Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Norwegian-American voting bloc.

Norwegians are a crafty bunch. In a year of unprecedented spending, they managed to rangle Rep. Martin Sabo(D) for a million pork-soaked bucks to partially fund some improvements to Seattle's Norwegian American Foundation.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A group of Norwegian-Americans successfully lobbied Congress for $1 million this year. A little-known provision in a 2,900-page spending bill passed last month directs the money to the Norwegian American Foundation, a group with Minnesota ties that includes former Vice President Walter Mondale and other prominent figures of Norwegian descent.

The purpose of the funds, quietly obtained by Rep. Martin Sabo, D-Minn., is to honor the 100th anniversary of Norway's peaceful independence from Sweden in 1905.
I'm glad Norwegians have always been a peaceful people, but I think it's lutefisk to spend $1 million of taxpayer's money on something Ole and Sven could have built in an afternoon with some refrigerator boxes and duct tape.

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