Monday, February 28, 2005

Goal setting 101

Referring to Minnesota's move to apply No Child Left behind to high schools.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed the centerpiece of President Bush's second-term education agenda Sunday, backing a plan to extend the federal No Child Left Behind testing requirements to high schools.

Pawlenty moderated a panel discussion where Spellings made a forceful case for No Child Left Behind, maintaining that nationwide testing in math and reading has already produced gains in student test scores and begun to close the achievement gap for underprivileged children.

"We know that what gets measured gets done," Spellings said.

Pawlenty talked with Spellings after the session and emerged ready to back the Bush plan, which Congress is likely to take up later this year. It faces significant opposition from many state legislators and educators for provisions that penalize schools that don't reach testing targets.
Minnesota kids are being 'equipped' for the future a "significant opposition" to basic achievement goals and accountability? How many of them are teaching your kids? Who do teachers fear testing when they're the subject matter?

Doing their best to churn out the next generation of liberal snivelers, the thinking goes: Goals = teams. Teams = competition and competition = winner and loser. Winner and loser = unequal and unequal = hurt feelings. Even under-performing teachers can get sad.

Dr. Evil

In a speech about tolerance and how the Left has a monopoly on it, Howard Dean shocked the world by proving he can pronounce the word "evil." And what unfortunate soul has behaved so badly that he's labeled them evil? Conservatives, of course.
"The issue is not abortion. The issue is whether women can make up their own mind instead of some right-wing pastor, some right-wing politician telling them what to do.
"Moderate Republicans can't stand these people [conservatives], because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue. I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant.

"This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."
Common sense usually dictates that the face of your party should: a) have won at least one Presidential primary, b) be capable of successfully negotiating a bike path on the property of his church without withdrawing from the church in a hissy, c) be someone other than the person who's highest-profile moment was the permanent recording of hitting rock bottom.

The Dems must have some diabolic Rove-esque master plan if they really think that dipping into some of the 60 million Bush voters can be done most effectively by ushering a Vermont Governor to lecture Joe Churchgoer in language more strong than he'd used for the mass killers on 9/11.

The Dems said they were going to get serious. I'm still waiting for any indication of that. Having realized that "values" are important to have, they're out shopping for some. The tricky thing about being "progressive," which by definition means having an excuse to modify your moral absolutes as required by frequent assessments of feelings, is that the value you're pitching has to remain constant. This makes it difficult for the Left to make their values clear, as doing so would limit their ability to shift when their position is no longer politically tenable.

Late-term abortion wasn't a Dem value until they realized there were votes to be got by keeping parents from finding out about the abortions their kids having are with their tax money. Gay marriage wasn't a Dem value until they figured it a winning strategy to pander to the fraction of the 2% of the population who is gay and wants to marry - at the expense of aligning 180 million Americans who think that marriage should involve a tux and a dress, worn by the traditional sexes.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Suicide bomber" must be Arabic for "cease fire"

This is how a Palestinian cease-fire looks:

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JERUSALEM - Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz blamed Syria on Saturday for a suicide bombing that killed four Israelis in Tel Aviv, and Israel’s Army Radio reported that he also froze plans to hand over security responsibilities in the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Israeli security officials also said they may resume assassinations of the leaders of the militant Islamic Jihad group, which claimed responsibility Saturday for the bombing. The officials said on condition of anonymity that the recent cease-fire forged with the Palestinians no longer applies to Islamic Jihad, which has links to Syria.
"Cease fire" was never really an accurate description of Israel's decision to suspend military operations on terrorist targets, as Israeli strikes are exclusively intended for terrrorist kingpins, while Palestinian bombings are almost exclusively focused civilians.

I'm happy that Israel will resume their targeted attacks as a response to the umpeenth violation by the Palestinians. Upon successful completion of Israel's right to dust a few more terrorist leaders, expect charges of "terrorism" from Palestinians and "cycle of violence" headlines the MSM.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Even gummi animals need protecting.

If I didn't have a habit of bathing on a regular basis, the sense of normalcy I do and the ability to recognize the moral difference between my cousin an oyster, I'd likely take time away from protesting the war to inadvertently help a candy maker sell more of the candy I'm trying to have them pull from the market, just like this guy:
TRENTON, N.J. - Animal rights activists are disgusted by a new candy from Kraft Foods Inc. that's shaped like critters run over by cars — complete with tire treads.

The fruity-flavored Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy — in shapes of partly flattened snakes, chickens and squirrels — fosters cruelty toward animals, according to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"It sends the wrong message to children, that it's OK to harm animals. And that's the wrong message, especially from a so-called wholesome corporation like Kraft," said society spokesman Matthew Stanton.

The society is considering petition drives, boycotts and letter-writing campaigns to get the candy pulled from the market, Stanton said.

After receiving a complaint from the NJSPCA on Wednesday, Kraft officials pulled an animated advertisement from Trolli's Web site that featured car headlights and animals. No other decisions on changes have been made, said Kraft spokesman Larry Baumann.

"If you look across the Gummi category we certainly have many products that are offbeat, and that's what we were doing in this case," Baumann said. "We didn't mean to offend anyone."
Mr. Stanton, everyone knows that throwing a cat under the wheels of swiftly moving car is a difficult proposition. The cats often bounce off the side of the vehicle or get hung up on the undercarriage and don't result in the traditional "tire tread pattern" the discerning Cat Tossers are looking for. It's much easier to get a squirrel to maneuver itself under your wheels, as my recent escape illustrates.

Mr. Stanton is also incorrect when he says that "it sends the wrong message that it's OK to harm animals," when he should really be worried about the actual message it sends about eating them.

Americans gave $68 billion to illegals in 2002

A study by two Columbia University economists puts a real number on the cost of illegal immigration. Thank you NewsMax:
Using a new approach, Columbia University economists David Weinstein and Donald Davis estimate the net economic losses from immigration to Americans.

Unlike earlier studies, this new model does not treat the movement of immigrant labor into the country simply as a result of abundant resources and demand for labor, assumptions more appropriate to the 19th century.

Rather, the model takes into account globalization, the technological superiority of the American economy, and the resulting high standard of living.

Among the report’s findings:

- In 2002, the net loss to U.S. natives from immigration was $68 billion.

- This $68 billion annual loss represents a $14 billion increase just since 1998. As the size of the immigrant population has continued to increase, so has the loss.

- The decline in wages is relative to the price of goods and services, so the study takes into account any change in consumer prices brought about by immigration.

- The negative effect comes from increases in the supply of labor, and not the legal (or illegal) status of immigrants.

- While natives lose from immigration, the findings show that immigrants themselves benefit substantially by coming to America.

- Those who remain behind in their home countries also benefit from the migration of their countrymen.

Low standards in higher education.

In the perverted universe of academia, a college professor who's called 9/11 victims Nazi's, lied about being a Native American and stealing artwork, still has a tenured position at a publicly funded university.
BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) An exclusive report by CBS4 News indicates embattled University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill may have broken copyright law by making a mirror image of an artist's work and selling it as his own.

Placing Churchill's work beside that of renowned artist Thomas E. Mails and the two look like mirror images. But one is a copyrighted drawing. The other is an autographed print by Churchill.

When CBS4 News reporter Raj Chohan tried to talk to Churchill about a possible copyright infringement, he received an angry response.
Yet, a Harvard professor is rail-roaded by his fellow liberal collegues for asking some provacative questions about possible differences in how men and women think:
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers prompted criticism for suggesting that innate differences between the sexes could help explain why fewer women succeed in science and math careers.

Speaking Friday at an economic conference, Summers also questioned how great a role discrimination plays in keeping female scientists and engineers from advancing at elite universities.

The remarks prompted Massachusetts Institute of Technology biologist Nancy Hopkins -- a Harvard graduate -- to walk out on the talk, the Boston Globe reported.

"It is so upsetting that all these brilliant young women [at Harvard] are being led by a man who views them this way," Hopkins said later.
Unhappy the professor had challenged them to think critically, calls for his resignation and a meeting of his collegues prompted an unnecessary apology, because scientific data shows - hold your breath - that men and women think differently!
There is a reason why many women (not all! but many) have trouble reading maps. The brains of men and women function in markedly different ways, which means they really do think differently, according to researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the University of New Mexico. ...

The human brain--male or female--is composed of about 40 percent gray matter and 60 percent white matter. When given intelligence tests, men used 6.5 times more gray matter than women, while women used nine times as much white matter.

What is the difference between gray matter and white matter? Gray is central to processing information and plays a vital role in aiding skills such as mathematics, map-reading, and intellectual thought. White matter connects the brain's processing centers and is central to emotional thinking, use of language, and the ability to do more than one thing at once. Because women use less gray matter--critical to map-reading--they tend to have more difficulty with this skill than men.

"This may help explain why men tend to excel in tasks requiring more local processing, like mathematics and map-reading, while women tend to excel at integrating information from various brain regions, such as is required for language skills," co-study author and neuropsychologist Rex Jung of the University of New Mexico told the Daily Telegraph. "These two very different pathways and activity centers, however, result in equivalent overall performance on broad measures of cognitive ability, such as those found on intelligence tests."
I don't think Churchill should be fired. I think he'll do conservatives a much bigger favor if he doesn't become a liberal martyr. Although the wails would be misplaced, his ousting would be called "censorship" and a glut of whatever the liberal word of the day happens to be.

