Monday, November 01, 2004

What's Eating John Kerry?

Instead of chasing every link in this post, I'd suggest indulging in the whole piece before you check out any of the supporting evidence provided in the link. That way, you can read-up on only the things you really can't believe are true. Enjoy!

Bush has higher IQ than Kerry. NBC helps him cover up how they found out.

After new bin Laden video, Kerry, Inc. was involved in a poll to determine how he should respond.

When applying for an Ohio hunting license, Kerry couldn't give definitive answer on his eye color.

Viet Cong honors John Kerry by hanging his photo in the Communist Museum, because he was so willing to take directions from the Viet Cong.

No mystery why the Communist Party (of USA) has endorsed John Kerry.

This isn't fabrication. This is the man behind the $7,000 suit. But you say: "These are HUGE stories! If they were true, we'd hear about them on the news!" Well, right yourself of that cranial-rectal inversion and try not to get any on your pants. The mainstream media has been working overtime coloring, hiding and fluffing the inconvenient portions of John Kerry's life that any reasonable person would conclude for what they are: supreme disqualifications for a man who wants to run a country other than Iran or North Korea.

John Kerry has always been uncomfortable with the power of the United States. This is most evident in Kerry's own words, "I'm an internationalist, I'd like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations."

Ahhh, the warm fuzzies of being loved by the world. We'll all be happy little pansies in the garden of the world when our only concern is a little sunlight and a dash of daily water little water. How peaceful! Here on earth, even considering the surrender of our security to an organization plagued by corruption is grounds for banishment to Bonerville. Saddam pilfered billions from the Oil for Food Program run by the UN. Whatever he wasn't stuffing in palaces or mattresses, he used to bribe France and Russia to work against the US by threatening the only 'power' they have - a UN veto. And having Libya and Syria chair the UN commission on Human Rights abuses is like Bill Clinton chairing a committe on monogomy.

Want proof nothing could ever pass John Kerry's 'global test?' In 1991 the UN drafted and passed a resolution that supported our liberation of Kuwait. Even with the support of every Muslim country and a coalition that even John Kerry would consider 'global', he voted against Kuwait's liberation.

In Kerryland, the strongest force he's willing to use is anything that can fit onto a few thousand sheets of 8 1/2 x 11. Trusting the whims of killers more than the thoughtful superiority of the US military and his misguided faith in treaties and sanctions, John Kerry has the answers on how best to get us killed.

War is ugly, but it's not the ugliest thing. God has decided we'll never personally experience tyranny, but modifying our lives in a vain hope to co-exist quietly and "peacefully" enough to avoid terrorist wrath is awfully close. John Kerry's vision of terrorism as a nuisance is only a diluted form of having a dictator living within our borders. We will never be a slave to terrorism, bought and sold to the next threat of violence or take direction from wretches committed to our destruction, as long as George Bush is our Commander in Chief.

We should be horribly thankful that the only appearance Osama bin Laden was able to make during the election was a little video translating into Arabic what he's heard from the liberal left throught the campaign: 7 minutes, pet goats, deception, lying and being daddy's boy. The left should be ashamed they're being plagiarized by Osama bin Laden.

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