Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Question: What's better than Thanksgiving? Answer: Thanksgiving in Fargo.

I'm spending Thanksgiving in the eternally planar state the residents of pronounce it 'Nort Dekohtah.' I finally feel a little vindication for my ancestor's controversial culinary creations, now that we're officially being recognized with a Norwegian American Foundation.

Who other than a Norwegian would have thought it a good idea to prepare fish in lye for weeks in order to create a gelatinous mush that can be eaten with a straw? Who else would pulverize potatoes enough to shape them into unleven discs that really only have taste when applied with butter and sugar?

Whatever you eat, or don't eat, please have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. In addition to the blessing of my family and a safe country in which to enjoy them, I appreciate you visiting this sliver of my life.

Be thankful for the less hardened arteries of yesterday and the lasting family memories that we save forever.

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