Prof Summers will stay, but don't expect he or any other Harvard professor to challenge students or faculty to think. With feelings that counter immutable evidence as their guide, university group-think will prevail.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Marine will not be punished for doing his job.

You'll remember video in November shot by NBC that showed a Marine doing what Marines do when they've a.) been fired on by an enemy in a mosque b.) had a comrade blown up the day before by a dead body packet with explosives c.) are at war d.) with an irregular enemy not in uniform - he killed the enemy.

Shocked that sometimes Marines kill bad guys who aren't standing up, some furor insued and Leftist illusions of 'war crimes' was bandied about. There was some concern by reasonable people that this Marine would be prosecuted for doing his job. I was.

The Beeb reports that he won't.
A US marine filmed apparently shooting dead an injured Iraqi in a Falluja mosque last year may not be formally charged, according to media reports.
Military investigators have concluded there is not enough evidence to prosecute over the shooting, US television network CBS news says.
The justified killing of an enemy slug in Iraq is sure to get a more thorough investigation than 60 minutes and Dan Rather ever got.

Bush visit prompts demonstration in Germany - of support.

Pictures and commentary of a Pro-Bush demonstration in Germany. Thanks LGF.
Davids Medienkritik and Medienkritik Online began the effort to put together a demonstration in Mainz, Germany little more than a week ago. The result was an incredible success that received enormous media coverage. The rally was well coordinated with local authorities and despite large groups of hostile counter demonstrators, everyone who attended felt safe and was able to express their views fully. Everything went off without a hitch. Those attending our rally were interviewed by virtually every major German television station and newspaper.

It's not like he'll be playing any less.

Randy Moss is likely to be traded to Oakland.

Moss said in a statement, "Hey, it's not like I'll be playing any less for the Vikings when I become a Raider."

S.D. Supreme Court agrees that Randy Scott is dead.

I mention this story because it involves one of my passions - motorcycles. South Dakota's Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Congressman Janklow, the serial bad-driver in the death of Randy Scott.
PIERRE, S.D. -— Bill Janklow's attempt to clear his name and record suffered a major setback today when South Dakota's highest court upheld his 2003 manslaughter and reckless driving convictions in the death of a Minnesota motorcyclist.

In a decision released this morning by the South Dakota Supreme Court, judges ruled that the 65-year-old former congressman and four-term governor received a fair trial when a jury found him guilty in December 2003 of second-degree manslaughter and reckless driving in the death four months earlier of Randy Scott, 55, a cattle rancher from Hardwick, Minn.

The court also ruled that there was enough evidence presented at trial to convict him.
Was there ever a doubt that 70 mph in a 55, a disobeyed stop-sign, a totaled motorcycle and a dead body wouldn't have been enough evidence?

Looking Terror in the Eye

Thanks LGF. Michael Tuohey stared terror in the face on 9/11. It's an example of what happens when laws and [get]ACLU[e] terrorism prevent people from doing their jobs.
MICHAEL Tuohey "stared the devil in the eyes and didn't recognize him."

Now he kicks himself for not having acted, although if he had, our government probably would've punished him for trying to take the devil down.

Until recently, Tuohey worked the ticket counter at the airport in Portland, Maine, first for Allegheny Airlines, and then its successor, US Airways. He'll never forget one particular day of his 34 years of employment.

It began like any other. This married Army vet had a routine. He'd wake up at 3:30 a.m. and walk to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee from the machine he'd pre-set the night before. Then he'd flicked on the TV, watch some CNN and check the weather forecast. After feeding his cat, he'd jump in his car for the 15-minute drive to work.

On most days, the big rush would come 6-7:30 a.m. That's when the tiny Maine airport would be abuzz with travelers heading for connecting flights in Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh. But it's what happened at 5:43 a.m. on a particular day that he replays in his mind over and over.

At that time on a Tuesday, two men wearing sport coats and ties approached his counter with just 17 minutes to spare before their flight to Boston. (Tuohey now knows they'd stayed the night before at the Comfort Inn down the road.) And he suspects they arrived late to take advantage of an airline system that was then "more concerned about on-time departure than effective screening."

He thought the pair were unusual. First, they each held a $2,500 first-class, one-way ticket to Los Angeles (via Boston). "You don't see many of those."

The second reason is not so easy to explain.

"It was just the look on the one man's face, his eyes," Tuohey recently told me.

"By now, everyone in America has seen a picture of this man, but there is more life in that photograph we've all seen than he had in the flesh and blood. He looked like a walking corpse. He looked so angry. And he wouldn't look directly at me."

The man was Mohamed Atta. The other fellow ("he was young and had a goofy smile, I can't believe he knew he was going to die that day") was Abdul Aziz al Omari. Michael Tuohey is the individual who checked them in at the Portland airport as they began their murderous journey.

"I looked up, and asked them the standard questions. The one guy was looking at me. It sent a chill through me. Something in my stomach churned. And subconsciously, I said to myself, 'If they don't look like Arab terrorists, nothing does.' "

"Then I gave myself a mental slap. In over 34 years, I had checked in thousands of Arab travelers, and I never thought this before. I said to myself, 'That's not nice to think. They are just two Arab businessmen.' " And with that, Tuohey handed them their boarding passes.

As they walked through the metal detectors, out of his sight, the jackets and ties were gone. Now the two were wearing open-neck dress shirts when they went through security.

Atta and Omari arrived in Boston at 6:45 a.m., where they were joined by Satam al Suqami, Wail al Shehri and Waleed al Shehri. The five then checked in, and boarded American Airlines Flight 11 for L.A. The flight was scheduled to depart at 7:45 a.m. It actually left at 7:59. At 8:46, it hit the North Tower.

Back in Portland, Tuohey, got word of the crash.

"One of the agents from another airline said, 'Did you hear what happened in New York?'... I said, 'Oh, my God!' - and I was sorry I had judged them. I thought it was an accident."

But at 9:03 a.m., when United Airlines No. 175 hit the South Tower, Tuohey knew his first instinct had been correct.

"As soon as someone told me news of the second flight, I had a knot in my stomach."

And here's the irony.

While Michael Tuohey still second-guesses himself about his conduct on that day, the reality is that, had he taken action, he probably would have been punished by our government!

Consider that in the aftermath of 9/11, American, United, Continental and Delta airlines were fined millions of dollars by the Department of Transportation for instances where the DOT believed airline employees had factored race, gender, ethnicity, religion or appearance into security-screening decisions.

Worst of all, that remains government policy. Airline employees in this country are still told in their training that they can never take into consideration the race or religion of a passenger when making judgments about suspicious behavior. This, despite that all 19 on 9/11 had those characteristics in common!

Tuohey didn't learn of the fines until he read my book, "Flying Blind." Now he gets it.

"Here you have an industry in mortal peril, and you are fining them for political correctness?" asks Tuohey.

We need more like this guy.
Airline employees still "can't take race of religion into consideration?" What's more useful than the two most important factors? Shoe size? Underwear style? Type of hair gel? Deodorant?

We'll be a lot more safe when we get a lot more serious.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Letter to the President

Mr. President,

Thank you for both the Christmas card and the hand written letter of thanks for my diligent work on your campaign.

Sir, I’m having a tough time with the Guest Worker Program and will do so for the permanent future. While identifying who’s in our country is better than the complete anonymity of the current non-system, “guest workers” aren’t the people we’re worried about committing acts of radical Muslim terrorism. The people we’re worried about infiltrating the U.S. won’t be standing in line to get themselves photographed and identified.

Already over-burdened by the 3.5 million illegal Mexicans and more alarmingly the 65,814 non-Mexicans arrested in 2004, our border patrol’s primary duty has been subverted by the overwhelming influx of those who are coming for their prize. Just having mentioned the Guest Worker program as a possibility has increased the number of illegals who’re anticipating its passage.

Most are without insurance and use emergency rooms for primary care. Many use social services without doing their documented financial part. 33% of jailed inmates are illegal immigrants and street gangs are being recruited by terrorist organizations. Jobs that “Americans won’t do” are such because the wages have been driven down by cheap labor. “Sancturary laws” prevent the current reasonable legal recourse of arrest and deportation.

While illegal immigrants are understandably coming here for a better life, the quality of life for Americans and those who legally wait their turn has been diminished and will continue to do so until the penalty for entering illegally out-weighs the advantages of successful illegal arrival.

A full border fence and thrust behind arrest and deportation are the only sensible (and far less costly) controls for our current problem.

Sir, please don’t use your capital to support something that puts our economy and safety in further peril, the Guest Worker Program.

Best Regards,

[Omitted my full name and address for this post]

Our Saudi buddies.

Regarding the naughty jihadi charged with a plot to murder President Bush, LGF has background on the 'high school' that Ali was valedictorian.
Mainstream media identified Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the US citizen charged with conspiring to assassinate President Bush, as “a former Virginia high school valedictorian.” Sounds pretty respectable, eh?

What they didn’t tell you: he was valedictorian of the American madrassa known as the Islamic Saudi Academy, and his father worked at the Royal Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, DC. Rusty Shackleford has details: Terrorist Son of Saudi Embassy Worker Attended Saudi Run School.
He attended the Islamic Saudi Academy and graduated as valedictorian.

