Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bringin' it.

The Democrats are determined to learn nothing from past experience - and they're quite good at it. If the nuclear option of changing the rules of a filibuster becomes necessary, the Republicans are correctly ready to 'bring it!'
President Bush officially resubmitted to the Senate yesterday 20 judicial nominees, including seven U.S. Circuit Court nominees whom Democrats filibustered in the last Congress.

"I'm pleased that the president has renominated these excellent women and men to serve on the federal bench," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican. "I'm hopeful that Democrats will work with me to get up-or-down votes on each nominee," he said.

Mr. Frist said he hoped to confirm the nominees, or at least give each a final vote on the Senate floor, through diplomacy. But he told The Washington Times for an article printed yesterday that he had the 51 votes needed to change Senate rules to ban filibusters against executive nominees — a threat that colored the Democrats' reactions yesterday.

Diplomacy is not likely to work, said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, who told reporters last month that if Mr. Bush renominates the same judges, the Democrats will block them again.
These judges will be confirmed. It's only a matter of how badly the Democrats permanently damage themselves in the process by obstructing the Constitutional right to a floor vote. They'll stay standing on the tracks for the sake of their imaginary principles and look back after '06 voting and regurgitate the "we didn't get our message out," ignoring that their problem isn't their words, it's their in-actions.

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