wail for 3 hot squares and warm blankets for terrorists caught on the battlefield are remarkably silent regarding the plight of a woman about to be tortured to death by starvation. Lawyers and judges fight the Administration to apply habeas corpus to people who want to kill us, but deny common sense for someone who just wants to live. Terrorists get better treatment.

The Left has a tough time with capital punishment. Double murderer Scott Peterson has a better chance of surviving longer than Terri Schiavo, with all the silliness of killer's rights. He'll get 3 squares a day, some books and maybe even cable TV. Yet, the Left is silent while a woman who's only crime is a lack of motor skills is denied life because of the word of a cheating husband. Candlelight vigils for barbaric killers, silence/support for the real victims.

The National Organization for Women must have maximized their male-centric bitterness to protest another man "controlling" a woman's rights. Martha Burke maybe too busy arranging the 7-10 feminists to protest at the Master's? Are we to believe that NOW is only interested in fighting matters that involve private golf clubs and all-male military academy's? NOW's true colors are clear. Ignoring important battles in order to fight the trivial ones. Support them at your own ethical peril.

The ACLU must be too overloaded trying to play God by removing any loose reference too Him from public view. While trying to regulate feelings instead of life, actual civil liberties be damned. We know the ACLU operates in Florida. Afterall, they took the state to court because a female convicted child abuser who converted to Islam felt it her right to wear full face covering in her driver's license photo. So does the ACLU plea for them to get involved to keep a woman alive when no "living will" exists to support her husband's claim that she'd want to die?

The moral confusion of the Left has reached record lows. There isn't an argument that can't be won in the future pointing out the obscene inconsistency of these respective groups, what they claim to champion and what they actually involve themselves in. To test the moral viability of any future argument from any of these Left groups who claim they have the moral high ground, ask them, "Where were you for Terri Schiavo?" The real unmentionable answer is that they were actively working to stay idle while waiting for the Legislation of the Left, maverick judges, to trump the will of the people.

Update: The Legislators who subpoened a handful of people in order to keep Terri alive are Republicans. Those coming out against erring on the side of life are Democrat.

I'm confused, again.

I once heard someone say, "Republicans are worried that people won't understand what they're saying, Democrats are afraid they will."

Does any of this help explain the inconsistency in what the Democrats decide is an acceptable timetable to assess the danger of certain policy? We'll all remember the Democrat's imaginary and reckless requirement that Saddam pose an "imminent threat" before force was justified, ignoring that "imminent" usually means the gun is already pointed at your head. Without the agility to dodge bullets, one is well advised to "pre-empt" the loading of the gun when the person brazenly wielding it has used it only his own family. Only but a few even now acknowledge the prescient Republican vision for democracy in the Middle East, although purple die is in short supply in Iraq.

As for Social Security, the Democrats have defiantly opposed reform and made clear they have no intention of constructively adding to possible solutions because insolvency in 15 years isn't critical enough to address now. You get the feeling that Democrats would wait until the fire is nipping at their down comforter before dialing 911. Social Security reform will be pioneered by the Republicans until the crisis threshold for liberal involvement is met: creating victims. After all, it's always easier to play on people's feelings when you have warm examples.

And then we have global warming and all things ecological, the trophy of the Democratic party. Feeling that what we do today may propel the average earthly temperature .00634 degrees warmer and coastal waters may or may not rise 2cm by 3018, the Democrats would like us to do everything we can to keep polar icecaps at an acceptable level when we're all dead and gone, yesterday. Overheated are they in their quest to put the breaks on the emissions of 43 cars per weekend, they see it a mortal sin that my transportation requires copious amounts of dinosaur remains. And the Democrat's other darling, the "treaty", the Democrats hold it against President Bush that he concerned himself more with national security than with the potential of a sweaty globe.

Timely crisis has not proven a threatening enough force to align Democrats to work at something other than obstruction, so what is it? If you had as anemic a batting record as the Democrats do on big ideas, you'd only step up to the plate for something that would take a hundred years to prove you wrong, too.

Happy Pat's Day!

With growing fear that the derelicts at the ACLU will aim their cultural terrorism at me, my headline omits "St." and "rick".

Having stepped up their rackateering efforts to extort concessions from the threat to civilization otherwise known as the Boy Scouts, the ACLU is threatening schools with lawsuits if they continue to allow the little bigots to meet on taxpayer turf. I'm concerned with being slapped with a violation of the "separation clause" lawsuit for using a derivative of the radioactive word "Saint."

