Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Numbers Don't Lie.

Those pesky facts on the cost of war.

Insanity by the Numbers

Dick McDonald

My friends and some of the other variety are absolutely victims of immateriality. Deaths in Iraq, deficits, stolen munitions, draft, economic malaise, and others. Moms are worried, the economy is a disaster and as the Manhattan elite put it, "If Bush wins, the world as we know it will end". Well I have never seen such insignificant and immaterial numbers be blown into such world shattering proportions.

Stolen Munitions. Wow, 380 tons of munitions at 1 munition dump 20 miles south of Baghdad are missing. Forget the fact that these munitions went missing before our troops captured that dump. What's 380 out of the 400,000 tons already recovered at 1 dump out of 10,000 dumps already identified. Paul Bremer says that Saddam purchased almost 1,000,000 tons of munitions, mostly from France, China and Germany. Now, John Kerry calls for Bush's scalp for the 380 tons. Numerically brain-dead.

Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wow, we have conducted and won two wars and lost less than 300 soldiers in the hot portion of those wars. Apparently the hand-wringers are in a catatonic fit about it. Forget that we lost 58,000 in Vietnam, 50,000 in Korea and 300,000 in WWII. It goes to show that if the NYT has the immaterial and insignificant to blow into a worldwide controversy, they will lie, deceive and omit the issue to their anti-American end.

Deficits. Conservatives are wild about Bush's failure to veto any spending bill in his first term. Discarding the issue that the legislature only asked him to sign what Bush had previously approved, the importance of this particular deficit is totally immaterial and insignificant. Americans GDP is running at $11.7 Trillion this year. A $415 Billion deficit is just about 4% thereof. Now with a war, stock-market bubble bursting, recession-fighting, accounting scandals, tax cuts, etc., please give me a break. Has it driven up interest rates. No. This deficit is immaterial and insignificant. And have you forgotten that the net worth of households and non-profit orgs is running at an annual increase of $3.2 Trillion.

Draft. Why a draft. There is no reason. Just a scare tactic by the Democrat scoundrels. Why have 400,000 boots on the ground. We won the Afghan war with less than 10,000. And in many cases major encounters were won with air power and small special ops troops. We are now in the era of digital wars. Our capabilities are so sophisticated that no one left Baghdad even though we were bombing day and night. Adults should look at the numbers and get real.

The Economy. John Kerry says the economy is a mess. Gee, A third of every dollar spent in the world ends up in an American's bank account. What a mess? What a greedy ingrate this Lurch is. He has no executive experience. No concept of the job he is a pretender for. Elevating him to Commander in Chief is tantamount to putting a bus driver in charge of Harvard. His managerial skill is questionable, suspect and untested. Unemployment at 5.4%. Wow. Best percentage in 20 years. Kerry's Hoover comparison is mindless.

Too bad the LDO Demomedia spins these issues in Kerry's favor. Our democracy doesn't exist as long as this disparity continues.
posted by DICK MCDONALD 3:45 PM

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