Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm sure they just need to pay some bills.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided to un-freeze the bank accounts of the world's most active terrorists:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to unfreeze Hamas funds held in a number of Palestinian banks, Palestinian sources in Gaza City said Monday.

The sources said Hamas leaders who met with Abbas last Saturday raised the subject, urging him to rescind an earlier decision to freeze the funds.

They said Abbas accepted the Hamas request and decided to release the funds, including a private bank account belonging to slain Hamas leader and founder Ahmed Yassin.

One source said the move was taken to encourage Hamas to abide by the truce declared by Abbas recently. He noted that Hamas was facing a severe financial crisis as a result of the decision to freeze its funds.
"Truce" must mean something entirely different in Hebrew. I understand it to mean that both sides abide by the commitment to stop a certain something. The 'Palestinian' translation seems to mean that you keep shelling and shooting Israelis and then get rewarded for it by having access to the money you'll use to mount larger attacks while Israel (foolishly) abides by the terms of the "cease-fire."

Although the Hamas helped the "Palestinians" violate the 'cease-fire' within a handful of hours after the agreement, I'm going to trust that Hamas is just going to write some checks for overdue utility bills or mortgage payments. There's really no reason to suspect that in the next 10 days Hamas will hit the ATM and go on a shopping spree at the Explosives Depot, right?

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