The private school's teachings have come under scrutiny since the Sept. 11 attacks. Federal court documents in a case against another academy graduate suspected of terrorism indicate that student discussions following Sept. 11 took an anti-American bent and that some students considered the attacks legitimate "payback" for American mistreatment of the Muslim world.

Last year, the school also faced criticism for using textbooks that taught first-graders that Judaism and Christianity are false religions.
Tolerance. Peace.

Was it worth it? Part XXIV

Thanks to CQ:
The leader of this Lebanese intifada [for independence from Syria] is Walid Jumblatt, the patriarch of the Druze Muslim community and, until recently, a man who accommodated Syria's occupation. But something snapped for Jumblatt last year, when the Syrians overruled the Lebanese constitution and forced the reelection of their front man in Lebanon, President Emile Lahoud. The old slogans about Arab nationalism turned to ashes in Jumblatt's mouth, and he and Hariri openly began to defy Damascus...

"It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq," explains Jumblatt. "I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world." Jumblatt says this spark of democratic revolt is spreading. "The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it."
Much more encouraging news like this and it may start to look like Bush is on to something.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Would he prefer non-Christian Purveyors of Violence against non-radical Muslims?

I'm not sure that Charlie Rangel isn't on the payroll of the NYC chapter of CAIR. How else do you explain his echoing of exactly the kind inability to call a terrorist a terrorist that has rightly shown the Democrats to be flaccid in the war on radical Islam?
Top House Democrat Charlie Rangel said Tuesday that it was an act of discrimination to label groups like Hezbollah "Islamic terrorists."

Asked about the refusal by some European governments to declare Hezbollah an Islamic terror group, Rangel told WWRL's Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter, "To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it's bigoted, it is not the right thing to say."

Rangel even questioned whether, in fact, a worldwide Islamic terrorist movement even existed, saying, "We just take for granted that there is an Islamic terror movement because we do have some fanatic people who come from Islamic countries."

The Harlem Democrat complained: "When we had the Ku Klux Klan we didn't call them Baptist terrorists. When Hitler was killing Jews, we didn't call it Christian terrorists."

Rangel said Americans needed to realize "that a lot of countries may be poor, but they still have pride. And that is one thing that we completely ignore."
I love liberal analogies. The KKK isn't necessarily made of Baptists and Hitler was a pagan. Any other deep thoughts, Mr. Rangel?

Being a "top House Democrat" obviously requires little more than a pulse and slow reflexes. Chuck, you're partially right on the point about "taking for granted that there is an Islamist terror movement," and they just lost in November by a few million votes.

What does it say about New York when for 35 years they've kept a man in office more concerned with the feelings of those who aren't Arab Muslim terrorists and lecturing us on having the moral clarity to do so?

Iraq has its own great news.

Thanks to Powerline for pointing to this:
U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers are conducting secret talks with Iraq's Sunni insurgents on ways to end fighting there, Time magazine reported on Sunday, citing Pentagon and other sources.
The magazine cited a secret meeting between two members of the U.S. military and an Iraqi negotiator, a middle-aged former member of Saddam Hussein's regime and the senior representative of what he called the nationalist insurgency.

"We are ready to work with you," the Iraqi negotiator said, according to Time.

Iraqi insurgent leaders not aligned with al Qaeda ally Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi told the magazine several nationalist groups composed of what the Pentagon calls "former regime elements" have become open to negotiating. The insurgents said their aim was to establish a political identity that can represent disenfranchised Sunnis.
Once called the dead-enders, former Ba'athist employees have a more practical stake in Iraq than they do an ideology of world domination. Their anti-democratic behavior in Iraq was more for political survival and reflexive opposition in the face of a major Shiite population. Now that the Shiites have pledged to invite the Sunnis, who regret having boycotted the elections, the Ba'athists are beginning to understand that their future in Iraq's politics is much more attractive than their future at the business end of the coalition.

Great news from Afghanistan.

Thanks to CQ for pointing this out.
One of the Taliban's most senior and charismatic commanders has become a key negotiator as more and more members of the Islamic militia in Afghanistan give up the fight against the Americans.

The commander, Abdul Salam, earned the nickname Mullah Rockety because he was so accurate with rocket propelled grenades against Russian troops.

He later joined the Taliban as a corps commander in Jalalabad before being captured by the Americans after September 11.

Now he is a supporter of President Hamid Karzai and is tempting diehard Taliban fighters to accept an amnesty offer and reconcile themselves to Afghanistan's first directly elected leader.

"The Taliban has lost its morale," he said, speaking by satellite phone from the heartlands of Zabul province, a Taliban redoubt.

"But you have to go and find the Taliban and call to them and ask them directly. If they believe they will be secure and safe they will come down from the mountains."

After the Taliban's three-year struggle against a superior US force, there is growing optimism among the Americans and Afghan government that the end is close.

Liberal feeling vs. Judeo-Christian values

Today's Dennis Prager column is my favorite thus far. Treat yourself to it:
With the decline of the authority of Judeo-Christian values in the West, many people stopped looking to external sources of moral standards in order to decide what is right and wrong. Instead of being guided by God, the Bible and religion, great numbers -- in Western Europe, the great majority -- have looked elsewhere for moral and social guidelines.

For many millions in the twentieth century, those guidelines were provided by Marxism, Communism, Fascism or Nazism. For many millions today, those guidelines are … feelings. With the ascendancy of leftist values that has followed the decline of Judeo-Christian religion, personal feelings have supplanted universal standards. In fact, feelings are the major unifying characteristic among contemporary liberal positions.

Aside from reliance on feelings, how else can one explain a person who believes, let alone proudly announces on a bumper sticker, that "War is not the answer"? I know of no comparable conservative bumper sticker that is so demonstrably false and morally ignorant. Almost every great evil has been solved by war -- from slavery in America to the Holocaust in Europe. Auschwitz was liberated by soldiers making war, not by pacifists who would have allowed the Nazis to murder every Jew in Europe.

The entire edifice of moral relativism, a foundation of leftist ideology, is built on the notion of feelings deciding right and wrong. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

The animals-and-humans-are-equivalent movement is based entirely on feelings. People see chickens killed and lobsters boiled, feel for the animals, and shortly thereafter abandon thought completely, and equate chicken and lobster suffering to that of a person under the same circumstances.

The unprecedented support of liberals for radically redefining the basic institution of society, marriage and the family is another a product of feelings -- sympathy for homosexuals. Thinking through the effects of such a radical redefinition on society and its children is not a liberal concern.

The "self-esteem movement" -- now conceded to have been a great producer of mediocrity and narcissism -- was entirely a liberal invention based on feelings for kids.

The liberal preoccupation with whether America is loved or hated is also entirely feelings-based. The Left wants to be loved; the conservative wants to do what is right and deems world opinion fickle at best and immoral at worst.

Sexual harassment laws have created a feelings-industrial complex. The entire concept of "hostile work environment" is feelings based. If one woman resents a swimsuit calendar on a co-worker's desk, laws have now been passed whose sole purpose is to protect her from having uncomfortable feelings.

For liberals, the entire worth of the human fetus is determined by the mother's feelings. If she feels the nascent human life she is carrying is worth nothing, it is worth nothing. If she feels it is infinitely precious, it is infinitely precious.

Almost everything is affected by liberal feelings. For example, liberal opposition to calling a Christmas party by its rightful name is based on liberals' concern that non-Christians will feel bad. And for those liberals, nothing else matters -- not the legitimate desire of the vast majority of Americans to celebrate their holiday, let alone the narcissism of those non-Christians "offended" by a Christmas party.

And why do liberals continue to endorse race-based affirmative action at universities despite the mounting evidence that it hurts blacks more than it helps? Again, a major reason is feelings -- sympathy for blacks and the historic racism African-Americans have endured.

Very often, liberals are far more concerned with purity of motive than with moral results. That's why so many liberals still oppose the liberation of Iraq -- so what if Iraqis risk their lives to vote? It's George W. Bush's motives that liberals care about, not spreading liberty in the Arab world.

Elevating motives above results is a significant part of liberalism. What matters is believing that one is well intentioned -- that one cares for the poor, hates racism, loathes inequality and loves peace. Bi-lingual education hurts Latino children. But as a compassionate person -- and "compassionate" is the self-definition of most liberals -- that is not the liberal's real concern. His concern is with an immigrant child's uncomfortable feelings when first immersed in English.

Reliance on feelings in determining one's political and social positions is the major reason young people tend to have liberal/left positions -- they feel passionately but do not have the maturity to question those passions. It is also one reason women, especially single women, are more liberal than men -- it is women's nature to rely on emotions when making decisions. (For those unused to anything but adulation directed at the female of the human species, let me make it clear that men, too, cannot rely on their nature, which leans toward settling differences through raw physical power. Both sexes have a lot of self-correcting to do.)

To be fair, feelings also play a major role in many conservatives' beliefs. Patriotism is largely a feeling; religious faith is filled with emotion, and religion has too often been dictated by emotion. But far more conservative positions are based on "What is right?" rather than on "How do I feel?" That is why a religious woman who is pregnant but does not wish to be is far less likely to have an abortion than a secular woman in the same circumstances. Her values are higher than her feelings. And that, in a nutshell, is what our culture war is about -- Judeo-Christian values versus liberal/leftist feelings.

Naughty little Abu Ali.

