Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Michigan Democrats questioned in case of fowl play.

Before Thanksgiving, John Conyers, Democrat Congressman from Michigan, took a break from contesting the election next door in Ohio to do some community service work in Detroit. He relieved the poor people of his district from having to enjoy the turkeys that had been donated by a local charity.
The director of a Detroit food bank wants to know what happened to 60 turkeys -- 720 pounds of frozen birds -- that his charity gave to members of U.S. Rep. John Conyers' local staff two days before Thanksgiving to give to needy people.

Conyers' Detroit office promised an accounting of any turkey distribution by Dec. 27, but the Gleaners Community Food Bank had received no paperwork as of Tuesday, said the charity's director, Agostinho Fernandes.

Fernandes said he became suspicious that the turkeys didn't get to poor people after hearing from a friend that a federal court worker had said he was offered free turkeys from a member of Conyers' staff.

Conyers' press secretary Karen Morgan said Tuesday that she was told that some of Conyers' staffers gave the turkeys to poor people whose names were provided by the state Family Independence Agency. A fax with those names, she said, was to be sent Tuesday or today to Gleaners.

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, Fernandes said he had received nothing from Conyers' office.
I hear that stolen turkey is an acquired taste. I'm just not enough of a Democrat to try it.

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