Tuesday, November 16, 2004

MN Democrat gets 8 years for embezzlement.

Reminding us that liberals are great at spending money that doesn't belong to them the Strib reports on the sentencing of a DFL political consultant found guilty of fraud and embezzlement. The article also gives more supporting evidence supporting the notion that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Pat Forciea, one of Minnesota's most astute political consultants and a sports entrepreneuer, was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in federal prison for fraud and embezzlement.

Chief Judge James Rosenbaum told Forciea, "Sir, you have left a trail of carnage in your wake. For a while, you and other people's money were a lethal combination."

Forciea pleaded guilty in July to scamming millions of dollars from banks and friends.

He was imprisoned earlier this month after violating the conditions of his freedom by allegedly filing false loan applications to pay for online college courses he wanted to take in prison.

The longtime DFL political consultant and sports entrepreneur pleaded guilty in July to a spree of wire fraud, forgeries and unauthorized cash transfers that he engineered in an attempt to build a minor-league hockey and baseball empire. His plan collapsed after one of his employees uncovered falsified business documents that inflated the worth of one of his hockey teams. That triggered a federal investigation into Forciea's manipulation of five Minnesota-based banks, a Florida restaurant business and several wealthy Minnesota business partners between May 2003 and April 2004. Friedberg described Forciea's scam as a "financial house of cards."

In an interview this summer after pleading guilty, Forciea said he wanted to begin his prison sentence as soon as possible. "I'm on to the next step," he said.

Sounding upbeat at that time, he recounted shaking hands with an FBI agent who urged him to "keep being honest and you're going to make it."

Forciea has said he suffered from bipolar disorder, a mental illness that creates severe mood swings, during his dealings.

One is left to assume that he'd be in perfect mental health if it weren't for those darn "dealings."

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