Monday, February 14, 2005

There's room for one more.

Now that Iraq has been permanently removed from the "Axis of Evil," there's room for an alternate. Syria is hoping to fill the vacant seat.
BEIRUT, Lebanon — A powerful bomb assassinated a former prime minister Monday, carving a 30-foot hole in a street and turning armored cars into burning wrecks — devastation that harked back to Lebanon's violent past and raised fears of new bloodshed in the bitter dispute over Syria, the country's chief power broker.

The blast wounded 100 people and killed 10, including the main target: Rafik Hariri, a billionaire businessman who helped rebuild Lebanon after its civil war, but had recently fallen out with Syria.
Mr. Hariri was the motor behind the massive effort to modernize Lebanon, encourage international investment and a champion for a Lebanon free of Syrian influence. The loss of Mr. Hariri is compounded by the obvious consequences for anyone who decides to follow in his brave Syrian-opposition footsteps.

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