Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Terror attack in New Jersey.

In the little-middle east of Jersey City, the Religion of Peace has murdered the family of the prosecution's translator in the case of a lawyer passing messages from her terrorist client to his jolly jihadi pals.
The police are talking about robbery and religious hatred as motives. But ABC News has learned the FBI sees a possible link to a terror trial now underway in New York.

The bodies of Hossam Armanious and his wife and two young daughters will leave from Journal Square for the church at around 10:00 this morning. The coffins will arrive at the church just around 10:30 for the funeral service.

ABC News has learned that the slain family's cousin has been a translator working for the prosecution in the trial of Lynne Stewart. She is the radical lawyer accused of smuggling messages from imprisoned Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, to terrorist cell members and associates.

Investigators also say that the slain father was active online. He recently argued in a chat room with a Muslim, who felt he had insulted Islam. That man reportedly threatened to kill him if he didn't take back his comments.
Because the perpetrators aren't white Christian males, national media isn't buzzing about "hate crimes" or "bigotry." Keep an eye out for the massive Muslim New Jersey community to opt out of any protest against cold-blooded murder and instead issue statements and give TV interviews on the standard tolerance of Islam and the travesty of focusing on Muslims in our post 9/11 world.

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