My fears have merit. The ACLU's brand of religious radical secularism is vaporizing all things Christian from public view - from county seals, to Ten Commandments to war memorials. It's simply a matter of time before private citizens are caught in the ACLU's intolerant cross-hairs. I'll even be cautious about who and how I wish Happy Pat's day to, so as not offend cottony feelings of any passers by.

In an effort to stay more progressive than the ACLU currently requires, I've even modified the gender-specific "Patrick" to a gender-neutral "Pat" so as not to ping on the ACLU's radar as bigoted, sexist or close-minded.

So join me in celebrating Pat's Day while we can. For next year, the ACLU may want to remove "Day" because it discriminates against "Morning, Noon and Night."

Ann Coulter: Freeze! I just had my nails done!

She can say it. She's a woman. I post her column in it's entirety.
How many people have to die before the country stops humoring feminists? Last week, a defendant in a rape case, Brian Nichols, wrested a gun from a female deputy in an Atlanta courthouse and went on a murderous rampage. Liberals have proffered every possible explanation for this breakdown in security except the giant elephant in the room – who undoubtedly has an eating disorder and would appreciate a little support vis-à-vis her negative body image.

The New York Times said the problem was not enough government spending on courthouse security ("Budgets Can Affect Safety Inside Many Courthouses"). Yes, it was tax-cuts-for-the-rich that somehow enabled a 200-pound former linebacker to take a gun from a 5-foot-tall grandmother.

Atlanta court officials dispensed with any spending issues the next time Nichols entered the courtroom when he was escorted by 17 guards and two police helicopters. He looked like P. Diddy showing up for a casual dinner party.

I think I have an idea that would save money and lives: Have large men escort violent criminals. Admittedly, this approach would risk another wave of nausea and vomiting by female professors at Harvard. But there are also advantages to not pretending women are as strong as men, such as fewer dead people. Even a female math professor at Harvard should be able to run the numbers on this one.

Of course, it's suspiciously difficult to find any hard data about the performance of female cops. Not as hard as finding the study showing New Jersey state troopers aren't racist, but still pretty hard to find.

Mostly what you find on Lexis-Nexis are news stories quoting police chiefs who have been browbeaten into submission, all uttering the identical mantra after every public-safety disaster involving a girl cop. It seems that female officers compensate for a lack of strength with "other" abilities, such as cooperation, empathy and intuition.

There are lots of passing references to "studies" of uncertain provenance, but which always sound uncannily like a press release from the Feminist Majority Foundation. (Or maybe it was The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, which recently released a study claiming that despite Memogate, "Fahrenheit 9/11," the Richard Clarke show and the jihad against the Swift Boat Veterans, the press is being soft on Bush.)

The anonymous "studies" about female officers invariably demonstrate that women make excellent cops – even better cops than men! One such study cited an episode of "She's the Sheriff," starring Suzanne Somers.

A 1993 news article in the Los Angeles Times, for example, referred to a "study" – cited by an ACLU attorney – allegedly proving that "female officers are more effective at making arrests without employing force because they are better at de-escalating confrontations with suspects." No, you can't see the study or have the name of the organization that performed it, and why would you ask?

There are roughly 118 million men in this country who would take exception to that notion. I wonder if women officers "de-escalate" by mentioning how much more money their last suspect made.

These aren't unascertainable facts, like Pinch Sulzberger's SAT scores. The U.S. Department of Justice regularly performs comprehensive surveys of state and local law enforcement agencies, collected in volumes called "Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics."

The inestimable economist John Lott has looked at the actual data. (And I'll give you the citation! John R. Lott Jr., "Does a Helping Hand Put Others at Risk? Affirmative Action, Police Departments and Crime," Economic Inquiry, April 1, 2000.)

It turns out that, far from "de-escalating force" through their superior listening skills, female law enforcement officers vastly are more likely to shoot civilians than their male counterparts. (Especially when perps won't reveal where they bought a particularly darling pair of shoes.)

Unable to use intermediate force, like a bop on the nose, female officers quickly go to fatal force. According to Lott's analysis, each 1 percent increase in the number of white female officers in a police force increases the number of shootings of civilians by 2.7 percent.

Adding males to a police force decreases the number of civilians accidentally shot by police. Adding black males decreases civilian shootings by police even more. By contrast, adding white female officers increases accidental shootings. (And for my Handgun Control Inc. readers: Private citizens are much less likely to accidentally shoot someone than are the police, presumably because they do not have to approach the suspect and make an arrest.)

