Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hamas says no mas.

The surgical strikes by the Israeli Defense Forces on leaders of the terrorist group Hamas are clearly paying off:
Fearing an Israeli reprisal attack, Hamas has decided to cancel a major rally marking the 17th anniversary of its founding.

The rally was supposed to be held in one of Gaza City's stadiums on Friday, but Hamas decided to postpone it indefinitely out of fear that Israel would target the Islamic movement's leaders in retaliation for Sunday's attack on an IDF outpost near Rafah, in which five soldiers were killed and six others wounded.

"For security reasons, and because of Israeli threats to target Palestinians, Hamas has decided to call off the annual rally," said Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri. "We are aware that the decision will come as bad news to Hamas supporters, who have been looking forward to seeing the Hamas leaders for the first time in more than one year."

Hamas, in a statement on the anniversary of its establishment, reiterated its opposition to a cease-fire with Israel and said the "resistance remains our strategic option."

Reversing a 17 year tradition designed to stoke Jewish hatred in Palestinians is a big deal.

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