Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Strib columnist unhinged.

Powerline, a MN blog named TIME Magazine's Blog of the Year, has come under attack from Nick Coleman of the Mpls Star Tribune. Although Powerline delivers a beating to Mr. Coleman every time he mounts an offensive through the Strib opinion page, he's reslilient and shameless enough to pick himself out of the dirt for more pummeling.

Powerline broke the CBS/Rathergate memos as fakes and Coleman resorts to name-calling in the absence of real journalism. If you decide to suffer through his fresh installment, you'll find petty prissyness throughout.

The Strib editors went to print with Coleman making assumptions about Powerline's anatomy based on their pen-names. Although it didn't bother me, I'm using it as an excuse to send Coleman the following e-mail.
Mr. Coleman,

I LOVE reading your columns. I click with anticipation each week to see what new and creative ways you'll employ to embarrass yourself. It's sadistically fun to watch, kind of like a bird who's gone head-long into a window spending it's last moments of relevance flopping the life out of itself.

Especially when it's not associated with a car, house or boat, pontification on someone's wedding tackle is really really funny. But please note the psychological term: Projection, n: The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or desires to someone or something as a naive or unconscious defense against anxiety or guilt.

Satisfied with what's in my genes, I haven't myself used innuendo as a slam since I got my driver's license, but I expelled a number of other silly things a few years after puberty.

I think you're really galvanizing your place in the elite Media-ocrity Hall of Fame when indicting those 'extreme right-wing partisan hacks' with only your imagination as evidence. Your willingness to charge Powerline as "out of the mainstream" when only tens of thousands of blog readers per day visit their sites is as impotent as it is factually inconvenient for you. A record 60 million voters would likely cheer in part the metaphorical blog of David warming his slinging-arm for an appointment with the MSM's Goliath. Remember how that one ended?

Looking forward to next week's new low,


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