In addition to accidentally shooting people, female law enforcement officers are also more likely to be assaulted than male officers – as the whole country saw in Atlanta last week. Lott says: "Increasing the number of female officers by 1 percentage point appears to increase the number of assaults on police by 15 percent to 19 percent."

In addition to the obvious explanations for why female cops are more likely to be assaulted and to accidentally shoot people – such as that our society encourages girls to play with dolls – there is also the fact that women are smaller and weaker than men.

In a study of public-safety officers – not even the general population – female officers were found to have 32 percent to 56 percent less upper body strength and 18 percent to 45 percent less lower body strength than male officers – although their outfits were 43 percent more coordinated. (Here's the cite! Frank J. Landy, "Alternatives to Chronological Age in Determining Standards of Suitability for Public Safety Jobs," Technical Report, Vol. 1, Jan. 31, 1992.)

Another study I've devised involves asking a woman to open a jar of pickles.

There is also the telling fact that feminists demand that strength tests be watered down so that women can pass them. Feminists simultaneously demand that no one suggest women are not as strong as men and then turn around and demand that all the strength tests be changed. It's one thing to waste everyone's time by allowing women to try out for police and fire departments under the same tests given to men. It's quite another to demand that the tests be brawned-down so no one ever has to tell female Harvard professors that women aren't as strong as men.

Acknowledging reality wouldn't be all bad for women. For one thing, they won't have to confront violent felons on methamphetamine. So that's good. Also, while a sane world would not employ 5-foot-tall grandmothers as law enforcement officers, a sane world would also not give full body-cavity searches to 5-foot-tall grandmothers at airports.

Bias, what bias?

Even the most liberal school in the land had to admit:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. media coverage of last year's election was three times more likely to be negative toward President Bush than Democratic challenger John Kerry, according to a study released Monday.

The annual report by a press watchdog that is affiliated with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism said that 36 percent of stories about Bush were negative compared to 12 percent about Kerry, a Massachusetts senator.

Only 20 percent were positive toward Bush compared to 30 percent of stories about Kerry that were positive, according to the report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The study looked at 16 newspapers of varying size across the country, four nightly newscasts, three network morning news shows, nine cable programs and nine Web sites through the course of 2004.

Peterson moved to near-final resting place.

Scott Peterson has been moved to his final home before the state disinfects and administers a sterile dose of drugs to stop his heart from pumping delinquent blood.

Which begs the logical uncomfortable questions... If Scott Peterson were a doctor qualified to perform abortions, would he have been charged with two murders? What if he performed the partial-birth procedure on Laci before killing her? Why charge him with murder when M.D.'s do the same thing for profit? If they hadn't already named him Connor, would he have been considered another person? At what point was he another human being?

Therin lies the silliness of trying to define when life begins and the justification for abortion.

Missing some faculties

I've wondered what kind of people devote their days to lining a fence in anticipation for the arrival and departure of a procession of black SUV's. One answer:
SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Michael Jackson has his own personal cheerleading squad.

His supporters cheer him loudly every time he appears at the courthouse for his child-molesting trial.

The fans are devoted to Jackson, and many have given up a great deal to be near him during his ordeal.

His supporters' days begin long before sunrise. They are kept outside a chain-link fence as TV crews warm their lights and set the stage for a show the King of Pop would rather cancel.

"I was a kindergarten teacher for 13 years, and I resigned to be out here," said supporter Sheree Wilkins.
Dedication. Whatever kindergarten Sheree abandoned is better off for her absence. So committed to teacheing children was she that after 13 years of what I can only imagine was sincere and inspired teaching, she resigns to take a full time un-paid internship waving from across a parking lot to a stranger accused of molesting little boys.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Family of terrorist abettor sues Israel.

The family of Rachel Corrie, member of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement who met the business end of a Caterpillar when she tried to block the bull-dozing of a safe-house for an underground arms smuggler, is suing the state of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces for her lack of judgement:
The family of Rachel Corrie, a pro-Palestinian activist killed by an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer in Rafah two years ago, sued the State of Israel and the IDF for damages in the Haifa District Court on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old Corrie was killed on March 16, 2003 when she tried to block an IDF bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian house near the Philadelphi Route, the strip of land in the Gaza Strip bordering Egypt.

An IDF investigation ruled the incident was an accident and that the driver did not see Corrie, and the military prosecutor's office decided not to press charges in connection with Corrie's death.

