Thursday, January 06, 2005

Election challenge continues as Kerry visits Baghdad.

While his militant Democrat colleagues continue flushing our money bydelaying the election certification of George Bush on the floor of the Senate, John Kerry slithered into Baghdad on Thursday with the same message that got him rejected by more than 62 million Americans.

In one of only 2 accomplishments in his life, the other being successful CPR on a rodent, John Kerry gave a speech hoping to win the hearts and minds of the terrorists who have yet to become greasy stains, John Kerry made a fresh effort to supply the terrorist enemy with aid and comfort through a warm message of encouragement:
Visiting with U.S. troops in Baghdad on Thursday, failed presidential candidate John Kerry trashed Commander-in-chief George Bush for making "horrendous judgments" and "unbelievable blunders" that have undermined the war effort.

In a series of demoralizing comments first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the defeated Democrat griped, "What is sad about what's happening here now is that so much of it is a process of catching up from the enormous miscalculations and wrong judgments made in the beginning."

Kerry said that because of the Bush administration's mistakes, "the job has been made enormously harder."

Among the errors cited by the disgruntled Democrat: the decision by former U.S. occupation leader Paul Bremer's to disband the Iraqi army and purge the government of former members of Hussein's Baath Party.

Both moves were have fueled the Sunni insurgency, he claimed, lamenting, "Mistakes have been made."
Musab al-Zarqawi, declared his "bro in Baghdad" by Osama bin Laden, declined John Kerry's invitation to lunch. Although reports are mixed, rumor has it Kerry wanted to discuss sabotage strategies for the upcoming Iraq elections. A Zarqawi interpreter not impressed with Kerry's campaign strategy relayed a message to Kerry's team that, "Any idiot knows you don't tell the world that your opponent's daughter is gay!"

Zarqawi did, however, extend a gift to John Kerry, a new black vest. The bulky undergarment considered "Dynamite!" by a Kerry staffer, was accompanied by a note: "Dear Mr. John al-Kerry. Now that you are one of us, make Allah proud and wear this vest with dignity. Specifically, put it on under a robe, walk into the nearest Iraqi police station and we'll do the rest. Praise be to Allah."

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