Standard operating procedure, as outlined in the al-Qaeda How-to Handbook, requires that if captured by the enemy, claim torture. Even when you're indicted for a plot to murder the President of the United States.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - A former Virginia high school valedictorian who had been detained in Saudi Arabia as a suspected terrorist was charged Tuesday with conspiring to assassinate President Bush and with supporting the al-Qaida terrorist network.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 23, a U.S. citizen, made an initial appearance Tuesday in U.S. District Court but did not enter a plea. He claimed that he was tortured while detained in Saudi Arabia since June of 2003 and offered through his lawyer to show the judge his scars.

The federal indictment said that in 2002 and 2003 Abu Ali and an unidentified co-conspirator discussed plans for Abu Ali to assassinate Bush. They discussed two scenarios, the indictment said, one in which Abu Ali "would get close enough to the president to shoot him on the street" and, alternatively, "an operation in which Abu Ali would detonate a car bomb."

According to the indictment, Abu Ali obtained a religious blessing from another unidentified co-conspirator to assassinate the president.

More than 100 supporters of Abu Ali crowded the courtroom and laughed when the charge was read aloud alleging that he conspired to assassinate Bush.

When Abu Ali asked to speak, U.S. Magistrate Liam O'Grady suggested he consult with his attorney, Ashraf Nubani.

"He was tortured," Nubani told the court. "He has the evidence on his back. He was whipped. He was handcuffed for days at a time."

When Nubani offered to show the judge his back, O'Grady said that Abu Ali might be able to enter that as evidence on Thursday at a detention hearing.

"I can assure you you will not suffer any torture or humiliation while in the (U.S.) marshals' custody," O'Grady said.

Abu Ali is charged with six counts and would face a maximum of 80 years in prison if convicted.
For the next 6-8 months, expect the usual from CAIR, as silly statements about unfair discrimination, arrest and incarceration will punctuate the proceedings of a very serious crime. Be ready for Ali's friends and family - the same ones who "laughed when the charges were read" - to continue their absurdity by telling us "he's not a terrorist."

Monday, February 21, 2005

With friends like that, who needs Democrats?

Tired of his yearly Christmas card from the Whitehouse, a "friend" of George Bush has removed himself from the President's Christmas card list.
Feb. 21, 2005 — The friend of the Bush family who secretly recorded nine hours of conversations with George W. Bush says he never intended for the tapes to become public but felt he had a duty to accurately represent a man who he believed would one day become president.

Doug Wead, the author of the new book "The Raising of a President," surreptitiously recorded his conversations with Bush beginning in 1998, when Bush was governor of Texas and considering a run for president.

"I didn't do it for money. I could sell the tapes even now for tremendous amounts of money," Wead said in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America," adding, "I didn't do it to sell books." Wead said his publisher wanted him to release his book during the 2004 presidential campaign so it could benefit from sales to Bush supporters, but he refused. "My publicist told me at the time, 'That cost you a million dollars,'" Wead said.
Let's see. New book written by a nobody + secretly recorded tapes = something other than "trying to sell books?" My Crapometer has shifted into max overdrive. When someone says, "I'm not doing this to sell books," it means that they're trying to appear noble and dignified, after violating a boundary they know they shouldn't, in order to sell books.

And the bombshell uncovered in the tapes? George Bush is the same man in public as he is in private. I'm pleased to know he's not just playing a cowboy on TV.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Former Pentagon adviser assuaulted with shoe by non-Republican

With the class and sophistication of a 6 year-old, a non-Republican assaults a former Pentagon adviser with what has been described as a "shockingly small" weapon. The link to the video is here.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Howard Dean, the newly minted leader of the Democratic Party, and former Pentagon adviser Richard Perle made clear their opposing views on the war in Iraq during a debate marred by a protester who tossed a shoe at Perle.

Perle had just started his comments Thursday when a protester threw a shoe at him before being dragged away, screaming, "Liar! Liar!"

Perle, who was Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's top policy adviser, was a key architect of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and Dean is among the war's most prominent opponents.
Liberal even-temperment is the first time the two have appeared in the same sentence.

Greenpeace gets a beat-down.

LGF has a story on what happens when Greenpeace protesters storm a building of oil traders - and I love it!
WHEN 35 Greenpeace protesters stormed the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) yesterday they had planned the operation in great detail. What they were not prepared for was the post-prandial aggression of oil traders who kicked and punched them back on to the pavement.

“We bit off more than we could chew. They were just Cockney barrow boy spivs. Total thugs,” one protester said, rubbing his bruised skull. “I’ve never seen anyone less amenable to listening to our point of view.”

Another said: “I took on a Texan Swat team at Esso last year and they were angels compared with this lot.” Behind him, on the balcony of the pub opposite the IPE, a bleary-eyed trader, pint in hand, yelled: “Sod off, Swampy.”

Greenpeace had hoped to paralyse oil trading at the exchange in the City near Tower Bridge on the day that the Kyoto Protocol came into force. “The Kyoto Protocol has modest aims to improve the climate and we need huge aims,” a spokesman said.

Protesters conceded that mounting the operation after lunch may not have been the best plan. “The violence was instant,” Jon Beresford, 39, an electrical engineer from Nottingham, said. “They grabbed us and started kicking and punching. Then when we were on the floor they tried to push huge filing cabinets on top of us to crush us.”

When a trader left the building shortly before 2pm, using a security swipe card, a protester dropped some coins on the floor and, as he bent down to pick them up, put his boot in the door to keep it open. Two minutes later, three Greenpeace vans pulled up and another 30 protesters leapt out and were let in by the others.

They made their way to the trading floor, blowing whistles and sounding fog horns, encountering little resistance from security guards. Rape alarms were tied to helium balloons to float to the ceiling and create noise out of reach. The IPE conducts “open outcry” trading where deals are shouted across the pit. By making so much noise, the protesters hoped to paralyse trading.

But they were set upon by traders, most of whom were under the age of 25. “They were kicking and punching men and women indiscriminately,” a photographer said. “It was really ugly, but Greenpeace did not fight back.”

Mr Beresford said: “They followed the guys into the lobby and kept kicking and punching them there. They literally kicked them on to the pavement.”

Last night Greenpeace said two protesters were in hospital, one with a suspected broken jaw, the other with concussion.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Something you never knew about Jimmy Carter

From Power Line:

We've been pretty tough on Jimmy Carter, but with hindsight, probably not tough enough. If you search our site for "Jimmy Carter," you'll find all of his disgraceful acts that we've commented upon. His history is a sorry one: he started out as a Midshipman and served honorably in the Navy. But at some point, his leftist politics took hold and he started aligning himself with America's enemies. The turning point, I think, came here:
Soviet diplomatic accounts and material from the archives show that in January 1984 former President Jimmy Carter dropped by Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin's residence for a private meeting.

Carter expressed his concern about and opposition to Reagan's defense buildup. He boldly told Dobrynin that Moscow would be better off with someone else in the White House. If Reagan won, he warned, "There would not be a single agreement on arms control, especially on nuclear arms, as long as Reagan remained in power."

Using the Russians to influence the presidential election was nothing new for Carter.

Schweizer reveals Russian documents that show that in the waning days of the 1980 campaign, the Carter White House dispatched businessman Armand Hammer to the Soviet Embassy.

Hammer was a longtime Soviet-phile, and he explained to the Soviet ambassador that Carter was "clearly alarmed" at the prospect of losing to Reagan.

Hammer pleaded with the Russians for help. He asked if the Kremlin could expand Jewish emigration to bolster Carter's standing in the polls.

"Carter won't forget that service if he is elected," Hammer told Dobrynin.
Conspiring with our chief enemy to try to influence an American Presidential election: We could have called that treason, but we didn't. You can form your own opinion.

In more recent years, Carter has never met an anti-American dictator he didn't like. Whether it was Castro, Ortega, Arafat...whoever. And he used the occasion of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to attack the current American government...just as those who awarded the prize had expected. No class.

And most recently, of course, he invited the execrable Michael Moore to sit with him in the former President's box at the Democratic National Convention. Moore is best known for calling Iraq's terrorists, who take sadistic delight in capturing innocent people and decapitating them on camera, that country's "Minutemen," and gleefully predicting that they would defeat the armed forces of the United States. Carter's public embrace of Moore can only be seen as an endorsement of his views. That puts Carter squarely "on the other side."

Jimmy Carter is a disgrace. We've said so before, and we'll continue saying so as long as he merits the criticism. If you want to learn more, read Steven Hayward's book The Real Jimmy Carter.

Here is a brief excerpt from an interview with Mr. Hayward about the wretched former President:
Carter panted after the Nobe Peace Prize for years, seeing it as a means of gaining official redemption for his humiliation at the hands of the voters in 1980. He lobbied quietly behind the scenes for years to get the prize, and finally met with success in 2002 when the left-wing Nobel Prize committee saw an opportunity to use Carter as a way of attacking President Bush and embarrassing the United States. The head of the Nobel Prize committee openly admitted that this was their motivation in selecting Carter. Any other ex-president would have refused to be a part of such an obvious anti-American intrigue, but not Jimmy. Here we should observe that Carter conceives himself much more as a citizen of the world than as a citizen of the United States, and I think it is highly revealing that Carter is most popular overseas in those nations that hate America the most, such as Syria, where they lined the streets cheering for Carter when he visited.
Yes, I think we've been much too kind to Mr. Carter.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Navy submarine to be named after Nobel Prize wiener.

