Friday, October 15, 2004

Remember this?

Check this out.

I'm a war-monger. I happen the think that fighting members of the "Religion of Peace" on their soil minimizes the chances that I have to see future images of my fellow Americans having to make a decision between jumping to their death or having their flesh melt off their bones.

Remember shortly after 9/11 all the 'moderate' muslim protests you didn't see condemning those 'radicals?' Rember the muslim terrorists in Russia that bayoneted, blew up and shot in the back little kids just going to their first day at school? Remember the cries you didn't see from the 'moderate' muslims, condemning the 'fanatics' who are perverting a 'peaceful religion?'

Of the BILLION muslims lurking on the planet, not a single protest in defiance of the savage, indiscriminate killing of innocent people? Is their silence acceptance? If islam is so peaceful, why all the terrorism?

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