Corrie's parents, brother, and sister, who are represented by Umm al-Fahm attorney Hussein Abu-Hussein, argue Corrie was killed despite the fact that she was wearing bright clothing and had identified herself as an activist with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

The family has asked for roughly $324 thousand in direct damages, as well as punitive damages. They also said they have yet to receive all of the material from the IDF investigation into the matter.
The moral of the story? Send your kid off to the most successful brain-washing institute this side of Riyadh, get her hooked on helping terrorists, ship her off to a war zone and sue when she decides that in front of heavy machinery is where she wants to stand. Oh, then try to explain how this picture advocates "peace." Yeah, that's an American 'flag'.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Probably won't be invited back.

Gun safety is an important issue. One of the first rules of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it's loaded - especially ones that are loaded. This way, when you're a police officer giving a lecture on gun safety to a class of kids, you won't look like an absolute fool by shooting yourself in the leg - on video. Not graphic and not funny.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Little winky?

Much has been said about the "Angry Left." Although Democratic candidate's sons have slashed tires of Bush/Cheney volunteers, shot at B/C headquarters in multiple states and stole computers in others, yet the Left has shunned due blame in their signature style of denial.

Now comes the story of person with cheeks wider than his head, who thought enough of his 'little self' to blast some darkness at a woman and her two kids in the Sunshine State.
Nathan Winkler, 31, was arrested overnight and charged with aggravated stalking for allegedly terrorizing a mother and her two children.

According to police, Winkler pulled up alongside Michelle Fernandez as she was headed south on Armenia and began beeping his horn and flailing his arms, pointing at her. Fernandez, meanwhile, could not see Winkler's face because of a handmade sign in his window that read, "Never forget Bush's illegal oil war murdered thousands in Iraq."

"Apparently, this starts over political views or bumper stickers. She had a Bush/Cheney sticker on the back of her car. There's just no excuse for it to escalate to what it did," observed Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin.

Winkler apparently grew more agitated as they continued to drive along, allegedly trying to run Fernandez's car off the road several times over the next few miles.

But investigators say even that did not stop Winkler from pulling in front of Fernandez and forcing her to stop. As he tried to run up to her car, she drove away and was headed to police district headquarters when she finally managed to lose Winkler.
I'm outraged! I specifically keep both of my Bush/Cheney stickers on my huge SUV waiting for something like this to happen. What is it with you Minnesota liberals that you can't mute MPR long enough to try and run me off the road? Underachievers!

Please poison me.

Will someone please slip me a roofie and wake me when the MJ carnival is over, because I'm on the verge of shoving dull corkscrews in my eyeballs and rusty spoons into my eardrums. I've been searching the internet for some kind of mechanism that I can download on my PC and install in my TV that automatically blocks the sickness of the MJ trial and his latest ER-required malady. A cough one week, bad back this week, sunburn next week, cornea replacement the next...
ANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) - A pajama-clad Michael Jackson arrived more than an hour late to his child molestation trial Thursday, but the judge who had threatened to arrest him resumed the case without taking any action against the singer in open court.
When 86% of the testimony against you involves what you did to someone while one of you were in their pajamas, how profanely stupid do you have to be to wear them to court? People like Michael Jackson are the reason there are warnings on toasters that say, "DO NOT USE WHILE IN THE BATHTUB."

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Interrogate the communist.

To facilitate the return of a communist reporter, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi paid $15 million to the terrorists responsible for the recent find of another mass grave. 41 bodies, many of shot and beheaded women and children were found in Iraq.

The Italian reporter's assertion that she was specifically targeted by U.S. forces is continually falling apart. Today, a report shoots holes in some of her previous versions of events and bolsters the U.S. account and even one of her own - their car was shot at because it was speeding through a checkpoint. Coupled with neglecting to alert troops they were traveling to the airport, their speeding got them shot.

All of this is what makes Berlusconi's demand of "maximum collaboration from the US" so fantastically ridiculous:
Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insisted on "maximum collaboration" from the United States in a joint probe into the friendly fire killing of an Italian agent in Iraq, but played down any notion of a rift between the allies.

"We have a duty to demand the maximum collaboration to obtain the truth and determine who is responsible," Berlusconi said in an address to the senate on the killing.
Whether the Italians warned the proper authorities is a "he said, we said" thing, but if they had confirmed permission, why would they be speeding at 100mph when they were no longer in danger or being re-kidnapped and a reasonable speed would have allowed them to easily stop for the road block?

The volcano god is angry?

Normally, a Mount St. Helens eruption wouldn't justify a comment, but with any natural phenomena, there are generally some strange people looking for a cause. In this case, I've found a group of Kucinich/Kerry voters who are looking for virgins to sacrifice to the "Great Firey One."

