Thursday, February 24, 2005

S.D. Supreme Court agrees that Randy Scott is dead.

I mention this story because it involves one of my passions - motorcycles. South Dakota's Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Congressman Janklow, the serial bad-driver in the death of Randy Scott.
PIERRE, S.D. -— Bill Janklow's attempt to clear his name and record suffered a major setback today when South Dakota's highest court upheld his 2003 manslaughter and reckless driving convictions in the death of a Minnesota motorcyclist.

In a decision released this morning by the South Dakota Supreme Court, judges ruled that the 65-year-old former congressman and four-term governor received a fair trial when a jury found him guilty in December 2003 of second-degree manslaughter and reckless driving in the death four months earlier of Randy Scott, 55, a cattle rancher from Hardwick, Minn.

The court also ruled that there was enough evidence presented at trial to convict him.
Was there ever a doubt that 70 mph in a 55, a disobeyed stop-sign, a totaled motorcycle and a dead body wouldn't have been enough evidence?

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