Friday, November 05, 2004

Father Knows Best. Again.

I had a conversation with my dad tonight. I'm sure he's wrong sometimes. Tonight wasn't one of those occasions.

I'm really impressed by my dad. The Lord has delighted me with a dad overflowing with integrity, humility and love for God, so I take what my dad says very seriously. I'm blessed that my future kids will be an heir to that legacy. Although I have a "How dare you?" tendency when he questions sensitive parts of my life, my prolonged maturing process has gotten me to where I can suppress the child in me that wants to huff off into the other room and mope in the corner. Each time that I suppress that reaction, I consider my 28 year survival a success.

My dad reads my website. Politically, there isn't anything we disagree on and he's impressed with my writing. Wisely, that's how he prefaced his following paraphrased questions: "Do you feel like you're being a little too harsh on your site? Have you considered writing things that are a little more warm?"

Hmmmm. "Not really. Afterall, this is the Spanktuary," I thought to myself. But then I realized - There are more people reading this that don't know who I am than there are people who do. To some, I'm a stranger. To others, just strange.

I have to admit that if your only experience of me is what I emboss on your computer screen, you could get the wrong impression. You could defectively determine that I'm nothing more than a prickly personality who loathes liberal lunacy, has a "W for life" tattoo on my wretched white wazoo, a loaded .45 strapped to my side, an abundant anger management affliction and an abnormanl affection for alliterations. You'd be wrong. It's a 9mm.

And that's my point. Strangers don't know when I'm being sarcastic, being literal, making a feeble attempt at humor or trying them all at once in some impossibly clever way. From here forward I'm going to make this site well-rounded in ways that I am not, by posting things of every emotion, not just the mean ones that feel good. There I go again, being humorous. I should literally post things that give a more diverse look at me. What I'm trying to say is that I have feelings, too, I just don't let them guide my life - like liberals do. Wow, I can't even go two sentences without being a sarcastic.

As my personal asylum, I'm happy that you visit the Spanktuary and because admission is free, I encourage you to do it often. Invite your friends and make sure they invite theirs. Post your comments and read what others have to say. This is a communication tool - it only works with your participation.

And Dad, thank you. I love you. I appreciate you initiating the conversations that might be hard to have. I guess those are the most important ones.

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