Monday, November 22, 2004

Who's Who Among America's Teachers didn't do their homework.

Vermont teacher, Richard Bugbee was named "one of the nation's most respected teachers" - despite pleading guilty in August to raping a 13 year old girl:

COLCHESTER, Vt. -- He admitted to having sex with one of his students and now a former teacher and coach in Essex is being honored as one of the nation's most respected teachers while he sits in prison.

Richard Bugbee is a convicted sex offender, but at least one of his former students believed he should be awarded nationally for his teaching excellence. The student nominated Bugbee to be included in the Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

WWAAT is a proper phonetic acronym for an organization of teachers who didn't do enough homework (or read the newspaper) to preserve what has now become a diminished accomplishment for great, deserving teachers in the future.

At this rate, Mary Kay Laterneau, the woman convicted of statutory rape of the student she recently married now that she's out of jail, is a strong contender for Who's Who Among America's Teachers '05.

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