Friday, December 10, 2004

Candidates for the Spanktuary Bootcamp

Draw your own conclusions as to the political leanings of a mother and father who ineffectively 'beg and plead' to get their kids to help around the house and resort to going on strike in hopes of affecting change.
DELTONA, Fla. (AP) _ Dec. 8, 2004 — Even though the dishes, garbage and dirty laundry were piling up, homeowners Cat and Harlan Barnard were getting no help from their two children.

After begging and pleading with their 17-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter to help out around the house, the Barnards decided they were fed up. So they went on strike and moved out to the front yard.

"This was our last-ditch effort," Cat Barnard said.

Since Monday morning, the Barnards have lived in a tent in their front yard, going inside the house only to use the restroom or shower. The couple sits on lawn chairs and roasts marshmallows over a hibachi.

I'll bet a Smore that Cat n' Harlan have never treated their kids to the business end of a wooden spoon. It may not be too late. The Spanktuary Bootcamp specializes in the kind of tough-love needed to whip parents into shape.

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