Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Drudge reports on tomorrow's New York Observer:
THE NEW YORK OBSERVER will report tomorrow: 'Former 60 Minutes Wednesday executive editor Josh Howard has told colleagues that before he resigns, the 23-year CBS News veteran will demand that the network retract remarks by CBS president Leslie Moonves, correct its official story line and ultimately clear his name'...

In the event of a lawsuit, Mr. Howard has told associates that he would like to see Moonves put under oath to talk about his own roles in the network's stubborn, hapless defense of the flawed segment on President Bush's National Guard service.

Howard has also indicated to colleagues that he would subpoena specific CBS documents, including the e-mails of top executives.

This is what happens when the guilty parties aren't the ones who take the fall. As a matter of principal and with the likely knowledge their case would hold up in court, the scapegoats have lawyered-up in order to fight for their jobs. They obviously feel - as Howard will allege - that the wrongdoing goes all the way to the tip-top. Moonves? Rather?

Should be a fun rest of the week.

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