Thursday, January 13, 2005

Funny enough to get arrested.

What do you say to a lawyer with an IQ of 50? "Good morning, Judge."

Fresh out of business cards after his daily rounds at Bellevue's critical burn unit, a lawyer standing in line at a New York courthouse had two men arrested for disorderly conduct because of his guilty conscience.
MEPSTEAD, N.Y. - Did you hear the one about the two guys arrested for telling lawyer jokes?

It happened this week to the founders of a group called Americans for Legal Reform, who were waiting in line to get into a Long Island courthouse.

“How do you tell when a lawyer is lying?” Harvey Kash reportedly asked Carl Lanzisera.

“His lips are moving,” they said in unison.

While some waiting to get into the courthouse giggled, a lawyer farther up the line Monday was not laughing.

He told them to pipe down, and when they did not, the lawyer reported the pair to court personnel, who charged them with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

“They just can’t take it,” Kash said of lawyers in general. “This violates our First Amendment rights.”
The reporter made an attempt to interview said legal sourpuss, but was interrupted when the lawyer gave pursuit to a passing fire truck.

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