The Navy has a great sense of humor having named a nuclear submarine after a President who'd rather we had none:
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy will commission its newest nuclear-powered attack submarine Jimmy Carter Feb. 19, during an 11 a.m. EST ceremony at Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, Conn.

The attack submarine Jimmy Carter honors the 39th president of the United States.

President Carter is the only U.S. president to have qualified in submarines. He has distinguished himself by a lifetime of public service, and has long ties to the Navy and the submarine force. Carter graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946, served as a commissioned officer aboard submarines, and served as commander-in-chief from 1977 to 1981. Carter's statesmanship, philanthropy and sense of humanity earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.
I was a little angry with the Navy's decision, thinking that a sub and it's name should evoke feelings of patriotism, strength and validity - "Jimmy Carter" does none of those things. Every time I hear the name now, I think of his "guest of honor" at the Democratic National convention - Michael Moore.

Naming one of te most powerful instruments of war after a man awarded with a Nobel Peace prize for never having shown any muscle makes me giggle in a couple ways. First, with Iran, Syria and North Korea determined to step up their antagonism of the world, invisible platforms with which to bring fission-powered pain are very important, especially if it launches on NK and the despotic thug that Carter allowed to build nukes because the ink on the Koyoto treaty wasn't a strong enough deterrent. Or, what a story it would be if, "Jimmy Carter launches nuclear missle that demolishes Iranian nuclear facility, bringing the mullahs to their knees, harkening memories of the hostages who were freed the day Jimmy Carter was succeeded by President Regan."

Secondly, what could be a better metaphor for Jimmy Carter's legacy if Jimmy Carter the sub has a life not unlike the life of most subs - supreme firepower that goes unused.

Bombs to fall on Iran by September, 2005

Iran is pulling out of the slipstream of North Korea's recent announcement to take the lead position in the Axis:
LONDON (Reuters) - Israel said on Wednesday arch-foe Iran was just six months away from having the knowledge to build an atomic bomb, as Tehran accused the United States of using satellites "and other tools" to spy on its nuclear site.

The Israeli warning followed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's call last week for Iran to abandon any pursuit of nuclear weapons and meet its international obligations if it was to be sure of avoiding conflict.

"The question is not if the Iranians will have a nuclear bomb in 2009, 10 or 11, the main question is when are they going to have the knowledge to do it," Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on a visit to London.

"We believe in six months from today they will end all the tests and experiments they are doing to have that knowledge."

The chief of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency said in January Iran would have the capability to produce enriched uranium, which can be used in both power stations and nuclear bombs, by the end of 2005.
Having proven that dropping bombs on nuclear facilities is the best way to prevent a country from ever making them, Israel may take the lead on reversing Iran's momentum towards nukes. This won't be without tremendous consequence. Now that Iran and Syria are publicly assuring the world that they have each other's backs, things are look like they could get really ugly really quick.

Next-door nukes is an unacceptable develpment if you're Israel. The first mushroom cloud created by and mullah nuke would likely be Tel Aviv. One has to wonder if this strangely developing story had anything to do with an Iranian test run that ended in a mistake.

Fallujah was a more important than originally thought.

From a friend of Roger L. Simon, Michael Ledeen:
Our victory in Fallujah has had enormous consequences, first of all because the information we gathered there has made it possible to capture or kill considerable numbers of terrorists and their leaders. It also sent a chill through the spinal column of the terror network, because it exposed the lie at the heart of their global recruitment campaign. As captured terrorists have told the region on Iraqi television and radio, they signed up for jihad because they had been told that the anti-American crusade in Iraq was a great success, and they wanted to participate in the slaughter of the Jews, crusaders, and infidels. But when they got to Iraq - and discovered that the terrorist leaders immediately confiscated their travel documents so that they could not escape their terrible destiny - they saw that the opposite was true. The slaughter - of which Fallujah was the inescapable proof - was that of the jihadists at the hands of the joint coalition and Iraqi forces.

Thirdly, the brilliant maneuvers of the Army and Marine forces in Fallujah produced strategic surprise. The terrorists expected an attack from the south, and when we suddenly smashed into the heart of the city from the north, they panicked and ran, leaving behind a treasure trove of information, subsequently augmented by newly cooperative would-be martyrs. Above all, the intelligence from Fallujah - and I have this from military people recently returned from the city - documented in enormous detail the massive involvement of the governments of Syria and Iran in the terror war in Iraq. And the high proportion of Saudi "recruits" among the jihadists leaves little doubt that the folks in Riyadh are, at a minimum, not doing much to stop the flow of fanatical Wahhabis from the south.

Thus, the great force of the democratic revolution is now in collision with the firmly rooted tyrannical objects in Tehran, Damascus, and Riyadh. In one of history's fine little ironies, the "Arab street," long considered our mortal enemy, now threatens Muslim tyrants, and yearns for support from us. That is our immediate task.

Send Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel to supervise the vote. Let the contending parties compete openly and freely, let newspapers publish, let radios and televisions broadcast, fully supported by the free nations. If the mullahs accept this gauntlet, I have every confidence that Iran will be on the path to freedom within months. If, fearing a massive rejection from their own people, the tyrants of Tehran reject a free referendum and reassert their repression, then the free nations will know it is time to deploy the full panoply of pressure to enable the Iranians to gain their freedom.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Drudge reports on tomorrow's New York Observer:
THE NEW YORK OBSERVER will report tomorrow: 'Former 60 Minutes Wednesday executive editor Josh Howard has told colleagues that before he resigns, the 23-year CBS News veteran will demand that the network retract remarks by CBS president Leslie Moonves, correct its official story line and ultimately clear his name'...

In the event of a lawsuit, Mr. Howard has told associates that he would like to see Moonves put under oath to talk about his own roles in the network's stubborn, hapless defense of the flawed segment on President Bush's National Guard service.

Howard has also indicated to colleagues that he would subpoena specific CBS documents, including the e-mails of top executives.

This is what happens when the guilty parties aren't the ones who take the fall. As a matter of principal and with the likely knowledge their case would hold up in court, the scapegoats have lawyered-up in order to fight for their jobs. They obviously feel - as Howard will allege - that the wrongdoing goes all the way to the tip-top. Moonves? Rather?

Should be a fun rest of the week.

Even he's sick of it.

MJ to the ER:
SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Superstar Michael Jackson was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital Tuesday and admitted for the flu, delaying jury selection another week in his child molestation trial.
Even Michael isn't immune to getting sick of his trial.

Leading Iraq Sunnis say they regret not voting.

Thanks to CQ for posting this story from the Guardian.
Iraq's Arab Sunnis will do a U-turn and join the political process despite their lack of representation in the newly elected national assembly, Sunni leaders said yesterday.

All three blocs have promised to reach out to the Sunnis, who comprise a fifth of the population but won just a handful of seats because of low turnouts in their areas. This will soon be tested as parties forge alliances and tussle for government posts, including that of prime minister and president.

Secular Sunni leaders yesterday accepted the victors' invitation to participate, potentially draining support from the insurgency.

"We can't say it was wise or logical to not participate; it was an emotional decision," said Mr Samaray. "Now the Sunni community faces the fact that it made a big mistake and that it would have been far better to participate."

His party, the main Sunni group since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, was in talks with Kurds and Shias. He added: "The Sunni community will accept to share this country with others. They do not need to dominate."
No civil war. No alienation or isolation of any groups. Any more predictions, Sen. Kennedy?

Syria to join Axis?

In response to the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the U.S. no longer has an ambassador with a Syrian address:
WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States has recalled its ambassador to Syria amid rising tensions over the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri of Lebanon.

Before departing, U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey delivered a stern note, called a demarche in diplomatic parlance, to the Syrian government, said an official who discussed the situation only on grounds of anonymity.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, announcing the move, said it reflected the Bush administration's "profound outrage" over Hariri's assassination.
We had an ambassador in Syria this whole time? I'd have gotten that wrong on a quiz show. It doesn't take a genius to figure out Syria was involved in Hariri's murder, it just takes someone who isn't Syrian:
Syria denies any role and condemned the bombings. It also denies supporting terrorism and says it is doing its best to control its long desert border with Iraq to prevent the flow of foreign insurgents, supplies and funds.
Denial isn't just the punchline to a stupid joke.

British newspaper pats self on back for making train travel less safe.

Police are trained to look for things that are out of place, as the inquiry into suspicious irregularities has proven one of the most effective policing tools. Think video-taping bridges, loitering in federal buildings or mass transit stations for example. Random checks of train passengers in Britain have consisted of immigration status checks or simply asking for ID. But because the Times of London concerns themselves more with constant comfort of law-breakers, they're patting themselves on the back for "uncovering" what has been an effective and necessary practice P9/11. In another case of "civil liberties" trumping common sense, there's a new protocol in town:
Random immigration checks on Tube passengers have been banned by Underground chiefs after they were exposed by the Evening Standard.

We revealed how dozens of police and immigration officers at a time swooped on stations and asked foreign-sounding commuters to justify their presence in Britain.

And after we uncovered the practice last summer, unhappy Tube chiefs have told the Home Office and police that their officers will no longer be allowed to carry out the raids.

The sides are still in talks but already the number of operations has been cut and the Immigration Service has agreed to curb the way its officers work.

Crucially, under the new rules only people suspected of being faredodgers, drug-dealers or other lawbreakers may be quizzed on their immigration status.

