Thursday, January 13, 2005

Any is better than none.

Still frustrated by the truth to the addage "Only the Good Kennedy's Die Young," the man you'd never want to be caught in a convertible near the Chappaquiddick, Dem Senator Ted Kennedy put down the bottle long enough to lecture his party on the need for values:
WASHINGTON -- Democrats should have talked more directly about fundamental values and ideals in last year's presidential campaign, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said Wednesday, outlining a progressive agenda aimed at moving the party and the nation forward.

Democrats must do a better job speaking about the principles they believe in and that have guided the party, said Kennedy, D-Mass., in a speech to the National Press Club.
It's unlcear whether that strategy will involve full front-page newspaper advertisements with the new Democratic slogan: "The only thing that should be bigger than government is, well, nothing. If we can all close our eyes tighter than a frog's behind, terrorism will go away. We don't have programs to study the programs being studied. We need that. If you don't like it, go abort yourself - your neighbor's taxes are paying for it anyway."

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