A report from
Since late 2004, Mt. St. Helens has been rumbling, and sometimes spewing small amounts of ash. A new lava dome is rising higher and higher. Many have offered scientific explanations for this, but I met a group in Washington putting forth a metaphysical one. "The Volcano God is angry and must be appeased, or an eruption of apocalyptic proportions will ensue! The only sacrifices that will be acceptable are virgins." These are the words of a man calling himself Rama Ho Lama, the leader of the Washington State volcano cult called Children of the Great Firey One. The good news is that any virgin is acceptable. They don't have to be pretty young girls.

"In Prayer" said Ho Lama, "Volcano God told us that any death of humans that have not reproduced will please him. We plan to infiltrate GENCON and Renaissance Festivals. They are full of dorks who live in their mothers' basements, and have never even kissed a girl. While they probably would never reproduce anyway, we are pleased to learn that they are acceptable to Him. He prefers pretty young girls, but one of them may be substituted by ten unattractive men. Their destruction amuses The Great Firey One.

I asked him why he wasn't considering Star Trek conventions as a source of virgins. Rama Ho Lama said "Now let's be serious. Nobody cares about that Star Dreck crap any more! Have you ever seen Voyager or Enterprise? Even the sorriest mama's boys have better things to do. We haven't totally given up on Sci-Fi though. The new Battlestar Galactica may yet be a source of sacrificial lambs. We will watch fans of that franchise for prospects."
Although their "experience" may not be in doubt, is slamming D & D video gamers and Renassaince Festival employees the best way to convince them they need to be fed to a volcano? They may be virgins, but they aren't dumb.

Pro-Syrian rally a hoax.

An estimated 400,000 "Lebanese" jammed the streets in an apparent pro-Syria rally. It was cast as Hezbollah's influence on the Lebanon and was even given some undue legitimacy when Kofi Annan marked the rally as a sign that Hezbollah should be recognized as a legitimate political power, despite their being naughty jihadi's.

JERUSALEM – The giant Hezbollah rally that drew nearly half a million purported supporters of Syria's occupation of Lebanon actually was a staged hoax with non-Lebanese citizens, Syrian workers, students and municipal employees coerced into joining the protest, former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview this morning.

"Yesterday's huge protest calling for Syria to stay made it look to the world like a large segment of the Lebanese population actually wants to live under Syrian occupation," said Aoun, speaking to WND from Paris. "But the protest wasn't what it appeared to be. It was an elaborately staged affair."

Hundreds of thousands packed into a central Beirut meeting square yesterday, chanting support for Syrian troops to maintain positions in Lebanon and denouncing America in what has been called a massive show of strength by Syrian and Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

Protestors held signs, in English, reading "Thank you Syria'' and "No to foreign interference," a reference to American intervention. The crowd sang the national anthem and many waved red-and-white Lebanese flags, some holding posters with pictures of pro-Damascus Lebanese and Syrian presidents.

Attendance at the rally greatly outnumbered recent demonstrations led by opposition figures against Syria's presence in Lebanon and was billed by Hezbollah speakers as a sign Syria enjoys popular support among the people of Lebanon and should therefore keep their nearly 20,000 troops inside the country. Damascus has been under daily fire from the U.S., Europe and many Arab countries demanding an end to its occupation of Lebanon.

But Aoun told WND Hezbollah and Syrian officials used deceptive and coercive techniques to orchestrate the protest.

"This was not a Lebanese showing, and many of those who actually were Lebanese were not there because they support Syria. We know that at least three Palestinian camps were present. And there are 700,000 Syrian workers inside Lebanon, many of whom are not even supposed to be there. They were urged by Syria to attend so it looks like many Lebanese are protesting. Plus Syria bused in their own citizens from Syria through the border into Lebanon to join the rally."
I think it's reasonable to think that if a country comprised of at least 700,000 Syrian workers, students and agents is given the day off, that they could cram a couple hundred thousand into the streets as a rebuttal to the anti-Syrian rally just a couple days before. It becomes even more reasonable when a country who trades in duress and pressure as Syria does, may have given them a little incentive to rally - like allowing them to remain alive or without physical pain.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

But he looked really cute in pigtails and a skirt.

In New York, the Girl Scouts may be running an illegal enterprise.
NEW YORK -- A Long Island man was ticketed in Brooklyn for selling Girl Scout cookies with his 13-year-old daughter.

