Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Bush and not Kerry?

President Bush understands that national security and foreign policy aren't a popularity contest. It's all a contest for survival. Kerry believes that if America were nominated Ms. Congeniality, the planet would begin to love us.

Not true. The US has been the central envy of the planet for two seconds longer than it took the first country to resent our success. I believe an analogy can be made between foreign policy and highschool (playground politics). The Bushes get it, the Kerrys don't.

The bully (terrorism) is never the strongest kid in school. He intimidates others through projection of false strength. When the bully steals kid's lunch tickets, gives wedgies and shoves others in lockers, the Kerry's of the world hide from the chance of being next. And with their narcissistic worldview, Kerrys are compelled to see bullying as someone else's problem and therefore aren't comfortable sticking up for someone else - even if their determined strength could overcome the bully. Kerrys will tolerate the nuisance as long as they don't miss too many meals.

When the Kerry's finally see the underside of a toilet bowl at the hands of the bully, they wonder what they did to deserve the bully's contempt. In a vain cry for acceptance through appeasement, the Kerry's begin doing the bully's homework and supplementing his lunch income. Peace through coercion. It may work, until the bully makes further demands.

Sometimes the bully picks on the wrong kid, a Bush. Maybe it takes a few times, maybe just once. Maybe the Bush sees another kid being shoe-horned into a garbage can. A Bush knows a bully doesn't respond to a conversation or summit, but they will respond to a shot in the snot locker, preceded by a brief warning. When the bully tastes his own blood running down the back of his throat, the implications of his unacceptable behavior are better understood. The ancillary benefit is that other bullies vicariously see consequences. Bushes aren't uncomfortable possessing superior firepower and they understand the responsibility and the nobility is using it on a matter of principle to defend themselves and others in a noble crusade opposing the bully.

Some battles will be won, some lost. Not everyone will agree with the use of ANY force. Yet, the Bushes still fight for the people who resent them for trying.

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