Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ACLU more oppressive than Cuba

The efforts of the ACLU to remove faith from Christmas hasn't been met with much resistance here in the US as schools and businesses ban references to Jesus in both displays and songs in order to prevent 100's of lawyers getting caught in their chimneys.

Many organizations have been relenting under threats of terrorism by litigation from the ACLU by modifying "Winter Breaks," "Winter Songs" and "Winter Whateverland." Finally 10 days before Christmas, the Communist dictatorship of Cuba is getting with the program of banning Christmas, but they're a little more understanding:
Cuba's most senior US diplomat says he has been warned by the government of serious consequences unless he takes down Christmas decorations in Havana. James Cason says he will not remove the display at the American interests section, which includes a reference to 75 dissidents jailed last year.

Fourteen have been freed since the arrests took place in March 2003, in a major clampdown on political dissent.

The BBC's Stephen Gibbs in the capital, Havana, says the display does seem designed to irritate the Cuban government.

He adds that the government cancelled Christmas as a holiday for several decades in an apparent bid to increase sugar production.

Cuba has twice told US diplomats to remove all decorations immediately.

The display at the US interests section - so-called because the United States and Cuba do not have diplomatic relations - includes a huge white Santa Claus, an image of galloping reindeer and a flashing sign wishing Cubans a Happy Christmas.

James Cason, head of the interests section, says the decorations will remain in place until the end of the holidays and that any action taken by Cuba against US personnel or the US mission in Havana will not affect his government's determination to draw attention to human rights.

"We're prepared to pay whatever price for the things we believe in," Mr Cason said.

"They could expel us, they could continue to hinder our activities... We don't know what they're going to do."
The article is unclear whether Christmas exists again in Cuba after being "banned for decades." What is clear is that a communist dictatorship has warned twice about "serious consequences" but will never end up putting teeth to their warnings. But the ACLU will open all your presents, burn your Christmas tree, defecate on your nativity scene, steal Santa's cookies, spike your eggnog, break your Neil Diamond Christmas CD's but defend the guy who molests your elves on the way out.

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