Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Letter to the President

Mr. President,

Thank you for both the Christmas card and the hand written letter of thanks for my diligent work on your campaign.

Sir, I’m having a tough time with the Guest Worker Program and will do so for the permanent future. While identifying who’s in our country is better than the complete anonymity of the current non-system, “guest workers” aren’t the people we’re worried about committing acts of radical Muslim terrorism. The people we’re worried about infiltrating the U.S. won’t be standing in line to get themselves photographed and identified.

Already over-burdened by the 3.5 million illegal Mexicans and more alarmingly the 65,814 non-Mexicans arrested in 2004, our border patrol’s primary duty has been subverted by the overwhelming influx of those who are coming for their prize. Just having mentioned the Guest Worker program as a possibility has increased the number of illegals who’re anticipating its passage.

Most are without insurance and use emergency rooms for primary care. Many use social services without doing their documented financial part. 33% of jailed inmates are illegal immigrants and street gangs are being recruited by terrorist organizations. Jobs that “Americans won’t do” are such because the wages have been driven down by cheap labor. “Sancturary laws” prevent the current reasonable legal recourse of arrest and deportation.

While illegal immigrants are understandably coming here for a better life, the quality of life for Americans and those who legally wait their turn has been diminished and will continue to do so until the penalty for entering illegally out-weighs the advantages of successful illegal arrival.

A full border fence and thrust behind arrest and deportation are the only sensible (and far less costly) controls for our current problem.

Sir, please don’t use your capital to support something that puts our economy and safety in further peril, the Guest Worker Program.

Best Regards,

[Omitted my full name and address for this post]

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