Passengers who follow the rules cannot be questioned.

A London Underground spokesman said: "We have established a protocol that no random checks should happen. As a result, the Immigration Service will only work with police as part of preplanned, intelligence-led operations.

I'm sure they just need to pay some bills.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided to un-freeze the bank accounts of the world's most active terrorists:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to unfreeze Hamas funds held in a number of Palestinian banks, Palestinian sources in Gaza City said Monday.

The sources said Hamas leaders who met with Abbas last Saturday raised the subject, urging him to rescind an earlier decision to freeze the funds.

They said Abbas accepted the Hamas request and decided to release the funds, including a private bank account belonging to slain Hamas leader and founder Ahmed Yassin.

One source said the move was taken to encourage Hamas to abide by the truce declared by Abbas recently. He noted that Hamas was facing a severe financial crisis as a result of the decision to freeze its funds.
"Truce" must mean something entirely different in Hebrew. I understand it to mean that both sides abide by the commitment to stop a certain something. The 'Palestinian' translation seems to mean that you keep shelling and shooting Israelis and then get rewarded for it by having access to the money you'll use to mount larger attacks while Israel (foolishly) abides by the terms of the "cease-fire."

Although the Hamas helped the "Palestinians" violate the 'cease-fire' within a handful of hours after the agreement, I'm going to trust that Hamas is just going to write some checks for overdue utility bills or mortgage payments. There's really no reason to suspect that in the next 10 days Hamas will hit the ATM and go on a shopping spree at the Explosives Depot, right?

Bringin' it.

The Democrats are determined to learn nothing from past experience - and they're quite good at it. If the nuclear option of changing the rules of a filibuster becomes necessary, the Republicans are correctly ready to 'bring it!'
President Bush officially resubmitted to the Senate yesterday 20 judicial nominees, including seven U.S. Circuit Court nominees whom Democrats filibustered in the last Congress.

"I'm pleased that the president has renominated these excellent women and men to serve on the federal bench," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican. "I'm hopeful that Democrats will work with me to get up-or-down votes on each nominee," he said.

Mr. Frist said he hoped to confirm the nominees, or at least give each a final vote on the Senate floor, through diplomacy. But he told The Washington Times for an article printed yesterday that he had the 51 votes needed to change Senate rules to ban filibusters against executive nominees — a threat that colored the Democrats' reactions yesterday.

Diplomacy is not likely to work, said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, who told reporters last month that if Mr. Bush renominates the same judges, the Democrats will block them again.
These judges will be confirmed. It's only a matter of how badly the Democrats permanently damage themselves in the process by obstructing the Constitutional right to a floor vote. They'll stay standing on the tracks for the sake of their imaginary principles and look back after '06 voting and regurgitate the "we didn't get our message out," ignoring that their problem isn't their words, it's their in-actions.

A week in the life of the United Nations

Business as usual at the U.N.

Oil For Food Scandal:
Kojo Annan, the son of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, played a far more extensive role than previously revealed in a company that won a key contract under the scandal-plagued Iraq oil-for-food program, Senate investigators have learned.

Investigators also have uncovered documents suggesting that Benon Sevan, the U.N. official who oversaw the seven-year program and was suspended last week, had a much more direct interest in laundered oil deals handed out as bribes by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein under the program. One Iraqi internal investigation put Mr. Sevan's profits at $1.2 million, nearly 10 times the previous estimate.
And a French U.N. employee's impression of Michael Jackson:
UNITED NATIONS — A scandal about the sexual abuse of Congolese women and children by U.N. officials and peacekeepers intensified Friday with the broadcast of explicit pictures of a French U.N. worker and Congolese girls and his claim that there was a network of pedophiles at the U.N. mission in Congo.

ABC News' "20/20" program showed pictures taken from the computer of a French U.N. transport worker. The hard drive reportedly contained thousands of photos of him with hundreds of girls. In one frame, a tear can be seen rolling down the cheek of a victim.

The Moroccan mission to the United Nations has announced it arrested six U.N. peacekeeping soldiers in Congo accused of sexually abusing local girls and discharged the contingent's commander.

The news report coincided with the U.N.'s new "zero-contact" rule banning any interaction between U.N. soldiers and locals in Congo.

The staffer, Didier Bourguet, 41, is facing charges of sexual abuse and rape in France. His lawyer, Claude de Boosere- Lepidi, said in court last week that there was a network of U.N. personnel who had sex with underage girls and that Bourguet had engaged in similar activity in a previous U.N. posting in the Central African Republic.

The blame game.

You knew it was only a matter of time:
VIENNA (AFX) - A group of Austrian and German victims of the Asian tsunami disaster are to file a lawsuit demanding that Thailand, French hotel chain Accor and US forecasters prove they reacted adequately to the disaster, their lawyers said.

The suit, naming Accor and the US-run tsunami early warning system in the Pacific as well as Thai authorities, will be filed in a New York district court this week, the lawyers said in Vienna.

Accor is named in the lawsuit because the plaintiffs say the chain did not properly inform relatives of the victims after the disaster and had built its Sofitel hotel on the island of Phuket on a quake fracture line.
International law will now mandate that hotel chains must participate in Tarot card readings, crystal ball consultations and meditation sessions in an effort to see far enough into the future to predict natural disasters. Building permits will then be approved by the UN and issued in areas where it has been determined to a 100% certainty that no tsunami, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, landslide, drought, flooding or locusts will threaten the resort.

Monday, February 14, 2005

There's room for one more.

Now that Iraq has been permanently removed from the "Axis of Evil," there's room for an alternate. Syria is hoping to fill the vacant seat.
BEIRUT, Lebanon — A powerful bomb assassinated a former prime minister Monday, carving a 30-foot hole in a street and turning armored cars into burning wrecks — devastation that harked back to Lebanon's violent past and raised fears of new bloodshed in the bitter dispute over Syria, the country's chief power broker.

The blast wounded 100 people and killed 10, including the main target: Rafik Hariri, a billionaire businessman who helped rebuild Lebanon after its civil war, but had recently fallen out with Syria.
Mr. Hariri was the motor behind the massive effort to modernize Lebanon, encourage international investment and a champion for a Lebanon free of Syrian influence. The loss of Mr. Hariri is compounded by the obvious consequences for anyone who decides to follow in his brave Syrian-opposition footsteps.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Still a little slow.

No more accomplished with foreign policy as an ex-President, Jimmy Couldn't Get the Hostages Freed Carter eats his crow:
Former President Jimmy Carter, who predicted that elections in Iraq would fail and in the past year described the Bush administration's policy there as a quagmire, this week ended 10 days of silence to declare the historic Iraqi vote "a very successful effort."

"I hope that we'll have every success in Iraq," Mr. Carter said in a CNN interview. "And that election, I think, was a surprisingly good step forward."

The Nobel Peace Prize winner's comments on Wednesday contradicted his September assertion that the Iraq elections could not be held by January and ended a period during which the Georgia Democrat's failure to comment prompted one critic to gloat about the election success "shaming him into silence."

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Congressman: Democrat Leadership Threatening 'Retribution' for Dems Who Cooperate with White House

You'll recall that OBL's #1 homie in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi warned Iraqi voters of something more serious than a spanking if they cooperated in an election made possible by the infidel President Bush and his administration. Is the al-Qaeda playbook written in English?
by Allan H. Ryskind
Posted Feb 10, 2005

Rep. Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.) was asked at a CATO conference in Washington yesterday whether he had persuaded any Democrats to back his plan to rescue Social Security from its financial troubles. Under his legislation (HR 4851), no new taxes would be needed to pay for "transition costs," participation in the new system would be voluntary and individuals would be allowed to divert a portion of their payroll tax into a mutual fund.

A questioner from the audience, stressing his own Democratic credentials, said he believed Ryan's plan should attract members of his own party and wondered whether the Wisconsin lawmaker had secured any Democratic sponsors. Ryan said he had been working with friends on the "other side of the aisle" who were favorable toward his solution, but he faced an enormous problem: intense pressure on his colleagues from the minority leadership.

"We were in planning stages [with friendly Democrats]," said Ryan. But each essentially told him: "I like what you're doing. I like this bill. I think it's the right way to go. But my party leadership will break my back. The retribution that they are promising us is as great as I have ever seen. We can't do it."

Ryan said he believed the only thing that can assure passage is an outpouring from America's grassroots.

North Korea: Nukes for sale!

What do you get when you cross Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, a treaty and North Korea: nuclear capability in the hands of a rogue. Here's the timeline:
Feb 1993: International Atomic Energy Agency requests inspection of two nuclear waste storage sites, citing evidence that North Korea has been cheating on its nuclear non-proliferation treaty commitments. North Korea refuses.

Mar 1993: North Korea announces intention to withdraw from the NPT, but later relents.

Jun 1994: Former US president Jimmy Carter negotiates a deal with North Korea to freeze its nuclear arms programme.

Aug 1994: US and North Korea adopt the Agreed Framework - committing Pyongyang to freeze weapons development and allow IAEA inspections. In return, the US would supply two light-water reactors and annual heavy fuel oil shipments.

Aug 1998: North Korea test fires its 2,000 km-range Taepo Dong 1 missile over Japan. Work continues on the 6,000km-range Taepo Dong 2 missile capable of reaching the US.

