Thursday, February 10, 2005

North Korea: Nukes for sale!

What do you get when you cross Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, a treaty and North Korea: nuclear capability in the hands of a rogue. Here's the timeline:
Feb 1993: International Atomic Energy Agency requests inspection of two nuclear waste storage sites, citing evidence that North Korea has been cheating on its nuclear non-proliferation treaty commitments. North Korea refuses.

Mar 1993: North Korea announces intention to withdraw from the NPT, but later relents.

Jun 1994: Former US president Jimmy Carter negotiates a deal with North Korea to freeze its nuclear arms programme.

Aug 1994: US and North Korea adopt the Agreed Framework - committing Pyongyang to freeze weapons development and allow IAEA inspections. In return, the US would supply two light-water reactors and annual heavy fuel oil shipments.

Aug 1998: North Korea test fires its 2,000 km-range Taepo Dong 1 missile over Japan. Work continues on the 6,000km-range Taepo Dong 2 missile capable of reaching the US.

Dec 1999: An international consortium signs a $4.6bn US contract to build two light water nuclear power plants in North Korea.
With the help of Jimmy Carter, the Clinton Administration builds two nuclear reactors for North Korea after they've violated past nuclear agreements, hoping this time, NK would honor the paper their "pinky-swear" was written on. Every non-Democrat's predictions came true as North Korea announces they're nuclear.

Why would North Korea choose today to announce they are carrying nuclear inventory, when the suspense has been buying them the time they needed? They're advertising.

Iran has just been put on notice by the Bush Administration. A no-no from Bush carries some weight. If Iran doesn't already have bombs measured in megatons, NK is willing to trade some mullah moolah for some mushrooms.

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