Thursday, November 11, 2004

The open-minded tolerance of a California lawyer...

The Sacramento Bee reports in its entirety:

A lawyer for the state Franchise Tax Board was jailed last weekend after harassing Sacramento City Councilman Robbie Waters and dozens of other people over the election of President Bush. "I was going to Bel Air to mail a letter and pick up some steaks for dinner, and this guy just went off," Robbie said. "He said, 'Hey, Robbie Waters. Why don't you punch me in the face? Your man Bush won, and you're real proud. Come on, kick me, you (expletive).'" Robbie, a former cop and Sacramento County sheriff, decided not to tangle with the man, Craig Swieso, even when he followed Robbie into the supermarket on Rush River Drive. The councilman called police and waited in the market manager's office. "For the first time in my life, I just walked away," Waters said. "I wanted to get my steaks home." Police arrested Swieso, 46, when he refused to calm down. "I made an ass of myself," Craig said. "I was confronting affluent white males about voting for Bush. They swagger like they they are tough. I was asking them how tough they really are." Swieso, who is white, spent eight hours in jail. "The inmates were incredibly polite," he said. Swieso thinks medication contributed to his outburst. "That's no excuse," he said, adding his new goal is unseating Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. ...

Brilliant, Arnold vs. Girlie Man

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