Dec 1999: An international consortium signs a $4.6bn US contract to build two light water nuclear power plants in North Korea.
With the help of Jimmy Carter, the Clinton Administration builds two nuclear reactors for North Korea after they've violated past nuclear agreements, hoping this time, NK would honor the paper their "pinky-swear" was written on. Every non-Democrat's predictions came true as North Korea announces they're nuclear.

Why would North Korea choose today to announce they are carrying nuclear inventory, when the suspense has been buying them the time they needed? They're advertising.

Iran has just been put on notice by the Bush Administration. A no-no from Bush carries some weight. If Iran doesn't already have bombs measured in megatons, NK is willing to trade some mullah moolah for some mushrooms.

The case for "behavioral science"

From the The New York Times:
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 - In the months before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal aviation officials reviewed dozens of intelligence reports that warned about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, some of which specifically discussed airline hijackings and suicide operations, according to a previously undisclosed report from the 9/11 commission.

But aviation officials were "lulled into a false sense of security," and "intelligence that indicated a real and growing threat leading up to 9/11 did not stimulate significant increases in security procedures," the commission report concluded.

The report discloses that the Federal Aviation Administration, despite being focused on risks of hijackings overseas, warned airports in the spring of 2001 that if "the intent of the hijacker is not to exchange hostages for prisoners, but to commit suicide in a spectacular explosion, a domestic hijacking would probably be preferable."

The report takes the F.A.A. to task for failing to pursue domestic security measures that could conceivably have altered the events of Sept. 11, 2001, like toughening airport screening procedures for weapons or expanding the use of on-flight air marshals. The report, completed last August, said officials appeared more concerned with reducing airline congestion, lessening delays, and easing airlines' financial woes than deterring a terrorist attack. *

Among other things, the report says that leaders of the F.A.A. received 52 intelligence reports from their security branch that mentioned Mr. bin Laden or Al Qaeda from April to Sept. 10, 2001. That represented half of all the intelligence summaries in that time.

Five of the intelligence reports specifically mentioned Al Qaeda's training or capability to conduct hijackings, the report said. Two mentioned suicide operations, although not connected to aviation, the report said.

* I would argue that the FAA was more concerned of the ACLU's band of domestic terrorists and the lawsuits they weild. Had the FAA correctly subjected the right group of people to additional screening, derived from the 52 al Qaeda related intel reports and the number of them that hijacking planes and suicide missions, we'd likely be talking about an averted disaster and the rigorous defense the ACLU was mounting on behalf of terrorists "unfairly singled out because of their ethnicity."

Instead wasting resources on background checks on 50 year old white women, those resources would have likely uncovered the expired visas of the 5 hi-jackers that the FAA received on 9/12. It's not fun to say or think about the innocent people and the hassle they'd have to go through, but it's less fun to think about all the people we could have saved.

More voter irregularities in Milwaukee than in Mosul

As reporting surfaces on the mild voter irregularities in the newest democracy on earth, it's official: Milwaukee had more irregularities than Mosul, Baghdad, Fallujah and Basra - combined.
A review of Milwaukee polling-place logbooks by the Journal Sentinel shows vote-to-voter discrepancies at dozens of wards, meaning gaps found earlier run deeper than a problem with post-election recordkeeping cited by officials.

On election day, each voter given a ballot is assigned a number that corresponds to the person's place in line. At the end of the day, this number - which should match the ballots cast - is recorded in the logbooks. This functions as a safeguard against any future adjustments to the books or ballots.

But the newspaper's review found 24 cases where there is a discrepancy of at least 5%, with more ballots than voters listed in a ward. Logbooks for another 20 wards showed no entry for the last voter counted.

A probe started after the Journal Sentinel reported that more than 1,200 votes in the Nov. 2 election came from invalid addresses and that a 7,000 vote gap existed citywide between the number of ballots counted and the people listed in a computer database as having voted.

In the case of Ward 297, the logbook showed 590 more voters than votes, and in Ward 314, the books showed a difference of 507 votes. Both wards voted at Jericho Baptist Church, 1923 N. 12th St., on the city's north side.

Poll workers there appear to have added votes from the two wards together. In any case, it is discrepancies in the other direction - more votes than voters - that are most troubling.

Citywide, for instance, there were 277,535 votes cast in the election, yet only 269,212 people recorded in the computer as voting, a gap of about 8,300.
George Bush lost Wisconsin by less than 12,000 votes. Despite all the voting antics, the you-know-who's are opposing the common-sense measure of requiring ID to vote, as it would make it very difficult for their imported voters to cast ballots.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rave reviews in North Korea for Team America

Maybe KJI is just mad he turned into a cockroach at the end of the movie:
The caricature of North Korea's "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-Il, in the film, "Team America: World Police," is striking a discordant note among North Korean officials, and probably their supreme leader himself, despite his well-known love for private viewings of foreign movies.

The film shows marionettes attempting to stop Kim Jong-Il from destroying cities around the globe.

A Czech newspaper, Lidove Noviny, reports that a North Korean diplomat complained that the film "harms the image of our country." He was even quoted as saying, "Such behavior is not part of our country's political culture."
The squeaky-clean image the DPRK wants to maintain is one of gulags, detention camps, murder, torture, state-sponsored famine and nuclear bomb procurement and sales.

Free speech makes it easier to spot the idots.

Free speech makes it easier to spot the idiots.

Going back into retail?

In what can be described as Mark Dayton's only lucid thought since taking office in 2000, he said this:
"I'm announcing today that I will not seek re-election to the Senate next year," the one-term senator announced during an afternoon conference call.

"Everything I've worked for and everything I believe in depends upon this Senate seat remaining in the Democratic caucus in 2007. I do not believe that I am the best candidate to lead the DFL party to victory next year."
Maybe the 15 point drop in his approval rating gave him that impression. Minnesotans should rejoice in unison. Dayton's been an embarrassment. From being the only Senator to abandon his D.C. office before the Presidential Election to calling Condi Rice an out-and-out liar on the Senate floor, Dayton is nearly qualified enough to be a speed-bump.

Looking for a strong Democratic candidate, the party is currently looking for someone who can walk and chew gum. Simultaneously is a bonus.

Opposition without Suggestion.

Swiftly losing the "war of ideas" because they don't have any, Senate Democrats are continuing their tradition of opposition without suggestion.
House and Senate Democrats have decided against introducing an alternative Social Security reform plan yet, preferring instead to focus attention and criticism on President Bush’s proposals, according to a number of senior Democratic aides.

Democrats have been consistently critical of the president’s plan to create personal retirement accounts as a way to salvage the Social Security system, but they have not yet introduced a plan of their own.
It can't be easy losing 3 or 4 of your friends in every election cycle. As a result, Senate Dems are left to do what they do best - obstruct.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hero Salute

The best ad of the Super Bowl is here.

I think I'll stick with Progresso.

Was it Campbell's Chunky?
PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was so ill in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl that a teammate had to call a play in the huddle, three Eagles players have confirmed.

If McNabb Was Sick During The Super Bowl, Should He Have Benched Himself?
Yes, He Should Have
No, A Sick McNabb Is Still Better Than Detmer Or Blake!

"He fought to the end," center Hank Fraley told Comcast SportsNet on Monday. "He didn't get a playcall in one time. He mumbled and (wideout) Freddie Mitchell yelled out the play we were trying to bring in. He was puking at the same time trying to hold it in."

A CNN Executive Says G.I.s in Iraq Target Journalists

Read the following story from the New York Sun:

BY RODERICK BOYD - Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 8, 2005

The head of CNN's news division, Eason Jordan, ignited an Internet firestorm last week when he told a panel at a World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, that the American military had targeted journalists during operations in Iraq.

Mr. Jordan, speaking in a panel discussion titled "Will Democracy Survive the Media?" said "he knew of about 12 journalists who had not only been killed by American troops, but had been targeted as a matter of policy," said Rep. Barney Frank, a Democrat of Massachusetts who was on the panel with Mr. Jordan.

In an interview with The New York Sun, Mr. Frank said Mr. Jordan discussed in detail the plight of an Al-Jazeera reporter who had been detained by American forces, was made to eat his shoes while incarcerated in the Abu Ghraib prison, and was repeatedly mocked by his interrogators as "Al-Jazeera boy."

A man who said he was a producer with Al-Jazeera at the network's headquarters in Doha, Qatar, said he was unaware of any such incident, "although we have had problems with American troops in and out of Iraq." The Al-Jazeera producer refused to give his name.

Mr. Jordan's comments - prompted by a broader discussion of the dangers of covering the war in Iraq, in which some 63 journalists have been killed - left Mr. Frank, usually an outspoken war opponent, speechless.

"I was agog," he said. "I took a few seconds and asked him to basically clarify the remarks. Did he have proof and if so, why hadn't CNN run with the story?"

A CNN spokeswoman did not return a phone call or e-mail seeking comment. Last week, CNN put out a statement that said Mr. Jordan's remarks had been taken out of context by several Web logs and that he was merely responding to an assertion by Mr. Frank that the dead journalists were "collateral damage."

Mr. Frank denied that he used the phrase. The panel's moderator, Harvard University professor and columnist David Gergen, did not return a call seeking comment, but he told online columnist Michelle Malkin yesterday that the remarks left him "startled."

