Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dear Liberals, Part II

Acquaint yourself with Part I if necessary.

After the profanely successful Iraq elections on Sunday, the last three days will go down in history as the liberal's 72 Hour Whine Moratorium as they stare at each other with erased looks and conclude "Bush was right." As the Whine Press heads into production mode after tonight's State of the Union address, liberals have a decision on how they'll conduct their future political business transactions. I encourage them to shield themselves from becoming eternally inconsequential by heeding the following advice.

The results in Iraq have authenticated the optimistic vision of Bush. Although I've chronicled every one of your articles that negatively scrutinized going to war in Iraq, I'm willing to forget all of them and grant you a fresh start. Only the American sacrifice has been greater than the financial cost of war and every single ounce of each has been worth the result of helping a civilization realize their dreams of freedom and the protection of our own.

We'll dismiss your attempts to erode our will with your constant reminders of daily body count as a reminder of a natural and very sensitive fact of war. We'll forgive your pessimism of Iraqi's desire to take the reigns of destiny while inflating the casualties we went out of our way to prevent. We'll allow limitless latitude if you believed fighting on foreign soil made us less safe at home. They were all reasonable arguments, each being soundly disposed.

You can choose how you go forward into the freer world created by conservative ideology. We've got a band, we've got a wagon and we've got room. We want you there. If you're willing to dig one last hole, we'll bury the hatchet.

Moral integrity can lead to but one conclusion: Scenes Iraqis dancing in the streets preceded by a vote would not have happened without the use of force. Denying it now diminishes the accomplishment and make you look like a democratic sourpuss. As members of the House tonight raise their purple fingers in solidarity with Iraqis, I hope your heart is transformed to one the recognizes the United States under George Bush makes the world the better, safer place. Feeling good about being American does not an imperialist make.

Social Security isn't in a crisis today, but do you wait until the flames are creeping under your chair before phoning the fire department? We know the Democrats have a lot to lose if Americans have greater control over their finances - and we don't care. A financially independent person is less likely to pay you with their vote and that's what President Bush's strategy will be. You're outnumbered everywhere in Washington. Survival of the party is the name of your game now. Obstruct all you want, just remember Tom Daschle.

Don't worry, even when you have no material input in the direction of the country, we'll still have use for you. The Republicans working hard to make America better will need fresh coffee refills.

Thank you for making the first four years of President Bush very lively. Now that your accusations of "stupid, idiot & Hitler" have fallen flat, you'd have to be intellectually challenged to enter the same quagmire until 2008.

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