Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Doctors deciding which children live and die.

Because the following story involves the natural downside to one of the left's pet projects - socialized medicine, AKA "Healthcare for everyone," you won't read about this in the MSM. By pure coincidence, the only domestic article I could find on the subject was from an October issue from the paper in Grand Forks, North Dakota - where I was born. The Groningen Protocol, having just become law in the Netherlands:
Under the Groningen protocol, if doctors at the hospital think a child is suffering unbearably from a terminal condition, they have the authority to end the child's life. The protocol is likely to be used primarily for newborns, but it covers any child up to age 12.

The hospital, beyond confirming the protocol in general terms, refused to discuss its details.

"It is for very sad cases," said a hospital spokesman, who declined to be identified. "After years of discussions, we made our own protocol to cover the small number of infants born with such severe disabilities that doctors can see they have extreme pain and no hope for life. Our estimate is that it will not be used but 10 to 15 times a year."

A parent's role is limited under the protocol. While experts and critics familiar with the policy said a parent's wishes to let a child live or die naturally most likely would be considered, they note that the decision must be professional, so rests with doctors.

The protocol was written by hospital doctors and officials, with help from Dutch prosecutors. It's being studied by lawmakers as potential law.

Under the protocol, assisted infant deaths are investigated, but so far all of them have been determined to have been in the patients' best interests.

Socialism at it's best: "free" assisted suicides for children up to the age of 12 when the child is deemed by the doctor (zero parental control) to "have been born with such severe disabilities that doctors can see they have extreme pain and no hope for life."

This is what happens when liberals make laws. Wanting to satisfy the here and now, future consequences get fogged by their un-thought 'good intentions.' We all know where that road leads. Free healthcare just means the patient doesn't make the check out to the hospital. Instead, the Dutch government confiscates up to 52% of income in the form of taxes. And when the government is 'paying' your bills, they reserve the right to make critical life and death decisions for you.

If your health or the health of your family become too big a liability, you're cut off. Need that heart transplant? Go to John's Hopkins in the US, bloke! Need that kidney? Head to Mayo, you bloody fool! Your kid is born with cerebral palsy? A lethal shot costs less than a lifetime of therapy, ol' chap!

If you don't think it's possible that a doting doctor would 'euthanize' a human child just because the economics of sustaining it's life, grab your insurance card and treat yourself to a Colonoscopy. Your head will be found nearby.

Huge draws on the Dutch medical system will be averted by allowing the doctor sole discretion to 'euthanize' the child. They've only come up with an official name for it because it's been happening frequently for years. When you don't answer to God, you have to answer to something. Law is the god of the left.

Why should you care what the Netherlands are doing? Because it's an example of how the liberal agenda for socialized healthcare can slowly erode our morality over generations. The Left will never admit they want you to become more dependent on their fantasy of the healing power of government and it's money. That's why we have to oppose their efforts to socialize medicine here in the US (remember Hillarycare?).

Having given up their major decision-making power to government, Dutch families are now coming to terms with the real cost of 'free' healthcare.

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