"It's contrary to history, which is so far the other way. Our troops have gone out of their way to protect and rescue journalists," Mr. Gergen said. He told Ms. Malkin that the remarks could have been due to Mr. Jordan's recent return from Iraq, where he was likely "caught up in the tension of what was happening there."

The office of Senator Dodd, a Democrat of Connecticut who attended the panel, released a statement that said he "was not on the panel but was in the audience when Mr. Jordan spoke. He - like panelists Mr. Gergen and Mr. Frank - was outraged by the comments. Senator Dodd is tremendously proud of the sacrifice and service of our American military personnel."

Within minutes of making the comments, Mr. Frank said, CNN's Mr. Jordan began to immediately "pull back" on the assertion that 12 journalists had been killed by American forces. He instead focused on the deaths of two reporters killed when a missile fired from an American jet struck the 15th floor of Baghdad's Palestine hotel, where many reporters and film crews stay when in Baghdad.

Mr. Frank said he tried to get information out of Mr. Jordan so that he could forward it to the appropriate congressional investigative authorities. " I think Congress has demonstrated with Abu Ghraib that we will aggressively pursue reasonable allegations," he said. Mr. Frank said he has tried repeatedly over the past few days to get Mr. Jordan to provide evidence of crimes against journalists. He said Mr. Jordan promised to get back to him, "but I haven't heard anything yet," Mr. Frank said.

This is not the first time that Mr. Jordan has spoken critically of the American military's conduct toward journalists. In November, he reportedly told a gathering of global news executives in Portugal called News Xchange that he believed journalists had been arrested and tortured by American forces.

And in October 2002, at a News Xchange conference, he accused the Israeli military of deliberately targeting CNN personnel "on numerous occasions."

Mr. Jordan's remarks might have shocked the American attendees, but they certainly played well among some in the audience. The Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens, who covered the panel for his paper, told the Sun that after the panel concluded, Mr. Jordan was surrounded by European and Middle Eastern attendees who warmly congratulated him for his alleged "bravery and candor" in discussing the matter.

Mr. Stephens broke the news of Mr. Jordan's statements for his paper's "political diary" blog.

Since then, some blogs have made Mr. Jordan's remarks a rallying cry for conservatives who have long harbored an animus against CNN for an alleged anti-American bias.

Radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt has turned his well-trafficked blog into a clearinghouse of information on what he called "Easongate."

It would be a "pretty grave mistake on the part of CNN" if they failed to take into account the power of blogs to refocus popular opinion, said Mr. Hewitt, citing the popular outcry against CBS News's report on purported gaps in President Bush's 1970s Texas Air National Guard service. "You would think that they would learn their lesson."
Now, jive that story of Jordan accusing American G.I.'s of murder with this revelation that Jordan is "romantically involved" with the widow of murdered (by the terrorists) journalist, Daniel Pearl.
Eason Jordan, a CNN news exec who was deeply involved in the network's coverage of the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl, is now romantically involved with Pearl's widow, Mariane, people familiar with the relationship told us yesterday.

As reports of the relationship swirled through CNN and other news circles, Jordan declined to comment and Pearl did not respond to our inquiries. Married for 16 years, with two children, the Atlanta-based Jordan, 43, got to know Pearl, 36, who now lives in New York, after Islamic terrorists killed her husband in Pakistan two years ago. Colleagues said they don't know how long Jordan and Pearl have been an item.

Said Jordan's wife, Susan, "I have absolutely no comment."

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Coming soon to a Fuddruckers near you!

St. Paul cops had some early morning bovine target practice:
Police tried herding escaped cattle with their squad cars early Thursday after nine head escaped from the South St. Paul stockyards.

Police were called before 4 a.m. to help Dakota Premium workers keep the escaped cows from getting into traffic near Armour and Hardman avs., said Capt. Dan Vujovich of the South St. Paul police. He said a handful of officers from West St. Paul and the State Patrol spent several hours trying to control the cattle before deciding to shoot all nine before the they did any damage. No one was hurt.
Medium-rare for me please.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dear Liberals, Part II

Acquaint yourself with Part I if necessary.

After the profanely successful Iraq elections on Sunday, the last three days will go down in history as the liberal's 72 Hour Whine Moratorium as they stare at each other with erased looks and conclude "Bush was right." As the Whine Press heads into production mode after tonight's State of the Union address, liberals have a decision on how they'll conduct their future political business transactions. I encourage them to shield themselves from becoming eternally inconsequential by heeding the following advice.

The results in Iraq have authenticated the optimistic vision of Bush. Although I've chronicled every one of your articles that negatively scrutinized going to war in Iraq, I'm willing to forget all of them and grant you a fresh start. Only the American sacrifice has been greater than the financial cost of war and every single ounce of each has been worth the result of helping a civilization realize their dreams of freedom and the protection of our own.

We'll dismiss your attempts to erode our will with your constant reminders of daily body count as a reminder of a natural and very sensitive fact of war. We'll forgive your pessimism of Iraqi's desire to take the reigns of destiny while inflating the casualties we went out of our way to prevent. We'll allow limitless latitude if you believed fighting on foreign soil made us less safe at home. They were all reasonable arguments, each being soundly disposed.

You can choose how you go forward into the freer world created by conservative ideology. We've got a band, we've got a wagon and we've got room. We want you there. If you're willing to dig one last hole, we'll bury the hatchet.

Moral integrity can lead to but one conclusion: Scenes Iraqis dancing in the streets preceded by a vote would not have happened without the use of force. Denying it now diminishes the accomplishment and make you look like a democratic sourpuss. As members of the House tonight raise their purple fingers in solidarity with Iraqis, I hope your heart is transformed to one the recognizes the United States under George Bush makes the world the better, safer place. Feeling good about being American does not an imperialist make.

Social Security isn't in a crisis today, but do you wait until the flames are creeping under your chair before phoning the fire department? We know the Democrats have a lot to lose if Americans have greater control over their finances - and we don't care. A financially independent person is less likely to pay you with their vote and that's what President Bush's strategy will be. You're outnumbered everywhere in Washington. Survival of the party is the name of your game now. Obstruct all you want, just remember Tom Daschle.

Don't worry, even when you have no material input in the direction of the country, we'll still have use for you. The Republicans working hard to make America better will need fresh coffee refills.

Thank you for making the first four years of President Bush very lively. Now that your accusations of "stupid, idiot & Hitler" have fallen flat, you'd have to be intellectually challenged to enter the same quagmire until 2008.

Left Lane Tax.

I don't agree with this approach, but at least he has a constructive idea:
Conceding he'll face opposition from foes of tax hikes within his own party, Sen. Dick Day on Wednesday proposed increasing the gasoline tax by 5 cents a gallon and adding fees to the costs of buying new or used cars to raise money for highway construction.

Day, a Republican from Owatonna, said the charges would bring in $260 million a year to repair or expand rural roads and relieve congestion in the Twin Cities.
I have a different and much more lucrative idea. Charge a Left Lane Tax for the people who park it at 60 mph in the passing lane. Tax them $50 on the spot, record their driver's license number, give a non tax-dectable receipt and charge repeat offenders $500. Over the course of a week, we'd knock on the door of raising $300 million.

Channeling Dr. Dean

I love mail from readers. In response to my assessment of Howard Dean and his unreliable relationship with mental stability, an anonymous reader had this to say:

You're referring to Dean as unstable? I guess the shared hallucination that Bush and his fellow NeoCons have about the U.S. being God's chosen country isn't crazy at all. Sure, the Republicans are organized--organized in their attempt to mislead people and line their pockets with money made from destroying the planet and running this country into the ground. One of these days they will all get their comeuppance, and I'll be there giving them a swift kick to the groin while they are already down writhing in pain!!!
Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

I appreciate you trying to use "neocon" as a derogatory slur. I love the term so much, I'm thinking of personalizing my license plates. Allow me to prepare you for your inconvenient future. The massively successful elections in Iraq severely hobble your argument, as history books will correctly show "neocons" to be the propulsion for freeing 35 million (so far) people in the Middle East and pulverizing terrorists to the point where they need to kidnap plastic dolls to avert growing impotence. That's an "oxymoron," look it up.

George Bush is a Christian. Christians know that Israel is God's "chosen country." An elementary reading of the first few dozen pages of the Bible tells us that. Later on, God says that "those who bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed." We're blessing Israel by cleaning up her neighborhood. Iran wants to be next.

I'm not sure exactly how "lining our pockets" synchs with the couple hundred billion dollars we've spent on the war, so I'd appreciate any of your examples. If "Halliburton" is contained anywhere in your response, save it. You'll never convince anyone that a 1% margin on work in Iraq and the threat of having more employees captured and beheaded is some kind conspiracy.

I know it's your reflex, but you picked a bad day to bash the enonomy. The markets are up and momentum required a the feds to raise rates. Any other imaginary criticisms?

"Comeuppance?" What exactly would you see as fitting punishment for the benevolence of the United States? Are you hoping for another terrorist attack on our soil in order to bark and empty "see, we're breeding terrorism!"?

And what's with wanting kick us in the groin? You're a naughty little pacifist. I'm not surprised that you're the kind of person that waits for someone else to land the knockout punch so you can kick him and imply you somehow had something to do with his unconsciousness. You want someone else to do the hard work so you can reap the rewards. You must be liberal.

Read my Dear Liberal II column appearing tonight, just before the State of the Union address given by the "neocon" who recently set some Presidential election records - in the US and Iraq.

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