Hoi Louis was in Williamsburg delivering the cookies with his daughter over the weekend. Louis said it was his old neighborhood, before he moved to Bethpage, and he and his daughter have been selling Girl Scout cookies there since his daughter was in first grade.

At 4:50 p.m. Saturday a police captain and a uniformed officer pulled up to their van as they were unloading cookies. Louis said the captain from the 94th Precinct ticketed him for selling cookies without a license.

For a 'better life' of terror?

Thanks CQ. Maybe having read the Mexican government's Guide for the Mexican Migrant, the already wiley naughty jihadi's are getting some suggestions on how to infiltrate the United States.
WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress on Tuesday that people from countries with ties to al-Qaida have crossed into the United States from Mexico, using false identities.

"We are concerned, Homeland Security is concerned about special interest aliens entering the United States," Mueller said, using a term for people from countries where al-Qaida is known to be active.
Under persistent questioning from Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, Mueller said he was aware of one route that takes people to Brazil, where they assume false identities, and then to Mexico before crossing the U.S. border.

He also said that in some instances people with Middle Eastern names have adopted Hispanic last names before trying to get into the United States.

Mueller provided no estimate of the number of people who have entered the country in this manner.
President Bush's amnesty plan, which I wrote about here, would give a temporary worker's card to anyone who'd be willing to have their picture taken and have an identity created for them. Afterall, are we going to require a Mexican birth certificate to prove they have an identity somewhere? This could possibly give newly minted Abdul Gonzales more legitimacy in his U.S. travels, compared to the terrorist alternative of an alias that may be hot on certain watch lists.

I'm not being dramatic when I say that as a country at war, what does it say about strategy when we're not willing to secure a perimeter at our border and practically invite them to commit acts of war on the American people.

If the Left wasn't smearing their doo doo on the idea of displacing a few rabbits and uprooting a few cacti, we'd employ a few masons and electricians to make a complete border fence.

United States of Amexica

In a world ruled by common sense, would an illegal alien who takes a dive off a scaffolding win $4 million dollars from his employer? No. That's why we have this story:
A Bronx, N.Y., day laborer living and working illegally in the United States has been awarded a $4 million settlement for injuries suffered on the job, the largest ever award of its kind, the New York Sun reported Tuesday in a Page One story.

The undocumented Mexican native, who did not want his identity known out of fear that news of the settlement would put his family at risk of kidnapping in Mexico, fell 30 feet from a scaffolding at a construction site Oct. 18, 2001, the paper said.

As a result, the 33-year-old migrant suffered numerous injuries, including a collapsed lung, loss of one eye, loss of his sense of smell, and brain damage, the paper reported.

The Mexican’s trial attorneys were pleased with the result – the largest award ever won by an illegal immigrant in the U.S.

"The lesson today for all the undocumented immigrants of New York is they have the same rights to access the courts in New York City as any American citizen," Brian O'Dwyer of O'Dwyer and Bernstein LLP told reporters Monday.
Well that's refreshing. If I'm ever killed in a dispute over a parking spot and my family is anxiously awaiting justice, at least they'll find comfort in knowing that a someone breaking the law every second they're in the U.S. may be exercising the "same right as any American citizen." I love Amexica!
"Our client came, the family of our client came, to the association believing they didn't have any rights because they were undocumented," he said, noting the migrant's brother talked him into pursuing legal action after the fall, which hospitalized him for three months.

"We took the case and we fought against the owner of the building and the companies employing him, and in the end we received a payment for him of $4 million. This week they are going to pay these $4 million to our client," O'Dwyer said.
I guess I've always lived under the silly impression that there may be some dis-incentive for illegals to attempt a border jump or trunk stuffing. Let's just get it over with and take an eraser to that arbitrary line on all the world's maps that runs from the Gulf to the Pacific. We'll send invitation to each country's capital letting them know that we're giving unlimited Amexican driver's licenses to anyone who enters from the south. We'll entice them further by letting them know that they won't even have to show it to vote. We'll take them on their word. After all, they're just coming here for a better life, right?

It'll all work out perfectly. The U.S. doesn't have an official language, so any will do. Textbooks will be written in 463 languages and street signs will be written in the two predominant languages of the year. By 2020, if you can't read Spanish or Arabic, find a navigator who can. Our national anthem will become the rusty creaking of an opening door and our national bird with be something genetically altered by harvesting mutant stem cells of every country's national bird. Our new national passtime will be working 3 extra jobs to pay our 70% tax rate.

Silly? Would you have considered the above story silly 10 years ago?

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