Monday, November 22, 2004

The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!

Some of my best friends are Candian. I've even been to Canada once, so I'm qualified to write the following.

Some of our nippy neighbors to the north are concerned over the American coming of the slanted, agenda-driven news channel they consider "too abrasive to opposing viewpoints." Who could this digital delinquent be? FOX News.

OTTAWA (CP) - An all-news network that has taken no end of glee in dismissing Canadians as craven wussies while offering a platform to right-wing ideologues and red-meat Republicans is coming to a cable station near you.

The rambunctious Fox News Channel has been given sanction to beam into living rooms north of the U.S. border - good news for more than 500 individuals and groups that lobbied the national broadcast regulator to make room for its particular brand of bombastic coverage.

Critics complain the channel and its high-profile commentators are much too close to the Republicans and United States President George W. Bush to justify the all-news channel slogan of delivering "fair and balanced news."

There are also concerns Fox News is too abrasive with anyone who disagrees with its perspective, including Canadians.

They've also seized on revelations that the Fox News channel's founder Roger Ailes, a former adviser to past Republican presidents, stepped outside his media role after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States, to act as a secret adviser to Bush.
Yet, the nation of happy hockey players has been airing Al-Jazeera, the al-hate al-the-time "news" network for 6 months. A 'journalism professor' had this to say during licensing negotiations:
"There is evidence that hate speech is being carried by Al-Jazeera, but it is important to make the distinction of who is committing it. The evidence suggests it is people being quoted and not journalists.

"The cause for concern should be when the station is doing it on a regular basis and within the context of promoting hate speech."
I'll never stoop so low as to call my Canadian comrades 'craven.' I am concerned, however, at what perpetual snot-sickles are doing to their cognitive reasoning. Osama bin Laden having has Al-Jazeera on speed dial and part of it's is staff dedicated to editing and disseminating his home videos. Yet, that proximity as acceptable in contrast to a the FOX founder who's advised Republican presidents before Bush and may have given him advice after 9/11. Oh, the humanity!

I'm canceling FOX News. Although a sliver of my day's happiness is seeing Heather Nauert,[if anyone can make the introduction, she's appreciate it] I think the Canadians are right, uh, I mean correct. There's no difference between TV station's founder having been involved in politics and a TV station having an admitted terrorist as an official correspondent as an intern.

Until FOX News follows suit, I'm boycotting the bombastic influence of FOX News in favor of Al-Jazeera's more reasoned context of promoting hate-speech.

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