Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Getting an early start on their book.

How many jurors does it take to decide a California murder case? At least 14 and counting. It seems California jurors have a difficult time following directions. Maybe instructions weren't given quad-lingually. Two jurors in the past week have been excused. My guess is to get a head start on finding a publisher.

This whole Scott New-Boat First-Time-Fisherman on Christmas Eve Concrete-Ancor Cheating-Husband Tidal-Charts on Hard-Drive Peterson thing hasn't been worth mentioning until now. I lost interest when there was no longer a chance he'd close the circuit for a few hundred thousand hungry volts of white lightning.

Doesnt' removing the chance of turning a man accused of double murder into a fleshy lightbulb send the wrong signal to all would-be killers currently contemplating how better to dispose of their wife and kid? Is there now a minimum multiple standard for the number of family members you have to kill for capital punishment to apply?

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