Thursday, February 24, 2005

Marine will not be punished for doing his job.

You'll remember video in November shot by NBC that showed a Marine doing what Marines do when they've a.) been fired on by an enemy in a mosque b.) had a comrade blown up the day before by a dead body packet with explosives c.) are at war d.) with an irregular enemy not in uniform - he killed the enemy.

Shocked that sometimes Marines kill bad guys who aren't standing up, some furor insued and Leftist illusions of 'war crimes' was bandied about. There was some concern by reasonable people that this Marine would be prosecuted for doing his job. I was.

The Beeb reports that he won't.
A US marine filmed apparently shooting dead an injured Iraqi in a Falluja mosque last year may not be formally charged, according to media reports.
Military investigators have concluded there is not enough evidence to prosecute over the shooting, US television network CBS news says.
The justified killing of an enemy slug in Iraq is sure to get a more thorough investigation than 60 minutes and Dan Rather ever got.

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