Saturday, October 30, 2004

Liberal Group Equates Vietnam War Heroes with Usama Bin Laden

This ad is what happens when 30+ years of liberalism infects your body: A silly little ad that you'd expect to see on a Saturday Night Live parody of Usama bin Laden.

Here's my letter to them:

Dear Effete Group of Liberals

I'm hoping you'll get enough money to rush your "ad" to the air, as it would be the funniest ad of the campaign. Counting on the gullibility of Minnesotans is a losing proposition, one that you're intimately familiar with. They understand that 254 real menwho actually bled and fought honorably in Vietnam can speak with authority on the issue of John Kerry's service and the effects of his having accused them of the war crimes Kerry himself says he committed. Kerry was also a tool in prolonging the war by meeting and taking direction from our enemy in Vietnam. Had there have been less of you smoking pot, dropping acid and spreading herpes while you helped the Communists win, Vietnam wouldn't wreak with the oozy puss that you're trying to infect on every war we'll fight after it. By the way, actual documents that prove Kerry's treasonous liaisons with the Viet Cong are here.

The world sees the bin Laden vid for what it is, another terrorist endorsement of John Kerry, to add to Arafat, Kim Jong Il, Iran, and France. bin Laden even went so far as to use the liberal talking points frequently heard from the Moore crowd and John Kerry himself. [Try to] think about it: who's done nothing but make UBL's life more difficult the last 4 years, chasing him from hole to hole so effectively that the best bin Laden could come up with was a greasy little video. Doesn't that smack of the same kind of desperation that you're infested with?

Compare that to John Kerry's only 'major military accomplishment' was shooting an injured, fleeing teenager in the back ago, razing villiages, shooting civilians and blowing up food stocks. These are his own words. He had time to do all that between inflicting himselfwith "injuries" and approving his own Purple Hearts. Indeed, Kerry's own website concludes the one of his injuries "may have been self-inflicted."

Osama quakes at the thought of John Kerry, I'm sure. UBL's deathly afraid of having to challenge the mass debater.

The recent unearthing of bin Laden into a video has been a huge boost for Bush. Although Bush hasn't delivered his head on a platter in an acceptable amount of time for the people holding it against him, Americans don't hold that against Bush. But Americans don't forgive Kerry for being a milketoast every day of his life and projecting it on the USA.

Minnesotans have been bathed for months in your desperation. Your ad will only help ice it. I've already placed your ad on my blog and I've had a tremendous response, one that I've very pleased with. It surprised no one that liberals would associate American war heroes with a terrorist slug. I'm sure Bush-Cheney '04 appreciates your hard work and creativity in helping get the Menace elected again. Now, go make a video to help Mark Kennedy, too, will you?

Already enjoying 4 more years,


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