Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Channeling Dr. Dean

I love mail from readers. In response to my assessment of Howard Dean and his unreliable relationship with mental stability, an anonymous reader had this to say:

You're referring to Dean as unstable? I guess the shared hallucination that Bush and his fellow NeoCons have about the U.S. being God's chosen country isn't crazy at all. Sure, the Republicans are organized--organized in their attempt to mislead people and line their pockets with money made from destroying the planet and running this country into the ground. One of these days they will all get their comeuppance, and I'll be there giving them a swift kick to the groin while they are already down writhing in pain!!!
Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

I appreciate you trying to use "neocon" as a derogatory slur. I love the term so much, I'm thinking of personalizing my license plates. Allow me to prepare you for your inconvenient future. The massively successful elections in Iraq severely hobble your argument, as history books will correctly show "neocons" to be the propulsion for freeing 35 million (so far) people in the Middle East and pulverizing terrorists to the point where they need to kidnap plastic dolls to avert growing impotence. That's an "oxymoron," look it up.

George Bush is a Christian. Christians know that Israel is God's "chosen country." An elementary reading of the first few dozen pages of the Bible tells us that. Later on, God says that "those who bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed." We're blessing Israel by cleaning up her neighborhood. Iran wants to be next.

I'm not sure exactly how "lining our pockets" synchs with the couple hundred billion dollars we've spent on the war, so I'd appreciate any of your examples. If "Halliburton" is contained anywhere in your response, save it. You'll never convince anyone that a 1% margin on work in Iraq and the threat of having more employees captured and beheaded is some kind conspiracy.

I know it's your reflex, but you picked a bad day to bash the enonomy. The markets are up and momentum required a the feds to raise rates. Any other imaginary criticisms?

"Comeuppance?" What exactly would you see as fitting punishment for the benevolence of the United States? Are you hoping for another terrorist attack on our soil in order to bark and empty "see, we're breeding terrorism!"?

And what's with wanting kick us in the groin? You're a naughty little pacifist. I'm not surprised that you're the kind of person that waits for someone else to land the knockout punch so you can kick him and imply you somehow had something to do with his unconsciousness. You want someone else to do the hard work so you can reap the rewards. You must be liberal.

Read my Dear Liberal II column appearing tonight, just before the State of the Union address given by the "neocon" who recently set some Presidential election records - in the US and Iraq.

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