Monday, December 06, 2004

Looking for a new way to waste a hundred grand?

Send your impressionable kid to Yale. In return, you'll get a sniveling, spineless bigot with great job prospects.

Doing his/her best to refuse the accompishments of one the brightest women in the world, this college sophomore writing in Yale's school paper questions whether Condi Rice is black.
Is Condoleezza Rice really a black woman?

While she may appear on the outside to share the color and therefore sentiments of black people, actions speak louder than both words and skin.

Rice's appointment is typical of the Bush administration's cabinet-appointing sleight of hand. Supposedly "minority" political figures Clarence Thomas, newly elected Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, maniac Alan Keyes, and the barely tolerable Alberto Gonzales, our future attorney general, are the bright face the Republican party puts on perennially anti-minority decision-making.

"Supposedly minority?" I don't think you can consider two Blacks and two Hispanics people of pallor. And what about appointing talented black people to positions of power is "anti-minority." Name me one minority person in Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry's administration or campaign. Somebody named "Nobody" is the correct answer.
As mentioned on a recent edition of CNN's "Crossfire," Gonzales' remarkable success story was likely aided by policy with unmistakable and historic Democratic backing. Ideas like Pell grants, literacy education, Head Start and affirmative action undoubtedly contributed to Gonzales' success.

"Affirmative Action undoubtedly contributed to Gonzales' success?" You see, to the the left, it's inconceivable that a person in a minority group could excel on their own merits. The Left enjoys swimming in unchallenged racism because they cloak their loathing with a patronizing, condecending tone and poo-poo the accomplishments of the outstanding minorities that don't toe the liberal line.
To a lesser extent, the good Dr. Rice may also have made it where she is as a direct result of these policies. But oh, how quick these minority defectors are to jump onto the Republican bandwagon, neatly pulling the ladder up after them.

There are dozens of accolades that could be used to describe Dr. Rice, and 'minority defector' isn't one of them. And 'pulling up the ladder?' What better way to encourage minorites to break the cycle in their own lives than for a black woman who came from nothing to prove that you can be anything you want to be - no matter life's circumstances or political persuasion?

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