Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bad timing for 30 celebrities.

Two days after 30-plus celebrities paid for an ad in Variety magazine urging California issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants would "make roads safer," comes this story today:
"A deranged individual that was suicidal took a vehicle and maneuvered it ... onto the tracks. He intended to take his own life, but changed his mind prior to the train striking his vehicle," Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams said.

The driver of the car, Juan Manuel Alvarez of Compton, muttered "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" as he was arrested at the scene. Alvarez, who has a history of suicide attempts, apparently stood by and watched the train collision after abandoning the attempt to take his life.
I'm not making assumptions about his immigration status or how he may or may not have arrived in the US. What I am saying is that this tragedy better continue to discourage Californians from rewarding illegal immigrants with privileges of a driver's license.

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