Thursday, December 09, 2004

CBS fake document report due tomorrow.

Word around the campfire at Little Green Footballs is that the 'internal investigation' of the fake CBS documents is coming tomorrow. Here's what you need to know:

Although not a typography expert, Dr. David Haley was hired for the investigation by CBS to 'authenticate' the documents in the Bush/ANG story. Dr. Haley contributed to the Kerry campaign, which may help explain why Dr. Haley - despite his failure to produce a typewriter or document other than what he created with a computer - has come to the conclusion that the documents are 'authentic.' An actual typography expert, Dr. Joseph Newcomer has already dismantled the 'findings' that CBS will use tomorrow to mislead the nation.

Bottom line. CBS paid a man who isn't a document expert to vet their fake documents. In addition to not having a reputation in document authentification to tarnish by finding widely known fakes 'authentic,' Dr. Haley had a monetary stake in the election of John Kerry.

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