Sunday, January 30, 2005

Voting, Not Violence, Is the Big Story on Arab TV

While the Left denied the significance of Iraqi voting, TV in the Middle East found it refreshingly to report history being made:
After close to two years of providing up-to-the-minute images of explosions and mayhem, and despite months of predictions of a bloodbath on election day, some news directors said they found the decision surprisingly easy to make. The violence simply was not the story this morning; the voting was.

Overwhelmingly, Arab channels and newspapers greeted the elections as a critical event with major implications for the region, and many put significant resources into reporting on the vote, providing blanket coverage throughout the country that started about a week ago. Newspapers kept wide swaths of their pages open, and the satellite channels dedicated most of the day to coverage of the polls.
Sounds like a victory of a few more hearts and minds to me, Mr. Kennedy.

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